Ball State University Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


Ball State University takes forever to salt our sidewalks. The potholes around campus are rarely repaired and are so big they can do some serious damage to your vehicle. The fact that the main library, Bracken, is not open 24/7 frustrates a lot of our student body.


The most frustrating thing about my school is that there is no financial help if you fall in the "you can afford college according to fafsa" category. They don't offer enough scholarships for people that aren't atheletes, dancers, or broadcasting majors. Sure, they have other scholarships, but most of them are for upperclassmen not freshmen and sophomores. It almost feel like they just leave you hanging expecting you to magicaly come up with $20,000 on your own; but, in reality you can't come up with that kind of money.


The most frustrating thing is the food. At times I find myself sick of the food and there is not that many healthy options.


Crowded sometimes


There is little to no help with financial aid, or financial questions.


The campus is pretty big and learning where everything is may take a while.


Studying in highschool and studying in college are two completely different things. I feel I was not prepared well enough for college from my high school. That is my most frustrating thing because my first sememster wasn't the best I can do. It was my adjustment and me figuring out what I need to do that works for me to study for a test.


Communication sometimes is either late or they don't inform you and certain things.


I suppose the opinions vary from person to person, but the most frustrating thing about Ball State for me is the winter time. While most schools get canceled, Ball State either goes half a day, or they do not cancel at all. When the weather gets really bad in the winter, it can be irritating and diffuclt to have to walk around in it


The lack of diversity is pretty frustrating at times. Coming from the subburbs of Chicago, I see a lot of diversity. In Indiana, there is so little diversity. At the end of the day, the best journalism program for me is at Ball State.


The town is poor aside from Ball State University and they are unable to plow their roads often during the winter and unable to fix the tremendous amounts of potholes.


The most frustrating thing about Ball State is that sometimes the freshman advisors will have you "in a go around" to try and get you to the right person. Also, sometimes the older dorms are not in the best shape. They are alright for living in, but they have their inconveniences, which are too numerous to name.


The most frustrating thing about my school is that the buses are too small. They run often but the buses are always crammed.


In my opinion, the most frustrating thing is most definitely the on-campus living policies, as I referred to in the previous question.


The most frustrating thing about Ball State is the fact that the Office of Financial Aid is unwilling or unavailable to work with students to find money for school. Not all students who don't qualify for federal aid have all of their school paid for and it would be really nice to have the opportunity to speak with someone would could point me in the direction of financial aid and do so quickly.


The most frustrating thing here at Ball State would be the dining halls when it is rush hour for lunch or dinner. There are ample places to eat on campus but if you go during the rush hour it can take a long time to get your food. Which if you only have a short period of time between classes it can be really frusturating.


The most frustrating thing about Ball State University is the lack of equipment in the science labs. I am in an analytical chemistry lab right now and there are only two spectrophotometers available for a whole class of people. This limits not only my experience in the lab, but also everyone else's because we have to work in groups of three or four in order to get the lab done. I feel as though I would have more experience and a better education if I was able to figure the equipment out by myself.


There are not a lot of things that get me flustered while attending Ball State University. One negative is that the drivers in Muncie are not always the nicest and never seem to watch where they are going causing walking around campus to be quite dangerous. People have to be aware of their surroundings in order to stay safe while getting to and from class by crossing roads. Also, classes can sometimes be stressful but Ball State is full of great faculty members that are more than willing to help students with any problems.


The most frustrating thing about Ball State is the number of people trying to get in to the same class as you and, the school not offering enough courses for that class. For certain majors, there is a strict schedule of classes that you need to take and if you get off track with that schedule you are likely to fall behind and wont be able to graduate on time. A few classes are only offered once and those are the ones you cannot get into when several students need the same class.


The most frustrating aspect of Ball State is the surrounding city. Muncie outside of campus has little to offer students. While there are some shopping and entertainment venues, they are limited and of poor quality.


The most frustrating thing about Ball State University is their dining system. The meal plans are set up so that students lose money if they cannot make it to a dining location during the hours for each meal. There are set amounts of money for each meal that can only be spent during those meal times, and if a student doesn't spend all that money, it does not roll over. Students also lose money if they go home for the weekend because they are not there to spend their meal money.


There isn't really anything that frustrates me about my school, the only issue I have had is attending my school debt-free which I am confident I can do.


The most frustrating thing about my school is that some of the professors do not use the books or items they list as required. There have been several instances where I have been given the list of requirements for that class and purchased them online, and when classes start, the professor never even mentions the required item.


Everyone leaves on the weekends. Campus is completely dead. It feels like a ghost town on the weekends. I wish more people would stay and that campus would have more things to do on the weekends.


The most frustrating thing about my school is the dinning services. As an upperclassman I would really like to lower my meal plans but I cannot because as a resident it is required that I get 20 meals a week plan, every resident student is required to get this.


Getting into the classes you need. They put classes on these rotations so they aren't offered every semeste.


The most frustrating thing about my school is there is to much to do. I feel sometimes I can become overwhelmed with things to do and don't have enough time for school work.. I feel that I need friends and a social life and that tends to make my school work and grades suffer. It frustrates me that I feel I can't say no to all the activities because everyone else is doing them.


There really wasn't anything that was really frustrating. I guess one thing is the weights that some of the classes have. It will all depend on your major though if you will have classes with extreme weights.


I guess the most frustrating thing is the same thing at every other school, the homework.


By far, the most frustrating thing is the heavy drinking, but I really thin that you are going to find that anywhere, also it's not that hard to find other students who aren't interested in that.


The most frustrating thing about my school is the students that aren't motivated at all. They frustrate me, because of the fact that there are many people out there in the world that don't have the option to attend college, but there are people lucky enough to go to school and they choose to waste everyone's time. I have sat in many classes and watched too many fellow students lay their heads on their desks and fall asleep, having a complete disregard for others and their own educational well-being.


The meal plan is one of the most frustrating things about this school because you have to use a certain amount at each meal or the money just goes right back to the school.


Students who do not care about their studies and make learning harder for the rest of their classmates by being obnoxious and distracting in the classroom.


The most frustrating part about Ball State University are simple facts that are true with any school. I don't like the fact that people are able to sleep in until 2 p.m., go to a class, drink during the evening, and then go back to sleep. Meanwhile, I am trying to bust my butt to get a B in a class. That is really frustrating to me. I don't like that we try to fit the mold of being a "party school". I don't understand why that is so appealing.


I honestly haven't encountered any frustrating events at my school.


Well money, I have to say it's stressfull, cause I don't know where i am going to be and how much I am going to owe when I am done.


Reputation pales in comparison to two other colleges in the state.


The most frustrating thing is probably the school work and to me the lack of tutoring


The cost of housing and the way they rip you off with your dining plans


Parking Services


There have been quite a few instances of racism on my campus since I have been a student, showing that our country has gone far, but that we still have a way to go. Be prepared to feel at least a little bit out of place if you are of minority status.


The most frustrating thing about school is buckling down and studying.


The scheduling of biology classes is ridiculous and makes it very difficult to take the classes I really want.


The most frustrating thing is trying to figure out what to study because of the variety of subjects that are offered. Everything seems so interesting and it seems that there aren't really any limits.


There are a lot of people who aren't thinking about their futures - partiers, sports players, etc. I hate to have to categorize it like that, but it is a reality that everyone has to accept. When you can get past these people you can start looking at yourself and motivating yourself to do well in school, and be able to be around these peopl, based on the fact that you are going to go further in life than they are.


Sometimes classes that you need aren't available. And classes that are prerequesites for other ones you need fill up fast.


parking!!! there isn't enough parking during daytime hours


haha. Not so much the school itself. I hate the parking.


Well, at Ball State University there is still a huge rift in social groups. In High School I had friends of all races and ethinicities, but for some reason at Ball State the black population looks at me crazy when I'm eating lunch with a friend who is caucasian. I've come to find that racism is more of a problem for black young people than anyone else.


Sometimes trying to get the right answer from people the first time...