Ball State University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


Clean campus


The best thing about Ball State is probably the layout. The buidings and classrooms are easy to find and easy to get to. Its the classic big campus with a small campus feel.


Ball State's attention to student needs and emphasis on real world experience through their immersive learning program.


The best thing about my school is how welcoming everyone is, espcially upperclassmen. I would have expected them to shun me or something, but they helped with all of my questions and concerns and weren't even mean or rude about it.


Ball State offers many different resources that every student can use all trough out campus. They make it easy for students to get the help that they need if they are struggling in a class or need help on a project.


The best thing about Ball State is their ability (both mentally and financially) to constantly renovate. The buildings are renovated. The grounds are renovated. And the courses are renovated frequently in accordance with the needs voiced by our student organizations. This univeristy consistently looks to improve itself.


I love the support that is availiable and the school spirit of Ball State. Mostly everyone is super friendly and makes you feel apart of the student body. My experience was great when I visited the school and I can't wait to move in to my dorm this fall.


Ball State University is a great networking school. There are tons of opportunities to meet well known and established people in the field that you want to go into to. There are also alot of internship opporutnities that the school provides and most often requires for a degree. This increases the students chances at getting a job as well as experience.


I would say the most unique thing about Ball State's campus is the specific meeting places that students use to meet up. It is really cool! For example, there is the "Frog Baby" "The Naked Lady" "The Cow Path" and other nicknames that everybody recognizes on campus. I thought that was really cool to hear a lot of the nicknames that everybody knows and can meet up at!


All the superstitions and traditions! Our most well-known statue Beneficence, or lovingly called "Benny", is a bronze statue of an angel sculpted by the same man who designed the Lincoln Memorial in D.C. She is surrounded by five columns with what appear to be urns on the tops. These symbolize the original five Ball brothers who founded the university. There is belief that their ashes are actually inside of these urns. There is also the belief that if you go to Benny with your boyfriend/girlfriend and kiss in front of her with your eyes closed, she will flap her wings if it is true love. Frog Baby is another sculpture on campus placed inside of a fountain. Students will rub her nose for good luck before taking their finals. She was moved to the fountain because so many students were rubbing her nose that it was starting to come off. Now students regularly put clothes on Frog Baby. I have seen her with scarves on, a Santa outfit, and even a pumpkin costume around Halloween time. Some other unique things about campus is that everyone meets at the Naked Lady sculpture in Bracken Library for group projects. We also have the Scramble Light, the Gum Tree, and the Cow Path.


The best thing about Ball State is the amount of resources that they provide on campus for students. There are also a lot of opportunities for students for jobs after college and learning experiences that might now be offered elsewhere.


The architecture. There is a sort of theme running through all the buildings, but most of them are unique, beautiful, and interesting. From ornate, beautiful Lucina, which was a residence hall decades ago; to Pruis Auditorium, allegedly designed to look like a grand piano; to the recently-constructed Letterman building, a soaring cathedral of a building made of glass, concrete, and odd angles; to Schafer Bell Tower in the middle of campus, Ball State is instantly recognizable just by catching a glance of any corner of campus.


The professors here at Ball State know what they are teaching you and want you to know that information as well. They don't mind answering questions to allow you to be successful once you leave the classroom. It is clear that for the most part, the professors are sincerely there to help you learn all that they are able to teach you. This is not a college where people are happy to see you fail. There are multiple support groups even outside of the staff!


How clean it is. I hate it when there is trash everywhere especially when touring for the first time. There is always something to do, no matter what the time. You don't have to be 21 to experience the college life. There are movies on the weekends and other events for those under 21 and those who don't care to drink.


There's a lot of activities to do on the weekend such as Late Night. Late Night is great! It's every Saturday night, and each night there's a different theme. Also each night, there are some different activities. There's always a dance floor to get the groove on. One time there was a caracature artist. She drew pictures for free! Those things at amusement parks run about $30-40. It's always a great way to have fun. Guests are only a $1 if they aren't a student at the school. Saturday nights are never boring.


The best thing about Ball State is the high level of academic learning offered.


The best thing about Ball State University is that it has many majors and minors at the school to choose from and you can take a few classes from many of the majors to see if you like any of them, if your not sure of what you want to major and minor in. They offer a class that helps you find out your interests and what you would like to do if you are undecided.


There is a large diversity of campus organizations right at your fingertips that you can easily find online. This diversity allows you to find your niche and express what your passionate about, despite it's location in a small Indiana town.


The school itself is a decent size, but everything is compacted so you dont have as far to travel


I have been at Ball State for 6 years now and have been able to witness changes across campus from day one. From landscaping, to new buildings (the David Letterman Building), and new dorms, Ball State has been changing in appearance, but also redefining education. The programs here have upmost respect and students will gain a quality education within every department. Ball State has always felt like "home," not too big and not too small. Walking around Ball State's campus, it is easy to run into a familiar face and fee comfortable.


The best thing about Ball State is the fact that there is always something to do. No matter what time of day it is there is a club or activitiy that you can take part in.


The best thing about Ball State is how it gets students involved in things. There is something here for everyone.


I think the best thing about my school are the class sizes. They are small, which makes it easier for me to get help if need be. It also makes it easier to make new friends and form study groups. Everyone is very helpful also.


Ball State University provides students with an emense number of opportunities to make friends as a freshman. As a junior I continue to live with three of my best friends who I met in the dorm freshman year. I know that these people will continue to be lifelong friends and companions.


The professors take an interest in the students.


The best thing about Ball State are the numerous school and extra-curricular programs because they will either take you to where you want to go or prepare you for the next step to get you to where you want to go.


The size. I've attended both bigger and smaller schools, Ball State feels just right to me.


The best thing about this school is the availability of resources and the overall environment. It is a friendly and clean campus that is not too big or too small and everything is in reach for students' needs.


The experience that I have had at Ball State has been unmeasurable. I have learned so much in just two years here. My major is Sports Administration. My major classes have been the most rewarding. I have had many hands on projects. One of my classes is actually selling season ticket packages for minor league baseball team in Indiana.


The best thing about my school is the bionic people and the simulation rooms that they have for the nursing students. This gives students a chance to see what it is like to diagnose an "actual patient" and to get more on the job training and experience. It helps them practice under pressure and gives them more practice than if they were working with dummies instead of robots.


The best thing about Ball State is the professors. At many universities students are placed in large lecture halls where they become a number. The professors of these classes just stand up front and lecture and usually don't care at all how their students do, or whether they even show up to class at all. Although there are many large lecture classes at Ball State, all of the professors seem to genuinly care about their students performance. The professors work hard to learn their students names and offer many opportunities for students to get help if needed.


The best thing about Ball State University is the atmosphere. The students are energetic about school and school functions. The teachers I have had are excited about the topics they teach. Many of times they include fun learning techniques and teaching strageties. There is a true love for learning at Ball State.


The best thing about Ball State is the people. Everyone here is friendly and willing to help you out if you ask them for help. Students are friendly towards one another and the professors are approachable. This makes it a bit easier to be so far from home. I've never been away from home for more than a week and I was afraid of being left on my own for a long period of time. However, the friendliness of everyone here made it really easy to make the adjustment.


The best thing about the school is that a lot of people really like to be here. The teachers here try their hardest to help you whenever you need them by giving you their extensions and office times, there is so much extracuricular learning sports and recreation here to involve everyone, and the campus is comfortable and not too big. You can get from place to place with ease and there are so many study and learning areas on campus to help you with whatever things that you may need.


the friendly people. students and professors both. It helps to make it a very relaxed and comfortable environment and makes it easier to be productive.


The best thing about my school is that EVERY instructor cares about his/her job and would do anyhting to help a student succeed!


The best thing about my school is how tolerant it is concerning self identity. This school really promotes self exploration. Also, the technology and oppurtunities are amazing, giving students an upper hand in their training than most other schools.


The absolute best things about Ball State have to be the resources provided. Everything imaginable is available to students from state of the art facilities and dedicated professors, to immersive learning projects and extracurricular activities. There are technology labs located in every building, in addition to a fantastic wireless network, which gave Ball State recognition by Intel as the nation's top wireless campus in 2005. There are great ways for students to have fun and get to know each other. Including "Late Night," which is a series of high energy events and quality entertainment for students every Saturday night.


The best thing about my school is the friendly atmosphere and the great quality of help i can receive any time i need it. There are always people in your class there for you and willing to work together on things.


The best thing about my school is all the resources available. Professors are always willing to help and buildings are open late so yu can use computer labs and other sources.


What i consider the best thing about my school is how much everyone is involved in some organization. With the students being involved it allows the students to network more with others who have general interests as oneself.


Size, there aren't too many people, but not too little as well.


The size. It's not too big and it's not too small. I feel like there's a lot of stuff available for me to do, but I don't feel like just a number.


I consider the school's emphasis on diverstiy to be the best thing because diversity encourgages people to think outside their own point of views and beliefs.


The best thing about my school is it has so much to do! There is something for anyone to do from just enjoying the outdoors to going to the athletic events. Ball State University has a wonderful atmosphere and it is so beautiful.


I like that my school is a very friendly, down-to-earth place to learn. All of my professors are helpful and willing to make sure that I know the material we are covering in class. They want to make sure that we are well prepared for the work place after we graduate.


I love how everyone is so friendly to one another and just so helpful.


The diverse atmosphere and unique opportunities. There are a lot of clubs and organizations for people looking to get involved within the community, on campus or seeking acceptance. When you are able to see so many groups work together for a common purpose regardless of personal differences it is an amazing sight.


Ball State offers the annoyminity of a big college while giving you the attention of a smaller college. Students feel free and comfortable asking professors questions and the ease of campus life makes it easy to make friends.


The best thing about Ball State University is the teaching staff, because they have always been nice and if you have had any sort of problem with the class they will always help you.