Baltimore City Community College Top Questions

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My school is very unique because it is very diverse. From the location of the school you would not be able to tell that it would be so diverse. My school is unique because all the people that work there are understanding, and really are concerned about our futures. My school is unique because out of the community college's I have been to, it has the smallest campus. That is a plus for the handicap students, and the lazy students. It is also good for inclimate weather.


Baltimore City Community College has a bad reputation as not being a very good school, but I have found out since I have been there that this is not true. People sometimes refer to my school as just the 13th grade, but I have found out that this is not true. Baltimore City Community College have a tremendous amount of resourses, which enables you to reach your goal. My school offers a wide variety of opportunities that allow students to grow and become a successful person.