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This is an early college, filled with young bright minds ready for a challenge they could not obtain in high school. This school challenges its students, but also helps them in every which way they can. It is a small school designed for those who want an intense, personalized learning experience. There is no possible way to get lost, and it is a good thing. People here want to help you; that is their job. They do their job to the best of their ability and work their own selves hard to help the students achieve their dreams.


My school is a school for kids who graduated early or are ready for college before they graduated high school. The school is filled with very young intelligent young adults who are eager to learn and are ready to move forward in life, which makes it special.


Most schools that i was inerested in were big city schools but my current college is small and in a rual area. This was a better fit i think for my first couple years so that i could get into more focused habits. If I went to a big school I would have so many more distractions.


This is a really amazing, transformative school. Only come here if you're in love with it, but if you do, it will love you back.


Honestly, we're portrayed as being really smart and motivated. Some of us are smart and motivated. But too many students are well-to-do dipshits excited about finally being out of the house. A lot of people who come attend because their home lives are shit. Some aren't, but it is common. There are two big motivations to go to Simon's Rock: 1. You totally hate high school 2. You are bored and need challenge 3. You hate living at home Although there's only 400 students, I think it's actually pretty easy to get in. If you can show up for the required interview, do the various essays for admission, and get your application in on time, you're pretty much set. However, I have heard stories of students applying in June (due date for the app. is February 1) and still being able to attend. Perhaps it's hard to even fill up the student body? I'm not sure. However, it's not a hard school to get into. I think the acceptance rate is REALLY high since: 1. most people have never even heard of our school 2. it's easy to get in EVEN if you've completely failed high school and have crap recommendations (or no teacher recommendations at all) 3. the tuition is so high that really only a select number of people can even afford to attend It's easy to get into, but just be prepared to do the work when you get to SR. Or, ask around about the lazy professors and cruise your way through. However, most students aren't like that. Except for the drug dealers. And they get away with it since they supply. There's a handful of smart kids and a large handful of idiots. Then there's a bunch that lie between.