Bard College at Simon’s Rock Top Questions

What are the most popular student activities/groups?


There is a Model United Nations that draws in dozens of students, a FIFE club (Feminism Is For Everyone), Identity groups like QueerSA, BSU, ASA, academic clubs like Pre-Med Society, Psychology Society, entertainment clubs like Dungeons and Dragons, Anime Club, and Boffing (foam sword fighting, not the British definition). If there isn't a club you'd like to have and know at least one person with interest in it, making a club is fairly easy, and there is a central group on campus that provides money to clubs. The dating scene exists, and it's either mild or intense, with a small dating population but a BA graduate marriage rate of 70{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c}. The parties on campus are not school sanctioned, they'll happen in small groups or off campus. There isn't exactly a party scene. I met my closest friends in a slew of different ways. Through classes, in late night talks, on trips, there isn't one way to do it. There are plenty of events on campus, though they aren't heavily attended. They're run by our residence assistants (who we call Peer Advocates), residence directors, student clubs, campus offices, or just your average students. There are regular dances, games, theme nights (like Drag Night, which happens every year), repetitive events like our Dance Concert that runs every semester and our plays. There is usually something to do (once you're done with your homework or job). Off campus, the town is small and contains some restaurants but very few attractions. There is a performance theater and movie theater, shops, some supermarkets that can by reach by school sponsored shuttles, and a mall a few miles away.


There are a ton of activities always going on. The only thing is, not many people go to any given activity. 20 people is a good turn out (percentage-wise, it totally is!). But activities run the gamut. There's a band every weekend, movies, lectures, speakers, dances, presentations, and places to go all the time. There have been some stranger activities, including jello wrestling and drag night. There are some really active clubs, like Model UN this year. Community Service Club has been a really big deal in the past. Dogdeball is always super popular. But it's also really easy to start a club. Partying happens, but it is not the dominant form of social interaction. More importantly, no one spends Friday afternoon to Monday morning drunk, which is fairly common on larger campuses. Really, you can't afford to party more than once or twice a week, or you don't have enough time to do homework. People drink, even though it's a dry campus. Weed is the main drug; occasionally people use speed to get work done, but there are very few instances of hard drugs and the administration takes those incredibly seriously. Some cool traditions: at the end of every semester, there's a Stressfest which is about relieving stress and involves a lot of free food. There's Mayfest in May (duh) which is a big party with more free food, bands, and giant inflatables. The Dance concert is also every semester, often with hilarious dances (intentionally or not). People are generally pretty awesome here. Of course, not everyone can like everyone else, but there isn't a ton of petty high school drama. People are generally kind and friendly. It's really easy to make friends when it's nice out, because everyone goes outside to hang out.


Hey, let's get high! or: "Hey let's get high before the activity the RDs have planned!" Honestly, there is a body of students who are payed to make activities for students, but they're never interesting enough. People mostly just get fucked up. We have a sports team, but the only people who care about it are usually on the sports team. There's not a lot of school spirit because we're small and kind of impossible to categorize since we're a bunch of nerdy and strange kids who left high school. Theater- what a joke. There's a fall and spring play. That's it. And forget about talent. You'll get cast if: 1. You're an upperclassman 2. You've been taking theatre classes since day one 3. You've made friendly with the directors, who are either professors or people who went to SR a few years before Dating scene? People randomly hook up. A few find their soul mates, but it is a very select few. There's nowhere to really go on a "dating" really means lolling around campus, making out after class, and sneaking off to each others' dorms to have sex at night.