Bard College at Simon’s Rock Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at Bard College at Simon’s Rock? Is this stereotype accurate?


Simon's Rock has the bad reputation of being a collection of kids who take advantage of this new freedom that has been given to them by slacking off, smoking weed, or doing other teenage stuff to an inflated degree because they are less restricted than they would be in high school. Although I do occasionally see students struggling with issues like this, I believe that it is not correct to completely stereotype this college to that image.


I'm pretty sure the stereotype of kids at my school is either that the campus is entirely comprised of junkies or ridiculously intellectual kids who have no social skills. Truth is, few kids are either the former or the latter. Simon's Rock is a bit too diverse to be explained easily and fully, but I think all kids at Simon's Rock have a few things in common. They are kids whose chances in life prior to Simon's Rock never really were what they wanted to be, and though everyone left high school early for different reasons, I think that makes everyone at Simon's Rock a sort of weird bold-explorer type for different reasons and motivations. These reasons and motivations effect the influence of this aspect of their personality in their lives. For some kids, this means doing a lot of drugs and for some it means being overtly intellectual, but to list what this means to and for every Simon's Rock student is an impossible task, as it tends to vary from person to person.