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What is your overall opinion of Bard College at Simon’s Rock?

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The best thing about Simon's Rock is the class size. You'll really get to interact with your professor (if he's sober enough to interact back). Some professors are total hippies (and not in the best sense) but others are geniuses and very dedicated. It's weird going to college with a lot of 16 year olds. I went as an 18 year old and it made a BIG DIFFERENCE. I think the brain develops a lot between age 16 and 18 (I know mine did). It was rather terrifying being around these suddenly-set-free kids who quickly realized they could do whatever they want. Getting high before class, selling drugs in the dining hall, trying to have on campus parties but usually ending up dropping LSD in the woods...I don't think most 16 year olds should be allowed to go to college yet. I know that kind of drug usage happens a lot of schools, but the students at Simon's Rock are out of control. The school is way too freaking small. 400 students. You get sick of everyone quickly. AND there's no way to meet new people. You're in the middle of nowhere, MA. Another thing about that- there is NOTHING to do. It's part of the reason the drug culture is really, really, really bad there. There's one movie theatre in town, which is a mile walk from campus. It only plays four films, sometimes only three, at a time. All of the restaurants and shops are insanely expensive. There is NO college-life there. What do you do on a friday night? Put on a coat, hat, and scarf and head to the woods with joint. Eat out the vending machines. Bard's administration is okay. It is usually easy to get access to them since there are only 400 of us. You can meet with most professors by sending them an email. It's a unique school with it's own unique order of things. The most frequent student complaints: 1. I have way too much work 2. I am so bored 3. I'm so pissed my friend/drug dealer/ that party got busted 4. I haven't slept in three days 5. This weed is shitty