Barnard College Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Barnard is known to have the best of both worlds: a small school with a vibrant campus life right at an Ivy league univserity, and being in the setting of New York City with access to all its resources.


Barnard College is best known for being one of the best women's liberal arts college in the United States. It boasts the small-community and supportive atmosphere, compounded with the large educational opportunities possible through academic relationship with the other schools of Columbia University. It's strength in women's study and dance majors are also reasons why some students choose Barnard over its competitors.




Barnard is known for many things, not least among them their excellent dance program. Studying at Barnard, dancers are afforded the opportunity to study dance under some of the best instructors while still getting an education and having the ability to major in chemistry or economics. Barnard also has a great Womens Studies program which incorporates classes from all different subjects. Additionally, students at Barnard have access to the classes and facilities of Columbia University, allowing for students to learn at a smaller college with all the advantages that come with being at a larger research institution.


Having the best of both worlds.