Barnard College Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at your school?


Well-dressed, sluts for Columbia guys, feminists, lesbians


lesbians, feminists, yuppies, sluts, and very traditional women who want to marry rich columbia men in order to live a sex in the city life minus the hard work


We are all lesbians More attractive than Columbia girls More studious than Columbia girls All Barnard students are just girls who couldn't get into Columbia


There are two major stereotypes about Barnard. The first is that there is a lack of diversity in the ethnicity make-up of the student body. The second is that it's image as a prestigious institution is characterized by a "rich kid" student population.


It's an all women's college, so one can only imagine all the stereotypes that come with it. Basically, some people think that if you go to an all women's college you're a lesbian, which is fine if you are, but not all of us are, obviously. Truthfully though, most stereotypes come from Columbia College where some people poke fun at Barnard women saying that they are less intelligent because they go to Barnard and not Columbia College.


Some of the stereotypes are that Barnard students are very ambitious and competitive and that they do nothing else but study all the time. Many people think that most of the students are feminists or lesbians since it is an all girls school.


lesbians didn't get into columbia, barnard is the "next best thing" what's barnard? ditzy, dumb, and materialistic girls


we are lesbians


1) All Barnard girls are "yay-rah-rah women!" 2) There are no boys around because it is a women's college. 3) You can spot a girl from a mile away. 4) Barnard is the loophole into Columbia. 5) Barnard classes are easier than Columbia classes. 6) Columbia girls hate Barnard girls and vice versa.


There are many stereotypes you may hear (or more likely read about on blogs of various kinds): "Barnard is the back-door to Columbia" or that Barnard women are either slutty or bitchy.


Stereotypes about Barnard students are that they aren't as smart as Columbia students and that the girls who attend are either all lesbians or all really slutty.


That all Barnard students are rejects or were rejected from Columbia and went to Barnard. Another is that all Barnard students are homosexual.


that they are girls that couldn't get into columbia


1) That we're all amazing and smart and intelligent and aim to achieve as much as possible, that we respect one another.


1. We're all lesbians. 2. We're all feminists. Overbearingly so. 3. We wish we were Columbia girls (funny bit: columbia had no women until the 70s I think, we ARE the original columbia girls...)


The stereotypes are abundant and the most common range from each extreme of the spectrum. On one side, there's the slutty JAP who frequents the fraternities and is usually escorted back to the west side of Broadway by her flavor-of-the-week boy. On the other extreme there's the fanatically feminist lesbian who uses only gender-neutral language and takes full advantage of what is assumed to be a women's-only social scene. A more general stereotype is that Barnard is a school full of hard-working, overachieving future-CEOs/Presidents/Pulitzer Prize winners who are, as the Barnard tag line goes, "strong and beautiful."


sometimes people think that barnard students only went to barnard because they think it's the "backdoor" into columbia. or, "barnard to bed, columbia to wed".


Some people think Barnard students don't know how to have fun, are too studious. Also sometimes they are seen as lesbians because of the all girl thing


That we're lesbians. That we're Columbia rejects. That we're dumb.


Barnard girls are "easy," because, being at an all women's school, they are starved for the attention of men. They are not as "smart" or intellectually capable as the Columbia students across the street. But, they are cuter and better dressed than girls at Columbia.


At an all-women's college you will always have misogyny rearing it's ugly head from your male counterparts. The stereotype is that we're all whores or we're all lesbians. These just come with the territory.


Barnard to bed, Columbia to wed...this is the gist of stereotypes that comes from Barnard's awkward, colvoluted relationship to Columbia. Others: Barnard girls are all sluts, lesbians, stupid, etc, etc.


That, compared to Columbia Barnard girls are not as smart. That Barnard girls are crazy lesbian feminists. It's an all girls school so everyone is a lesbian. Barnard girls are wealthy and very fashionable.


Not everyone knows what Barnard is - but those who do are usually impressed, and view Barnard students as intelligent, sophisticated, and maybe a little bit arty. This is pretty accurate! Within the Columbia community, though, the stereotypes are different. Barnard students are stereotyped as more attractive, more outgoing, and less intelligent than Columbia college girls. The first two can be portrayed as positive or negative traits, depending on who's doing the talking. That said, Barnard students are very accepted as part of the Columbia community in general.


smart, driven, grade focused, self-centered, neurotic, trendy, rich, jewish


*Not really part of Columbia University *Lesbians


Feminists, Lesbians, promiscuois, desperate, not smart enough to get into columbia, artsy,


Oftentimes people will say that Barnard is like the back door to getting into Columbia.


Rich, stuck up girly-girls, or self-righteous feminist activists.


Barnard women are always horny Barnard women are nicer than Columbia girls.


That we chose BC because we couldn't get into Columbia, that we're all a bunch of crazy feminazis, that we are all gay, and/or that we're whores.


There are a lot of stereotypes about Barnard especially because it is an all girls school but only a few are true. people say we are total feminists, some say were Clumbia's sluts, others bookworms, some people think were all lesbians (not saying it would be bad if we were), oand some people think Barnard girls are very competitive and bitchy.


Pretty girls. Smart girls. No boys


That everyone is gay and that we never see boys.


Smart, articulate, independent. Not as smart as Columbia College students.


Barnard is an all-girls school so people make judgements about that. Also some say the reason we go here is because we could not get in to Columbia and even Columbia students make sure we make it clear that we don't.


I had always thought Barnard girls were supposed to be the upcoming generation of brilliant women working to change the world.


Legging, ballet-flat and skinny jean wearing highly motivated females in New York City. Many people think that Barnard's student body is made up of feminist lesbians and those who didn't get in to Columbia.


We're ditzy, fashion-obsessed, boy-obsessed sluts who couldn't get into Columbia so we went to Barnard in the hopes of finding a Columbia pre-med guy to marry.




Barnard girls will hook up with any Columbia guy, and that Columbia and Barnard women never get along.


1) Barnard is full of liberal lesbians 2)everyone wears black 3) Barnard is where rejects of Columbia College end up.


There is an idea that all Barnard girls come from very wealthy families, or else that we are all militantly feminist--so not true!!


They are all feminists


Barnard students are less intelligent than Columbia students. Barnard girls are sluttier than Columbia girls. Everyone at Barnard is a lesbian.


Inferior and stupider than Columbia students, beautiful, easy to get with


The biggest stereotype is that we are all lesbians and feminists because we go to an all girls school. Before I even started at Barnard, my friends from home joked about me becoming a lesbian, just because I would be surrounded by girls all the time. Another stereotype is that Barnard girls are more wild as compared to our Columbia counterparts, with Barnard being called the "Barnyard". There is also a saying among Columbia men regarding dating Barnard and Columbia girls: "Barnard to bed, Columbia to wed." Finally, alot of people assume that you dance if you go to Barnard, because a good part of the population are dancers and the school is known for its dance program.


Some students over at Columbia think that we're less intelligent do I put this...desperate for men?


They're beautiful, well off, very intelligent, and artsy.


People think that we all go to Barnard because we couldn't get into Columbia. They also suspect that since it's an all-women's college, we are all lesbians and hate men.