Barnard College Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Barnard is a highly rigorous all womens institution. Creative, passionate and high achieving women with open minds should definitely apply.


An academically serious, engaged student who enjoys the urban rewards of life in New York!


The ideal Barnard student cares deeply about art, science, or the news. She is industrious, friendly, and highly dedicated. Barnard prospectives should expect to work hard, and should choose Barnard on the strength of the school's academic excellence and supportive atmosphere. Though Barnard students rightly have their share of fun, the party school weekly drinking paradigm is not exactly the Barnard reality.


Adventurous, outgoing, interesting people. There definitely is a "Barnard Girl" feeling that all of my friends from college had. They were definitely not all the same, but it was always an eclectic mix of intellegence, interesting personal history, and and eagerness to share with other people.


Someone who is not easily affected by others' opinions.