Barnard College Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I had wish that I had known that going to college was not just an educational journey, it was also a mental one. I knew that my school lacked diversity but when I finally began to take classes I began to see things that disturbed me. For instance in several of my classes, I was the only Latina. At first, it was overwhelming but with time I got over it. I remember once that I got into a heated debate with nine other students and no agreed with me but I still had the courage to argue my point.


That there was no official linguistics major (that's my major).


I wish I had known that the financial aid office seriously cuts your aid once you're a sophomore, regardless of identical or worse economic status.


Its expensive to leave the campus. There aren't a lot of Hispanic students like myself.


That the financial aid package offered freshman year is not most likely to last the next 3 years regardless of no change in my family's financial situation. They should have at least made me aware that I won't be getting a free- ride every year and I would need to pull out loans at one point in my college career.


I wish I had known how t o pace myself academically. I wish I had known how incredibly mean overpriveliged college kids are.


Couse loads.


What my major would be