Barry University Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Barry University is diverse.


Barry is a very good school they do alot with the students.


Barry University is a Welcoming, Private, Catholic, Dominican, Educational, Diversified, Healthy, Athletic, Artistic, Religious, Creative, Loving, Notorius, Responsible, Organized, Magnificent, Sensitive, Prideful, Cultural, Intelligent, Familiar, Beautiful, Comfortable, Homey, Appealing, Necessary, Heartwarming, Relieving, Adventerous, Righteous, Popular, Effective, Wonderful, Gratifying, Rewarding, Available, Delicious, Helpful, Rich, Soothing, Fun, Exhilirating, Challenging, Informative, Addictive, Intimidating, Caring, Well -known, Fantastic, Respectable, Humble, Attractive, Lovely, Engaging, Pleasant, Gorgeous, Scrumptious, Admirable, Energetic, Bright, Growing, Eccentric, Queer, Multifarious, Exotic, Preposterous, Outspoken, Breathtaking, Exciting, Romantic, Alluring, Entertaining, Captivating, Luscious, Realistic, Appreciative, Suitable, Honorable, Virtuous, Worthy, Ethical, Faithful, Thrilling, Fair, Refreshing, Funny, Impressive, Stimulating, Nurturing, Expensive yet Affordable Institution and Community.


Favoritism drives a lot of decisions in this school.


There is no unity here at Barry University.


A private catholic university that strives to develope its' students into strong successful adults.


Barry University is a school like no other it's replete with joy and alot of friendly people that are willing to help you on what ever you need.


My university is centered around making sure that every student gets the help and education that they want with readily available on campus student centers, tutors, etc.


My school is very diverse.


Barry is a very clean university, with enough green areas available to study or just take a brake from studies. The curriculum is based on your education needs, in other words you get your moneys worth. Also most professor are very approachable, ready to answer any concern or question related to class or scientific issue. There is a great ethnic and religous diversity, you will never feel out of place at Barry University.


Barry University is academically friendly.


Barry University helps to establish a strong foundation of knowledge and a deepend understanding of one's spirituality.


Barry University is a beautiful, comfortable campus. It is warm and friendly, just like the sunshine state that it presides. Everyone is very friendly and helpful. There are a lot of planned campus activities. The aesthetics of this campus are well cared for and manicured - it shows the pride that is carried throughout the environment.


A place for ideas and opportunities to grow.


It's a small catholic private school, the teachers know you by name, and it's very easy to make friends.


Barry University is a astudent-orientented, higher institution for learning, assisting students to aquire their aspirations and inspirations, meanwhile amerliorating their spiritual awareness.


My school is a great t experience for any age, religion, gender!


Barry University is full of opportunities no matter where come from.


Barry university is a racially diverse school, including students and staff.


Barry University is a school full of many different ethnic backgrounds and cultures to explore.


Open minded and careing of all students.


Barry University has a friendly, caring, and welcoming environment. It is the most diverse university in Florida. I met people from all over the world. The class-size is about 25 students and the professors know each student's by first and last name. STUDENTS ARE NEVER A NUMBER! Student advisors know the students' names & majors. Each student receives a breakdown of the courses to take each semester in order to graduate ontime. Barry is a small school that allows you to make friends forever. The extracurriculum activities are great and the students are very involved.Proud to attend Barry!


Small but has great teachers.


Great people and a great environment help to improve the quality of overall education beyond what the school can offer.


My school is small and the students are culturally different from one another.


A University of opportunity.


great fun and great professors who care


Barry University is a very small, but very helpful in determining you life decisions.


Culturally diverse and extremely friendly in a beautiful environment.


very little school.


Barry University is not where you belong.