Barry University Top Questions

Describe the dorms.


As of this writing, I live in the Weber dormitory - it's only for first-year female students, and is one of the oldest dormitory edifices on the campus. (It's a bit high-security, since only two visitors can be checked in to one room at a time, and ID must be presented to the head security desk. Parents may find that, for first year students, Weber Hall and Dalton-Dunspaugh Hall can be a safer sort of dorm, and there is a greater peace of mind for parents that, like mine, are hesitant in revealing environments.) The rooms are scheduled in different ways: one might have a single room and share a bathroom with one suitemate; one might have a roommate and share a bathroom with two suitemates; or one could be hosted in a room with a community bathroom. Dorms vary along campus, with freshman and sophomore dorms closer to the main buildings and the upperclassman dorms and apartments being on the other side of the university. Every dormitory has a common room on the first floor that is open for all residents. Here, students don't usually leave their door open; at other dorms, though, such as Brown and Sage, which are open-air dormitories (unlimited number of visitors allowed) there is a lot more sociality going on, and on Friday and Saturday nights, people tend to have open doors and be playing sports or sitting out, talking and laughing. If you're going to be dorming here at Barry, I advise to bring colorful things that will liven up the room - dorms aren't hotel rooms, and if you don't bring anything to personalize the room with, I believe that one may feel as if they were living in some sort of colorless prison.


There are a few dorms at Barry University: Kolasa Hall, Bennicasa Hall, D&D, MD, Sage Hall, Brown Hall & Holly House (to name a few). Most of the dorms consist of two to four persons per room. Kolasa allows two persons per room with two closests and one private bathroom. In Halls such as D&D hall, there are community bathrooms. However, single rooms are made available in Kolasa, Bennicasa and Holly House.


The dorms are very balanced. Whether you're a loner or an outgoing person, you will fit in just fine. If you want to find some friends you will do so in minutes of moving in; however, it is not hard to keep to yourself and have some quiet privacy. I like to indulge in both sides of these living condition extremes. The dorm life is balanced.