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My school is a very unique school with only 9000 students and theyoffer great courses there. They are one of the best school in the state of Florida. Moreover 80{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} of all professor obtained a doctorate degree.


We have a beautiful campus in the midst of a small city.


Barry University's enviroment is what makes it unique it has a nice aspect replete with palm trees and a nice breeze that makes you feel like you are in vacation everyday.


It was a Catholic University


Barry University is extremely diverse. It is a learning community in which all are embraced and are welcome to be a part of. For me the University population is open minded and willing to listen to each individuals point of view. This in turn allows every student to learn more about the global society we live in.


Our school is the only 4 year school in the world the offers a sports management-diving industry degree. The degree also invloves a a minor in business. The major is very informative and a lot harder than it looks. If it were not for the major I am not sure what I woul have majored in. When you leave you recieve a bachelors of sciene degree. The fact that you can get a 4 year degree in recreational scuba diving was the best thing that ever happen to me


The small classes allow me to be more that a number, the interaction between students and teachers, and people from different races, religions, and creeds allow me to become a more rounded individual.


Its very personalized and advisors answer your phone calls 24/7


Barry has alot of community service opportunities. There are always events going on and this is good because it elps us meet new people and helps to keep us busy. We also have a reading/writing lab and math lab for extra help which is great.


Barry University was the only school that decided to give me a chance. I applied to 10 nursing schools and they were the only one's that accepted me. Most of the staff are approachable regarding an academic or personal issue. They really work with us and conduct meetings every semester to get our input on what could be better within the nursing program. In the middle of the campus is the Cor Jesu chapel, since Barry was started from catholic priest they decided that Jesus should be the center of the campus, most activites are centered in this area.