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What are the most popular student activities/groups?

The most popular team on campus would be the tennis team. The soccer and volleyball teams also have a popular reputation at Barry. I am currently not in any group at Barry because I like to just stick strictly to my studies; however, there are numerous groups to get involved in. The dorms are a little quiet, but you do have your social butterflies who go back and forth between dorms to hang out with friends. Some people do keep their doors open. Athletic events attract huge crowds and they are taken very seriously. The fans are fans of dedication. Barry has frequent guest speakers and comedians who put on stand up shows. The dating scene is in motion no doubt about it, but you do have a lot of single, youngle adults who are ready to mingle and meet new friends. Some of my closest friends I met from being in class, or living in the same dorm hall with them. People party almost every day, but off campus in the club scene. Tuesday, 2am, I'm probably roaming the dorms looking for people to hang with or I am asleep. There are some frats and sororities that are taken very seriously, but they're not the most popular thing on campus. Saturday night you can get together wih friends and watch movies in the dorm lounges, go swimming at the campus pool, or set up board games to play in someone's room. You can have a great time and keep it alcohol free. Off campus I enjoy going to the mall, movies, or the beach. Also, the art and fashion district of Miami is awesome to check out.

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The most popular student activities on campus are related to the different student groups. For example there is the CSA (Caribbean Student Association) which not only has Caribbean students but also other students from around the world. In this group, students have a family away from home. Meetings are scheduled to discuss any upcoming events on campus. There are also different activities for students residing in the dorms such as battle of the dorms where the different halls compete against one another.

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In comparison to other colleges, there isn't all that much to do on campus. There a few athletic teams, like tennis, baseball, and basketball. There very few sororities and fraternities. There are a good amount of educaional clubs, however. I live of campus And so I do not know what goes on in the dorm scene.

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