Barry University Top Questions

What are the academics like at your school?


At Barry the classes are very small so the professors tend to know you by name. Participation is very common and is sometime used as a percentage of your final grade. I am currently involve in the School of Business because I am an accounting major. The courses in this department is not difficult once you put time into your studies. The professors are eager to help you.


The academics at Barry are great. As I have said before, because it is a private school, the teacher student relationship is very usefull. Teachers are open to spending individual time with all of their students and are truly out to help you. As an English major, all of the professors know me by name and wave and say hello. The participation in classes is generally required as the classes are smaller, so you would be better off studying and preparing for class. As far as the course work and testing it varies greatly on the professor, but like any school, it is all geared towards preparing you for getting a job and earning knowledge.


I am a pre med major. The majority of my professors Know me by my name, but not all. My favorite class will end up being anatomy, which I will be taking in the upcoming semester. Class participation is definitely important. Some professors include it in the final grade. I hear students having intellectually conversations outside of class on multiple occasions, but not too often. I have never spent time with a professor outside of class. I feel that for my major, some of the academic requirements are a bit unnecessary, like botany and zoology for instance.


I must say that Barry University has some outstanding academics. The teachers grow to learn you by name, are extremely friendly, and are always ready to help you. There is no need to again fear the once-dreaded professor's office - the atmosphere that professors' classes hold fosters learning and the asking of questions. They can also aid you with information related outside of academics: my Major British Writers I professor once spent an hour and a half with me (willingly outside of her office hours, mind you) talking about graduate schools for my major and how my major can work for me in the real world. I have developed a huge appreciation for the professors at Barry University; they are teachers who MAKE you want to learn.