Barry University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


It is a very expensive school. It should have more scholarships opportunity for students than it currently have.


I believe, in my opinion that Barry does not have many professors who are compassionate about their teachings. I believe that this is a reason as to why there is such a high rate of students who transfer or ultimately leave Barry. This is why I desperately would like to attend Humboltd State University because I know students are treated with respect and professors take into consideration that the students within their class are there to make a difference in the world. Much enthusiasm is shown by the professors and gives hope to future students of the world.


The worst thing about my school is the location. Since my school is in a poverty stricken area the surrounding neighborhoods have high crime rates. Being that the school is surrounded by crime the students can easily be a target especially for dorm room robberies.


Can be very unorganized with dorms and financial aid


My school is very expensive!!!


Many of our professors do not speak fluent English so many times it is difficult to understand the class,this also leads to a general distraction of the students that are not able to follow the lecture.Even though I think that all the professors are very prepared in their subject I would prefer to clearly understand what the professor is saying,it would make it much easier to take notes and remember what the class was about.


The wort part os Barry University is the financial aide office, they never talk to any other office around campus wih makes it very hard to registar for classes when it comes time to do so. They also never factor in any other scholarships on time and then tell you that you owe thousands of dollars. They are never accurate in what they tell you.




The worst thing about my school would have to be the expensive tuition.


The worst thing about this school is where it's located limits access to stores etc. unless you have a car or take public transportantion, which is horrible.


The worst thing about my school would have to be the food. Although for the last couple months the food has been getting better.


The school was fine, very expensive


The worst thing about my school is the parking. If you are not here by 8am the main parking lot is full and we have to park in the overflow parking a block away. If a student is running late, they tend to park on the grass and get a $40 ticket. It is also expensive. It cost almost 14k a semester and since I want to finish school I have to pay but since I only qualify for loans and I have the maximum allowed amount from the government I'm am still short on my tuition.


As of now the only bad thing about Barry is the cost of tuittion as well as housing.






The one down fall to attending this school is that we have such a huge transfer rate, that to come here you must be fully dedicated and willing to strive hard for what you want.


the food. there is no variety, is too expensive and doesn't taste good.


It's hard to say, everyone is different . I don't find too much wrong with Barry, I enjoy the campus and the professors and the quality of education I recieve here. I would say that the only thing i've complained about is getting my information, like for Financial aid. You just have to push to get what you want but you DO get it, evenutally.


Barry's tuition tends to keep going up along with its popularity. For the amount of new students that keep enrolling, the students don't reap much of the school's financial benefits. There are rarely improvements on campus for the students to get excited about. Barry has some very questionable financial practices.


The worst thing may be the tuition, it is quite expensive given the campus size.


The worst thing about this school is also one of its best. Although small, the size of the campus is perfect as are the classes; but at the same time people eventually know everything about everyone and know all their business which can get annoying. The only other thing that isnt good is that we dont have a football team which is something people should know in advance.


keiser university tells you one price at the begining and by the end they have change it to benefit them only