Barry University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


There is no particular type. You just have to like a mid size campus with a student to techer ratio that is no more that 13:1


People who love to party and meet different people who have the same motives should attend this school. Also, if your parents have enough money to pay all of your tuition, then this school is perfect for you. This school was not really a good match for me.


Everyone that can aford to go to and that it is really want to continued qith their studies.


I attentented high school in Haiti. My school was diversified when it comes to whom should attend it..


A person that likes small environments with caring professors


An open minded student, looking to work hard should attend Barry University. They should be able to survive in a small warm setting and still have a big personality because they will be recognize for the positive aspects that they will bring to the campus. The student should also be willing to experience new cultures because the campus stores individuals with plenty of diversity.


outgoing ppl


Someone who is focused mostly on medicine, or the arts such as singing, theatre, and photography.


Anyone who wants to exce at a higher level and not worry about typical college virtues and situations.


This school is for traditional and a large amount of non-traditional students looking to go into service oriented professions.


anyone can attend Barry University we are just that diverse in all aspects


Everyone is welcomed at Barry University!


open minded people looking for a good small school


There really is no "particular" person who should attend this school. This school is very diverse, with students attending from all over the world.


a nerd.


I would say any student that intends to graduate with a degree would attend Barry University. Since it is a private school and tuition is higher than public schools, anyone wouldn't wan't to stay longer then necessary. Student with high educational goals would love it because of the variety of degrees it offers. There is something for everyone to do.