Barry University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


As I said this institution is not for the faint of heat. Barry is not for someone who wishes to take the easy way out in life. You must work hard in order to get what you want here. Depending upon the department I must forewarn you exams here are not like the typical community colleges or public universities. Not belittling other excellent schools in Miami, but Barry uniquely challenges its students.


In order to live at Barry university you need self discpline. Students attend this School because it is in miami. Sorry, to break it to you but this school is strictly about your success and education. They strive for scholars , teachers make sure service leraning and hands on its important to our learning experience. Come with the mindset of creating your character .


I think that if you are looking for an authentic college experience, then Barry is not the school for you, when I attended I was not well informed with respect to american universities, but I was attracted to Barry's scenic views and catholic traditions. While it is not the worst school ever, it is not one to go to for that authentic feel.


If your looking for the party big school atmosphere don't come here.


Anyone that wants to work hard and make something of themselves should be able to attend this school.


Someone who is not willing to work hard to succeed.


A lazy individual who is seeking just to drink their lives away at college.


This school is not made for someone looking to join a fraternity or sorrority, although they are present on campus, they constitute for a minor perentage. This is a small school so you do getthe college expierience but there are not that many people.


i think everyone should be allow to attend the school.


A person who is looking to have a good fulfilling college experience


Everyone is welcomed at Barry University!


Someone who can easily fall into bad habits such as drugs and alcohol. I saw many fellow classmates go down the wrong path because of the pressures in Miami. There tend to be a lot of distractions in the area.


Anyone who isn't interested in working hard at their academics. Barry University staff and students are willing to work with you, but only if you are willing to put your part.


Someone who likes getting lost in a crowd because it is a very small school with small class sizes and you actually get to talk to your professors and know your classmates.


Those who are not open to other cultures and differences in each individual. Also those who are not serious about making a contribution