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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Party and have fun, but do not squnder the oppurtunity because it will be much harder as you get older to get back into school and finish. Stay focused and do things in moderation, and if you fall get back up and keep on going. It will make you stronger in the end and show you how much you truly want it.


If I could have go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior knowing what I know now about college life, I would have advice myself to take mys senior year and college more seriously than I had. As result to work harder to get all A's in my classes so I could have gotten more and better opportunities of winning scholarships and grants.


I am done with high school and currently in college, but there is one thing I must continue to accomplish. Taking control of the moment. Seizing the moment can be as simple stepping out of your comfort zone to visit a professor during office hours or doing your homework to have time available for your laundry. It seems like practical, but every small decision after high school is practical because you are an adult. Seize the moment over the summer by going to work with a joyful attitude, applying for every scholarship with a positive mindset before and after you complete it. I will be going into my third year and truly say I have yet to master or become an expert at one specific character trait. However, by the time I graduate I want to be able to say my time management skills are one of my biggest strengths. When you graduate, be sure to just be yourself too. Attending college will be life changing. Without maintaining your true personality, you will look in the mirror not recognizing the person in the mirror. To avoid this soul searching process, surround yourself with people that will always build you up.


If i was to go back to my high school days , i will tell myself to love myself dearly. Embrace every moment of character development and flaws of mines. Dont let Society numb you in such way you are limiting your self from the real world. Take advatange of your resources , extra credit and tutors. You are the key to your own success. Write yourself letters a journal and i is good to read when you are in college to see how you have grown. Dont let moments of poverty, violence or insecurities win victory over you. You are my future , my generation and my truth. What you enjoy in high school you wont like tomorrow. When you reflect in life you will laugh and be embarassed in how nieve or wild you were. Love thyself, Self awareness and appriciation is something i lacked on ,and if i had a chance to rewind into high school . I will give myself a hug and tell myself how important it is for me to accept myself in every way .


I know you are in a place right now with no parental guidance and positive role model, but you should go away to college and look at the benefits in the long run. Don't listen to what he is telling you, if he really accepts you for who you are, he will support you. Go for it Erieka, the sky is the limit. You will appreciate it later on.


Hey Self, transitioning to college life isn't so bad. Don't give up, no matter the situation. Participate in as many organizations in school and in the community as you can. Money is an important part in you education. Apply for as many scholarships as you can. Do them before due date and please don't get discouraged when you don't win a scholarships. Apply for work-study or a part-time job. It will help in the long run. Have a saving account to help payback for those loans if you have to take loans. Networking is important too. So that means, networking, time management, applying for scholarships/grants and getting a job will help you. There are many things you're going to learn and experience. By the way, don't forget you physical, spiritual, and mental health. It might not be a big deal now, but it is vital. You don't want to be a "Zombie". This means that you don't want to be sluggish and not energetic---unhealthy state. Balance is key. This is a alot, but this should help you to consider what you want for your furture. Good luck Self.


WOW! I am going to be a senior in high school and then off to college next year. There is so much to do. I need to see what I have done and what is yet to do. I am glad I had the foresight to enroll in High School College credit classes this year. It will definitely give me an edge. I need to apply for every scholarship that I can right now - one or two is not enough. I don’t want to be in student loan debt all my life. I already talked to mom and dad about living at home while I get my degree. They agree it will save a lot of money but I still need a part-time job now and a full time job all summer to sock away some money, but I also need to give back to my community by volunteering. That will make me feel good and give me some extra experience on scholarships and job applications – besides it is the right thing to do. I will be fine if I remember school is my main responsibility and prioritize everything else under it. Look out world here I come!


Hi my name is Jahmal Steen I’m 21 years old. I was born in Columbia South Carolina and my birthday is October 9 1991. I'm a Junior At Barry University. The things that I want to talk about are the hard ship of how my strength have overcome me, interest and the values such as my characteristics. First, I want to talk about hardship of how my strength have overcome me such as financial aid. The financial aid is good to get it because I”m having a hard time with money for school. I stay in a single parent home and its been a struggle to pay this school off because my dad won't contribute anything to the table. For school its expensive because I have to buy books, supplies, pay for a dorm and tuition. Second, I want to talk about the activities that I do such as sport and clubs at school. For sports I ran track all throughout high school. My events for track were 800m dash, 1600m (a mile) and 3200m (2 mile). My best time in the 800m, 1600m .


Do not slack, dont waist time, there is always time to party later


If I was able to go back in time of my high school senior year, I would remind myself the importance of high school memories. During highschool, my primary intentions were to finish my high school credits and graduate within the specific time frame. I did not give myself enough opportunities to enjoy school spirit with my classmates and chose to turn my entire focus on my graduation date instead. I would definitly warn myself to take the time to not only join afterschool activites but savor the special moments with my high school peers because it does only happen once in a lifetime. Despite my invovlement with Dwight Morrow/[email protected] Marching Band, Chorus, the National Coalition of 100 Black Women Inc. and etc.; I felt like I could have done more volunteer work with a better optimistic attitude instead of viewing them as mandatory high school requirements. Yes it is important to follow and finish the high school requirements in order to graduate; However, it is just as important to gain the positive emotional attachement of the final stages of childhood before becoming an adult in the real world because every individual has only one lifetime to live.


Adequately research the schools and rate the pros and cons, also do not settle financially, if you have the grades and the ability to pursue a 4-year degree, have been active during your high school career then search for schools that will be happy to have you attend their college (happiness shown by the way you are treated, the package that you are offered). Definitely visit the school, if you can, before making your final decision. Schools may sound wonderful on paper, but since it is a location that you will be staying at for 4 years then it should be a place that you feel comfortable with and/or love. Definitely check on the transportation options to and from the schools and costs for off-campus housing (dorming on campus, while a wonderful opportunity, is costly). I think it is great to live on-campus for your first year to reduce transition and adjustment issues, but as a young adult growing you may want to find your own place after that. If you choose not to move off-campus - then apply for Resident Assistantships - which grants you free dorm and maybe a small stipend.


I would tell myself not to worry so much. Worrying caused a lot of uneeded stress and I would save myself from trying to take on so much, you can't be the perfect student. I would also tell myself to think long and hard about my major. I would've made choices earlier and changed my major sooner. That would have taken away even more stress. Lastly, I would tell myself to keep busy and stay involved. I regret quitting certain clubs early, had I stayed I would've have been in charge now. Everything is worth the time and effort, yet I gave it up anyway. Those changes would have made the last year so much easier for me.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself to apply to schools inside of my own state. I had a scholarship from the state and if I had went to school in-state, then I would have to worry less about trying to get scholarships. Also, I probably would tell myself to attend college in my own city. Because I am a resident, my tuition would only be $4,000 and I would also have a car, more money, and would not have to worry about finding storage for my belongings during the summer. Not only would I have those benefits, but I probably would have been able to work while attending college. The final thing I would tell myself is to apply to scholarships early. Most scholarships are for high school seniors and it is very difficult to find scholarships for college sophomores. I wasted alot of money during my freshman year because I was attending an out-of-state school. If I could talk to my self as a high school senior, my life would be much easier for me and my mother.


it all about hard works and dedication


Look for more opcion and send application to a lot of schools. field up as many schoo.larships as i can to help pay my education. Get good great so that i have mor oportunities.


If I could go back to give myself advice.I would say to take more college classes and enjoy the freedom while i jcan because in colllege there is no time for fun,because we have alot of work .While i am still in High school make suer to work hard give hundred percent she is doing.She have to prepare herself for the future read book that will help her in the field that she i s going to study make sure she pass all of her testes and classes,do good in the SAT and ACT because does test help with your classes. She need to spend time and the library to study and work on her vocabulary and writing essays because does will be pretty helpfull in English Speech and Pschycology classes.


If I could go back in time and give words of advice I definitely would have much to say. I would mention that this is a life changing experience and that every decision made should be taken in to consideration. Always make sure to look at your choices and weigh out the pros on consequences . I would also mention to fully prepare yourself and know that to be in college is to gain more knowledge and doing something productive with it. Never to give up and follow through in anything that you do. Anything you want is possible to achieve, just depends on your perserverance. I would also mention to join join clubs or any type of physical activities to produce happy endorphins. It is good to do hands on work and expand your experiences. Make sure to eat healthy and feed your brain! Take breaks when needed. Include family members especially when it comes to decision making they will never steer you wrong and most importantly they love you and want the best for you. It is imperative to study something you know you will enjoy doing or have a passion for.


Hey Odeline, I'm coming here to talk to you from the future and give you advice about college that will save you alot of heartache. Believe in yourself, stop doubting your abilities this sec!, and trust me you will make it. You need to stop procrasinating, being afraid of asking for help, and being in denial of becoming an adult. I hope your taking notes because I'm about to enclose strategies to execute the above tips I just mentioned earlier. You need to start setting long term goals for your future as of your expected major, finance, and responsibilities becoming a young adult after highschool. Trust me the economy is crashing from gas prices, food, and just the basic way living comftably will rise to exceedingly levels. If you even have a thought of not futhering your education by attending college and choosing dead end jobs instead get it out your head now!. Start working on your weakness of mathematics by finding assistance in tutoring, start volunteering in local hospitals to get a better feel of your major in nursing, and start saving your money now because trust me there will be rainy days.


I have learned how to be responsible in life and also teaches me how to be a leader instead of a follower. I used to be a procrastinator when i was in the military, but i saw everything in a different perpective when i started college. One's can't be procrastinated in college otherwise you will never pass certain classes. Nowdays even those with a higher level of education can't get a job, so me being in college is valuable for me in every sense of the word, and i expect to get a job out there when i graduate.


One thing that I would not have been able to find anywhere else is my overall experience, I have learned so much over the past year and a half, abouIt myself as well as others. It has been an experience where I have discovered a lot about myself and about society. I have grown up a lot in the short amount of time that I have attended Barry University, but the culture and diversity has made Barry University a valuable place to attend.


I have receieved a pleathora of things from my first year of college experience, and they are: i became more dependent of myself, i leared to make my own decisions, manage my time and also became more responsible with my life and my things. Also i learned that the college life is like no other and you only get a one chance to enjoy it and also that it's the path to a better life replete with knowledge and a better job.


Out of my college experience so far, as an undergraduate; I have gained strength and independence. I believe those are the two key inner powers you need to make it through years of college. You have to be able to take the things they give you, also the important things you learn and consume it, live with it, and apply it to your future. Stress will be your best friend, but with strength you will over power your inner demons, and learn to take charge, and that's where independence comes in. No one is going to hold your hand 24/7, walking you through your 4 years of college. YOU will have to hold your own hand through the good times and bad and YOU will walk yourself through your four years of learning and growing. YOU have to make each day valuable during your college life and experiences, like I have learned to do.


It's easy to understand when your parents tell you that you will appreciate things more when you are the one paying for it. That statement is very true. I believe that I have spent too much money thus far on my education to play around. This school has helped me to become more responsible and to not take my education for granted. Though I may hang out with my friends/classmates, I never make it a point to choose parting over studying because I know that I am in school for a reason. My college experience thus far has been full of tears of both joy and pain but with every tear shed I find my self closer and closer to my goal.


I am a country girl from the small town of Mableton Georgia, where diversity is limited and racism is still alive. Growing up I always wanted to break free and explore the world around me, when I got accepted into Barry University I did not know what to expect. My freshman year I was so shocked when I came to Barry because the school was diverse, in Mableton you were either Black, White, or Hispanic, but at Barry everyone was different. Immediately I fell in love with my school because diversity was alive and racism was limited. One thing Barry University has taught me is to love my neighbor because, at the end of the day no matter what color, ethnicity, gender, age, or religion we are all human beings. Barry has been valuable for me to attend because it has introduced me to diverse people and Barry has also provided me wonderful network opportunities so I can succeed in my professional life.


Always follow your dreams no matter how many obstacles that come up!


I have learned to manage my time to focus on my academics and that diversity is one of the greatest things you can have before you go out into the real world. Learned how to be a better student and friend.


I have been able to understand various perspecitves and schools of thought. This includes experiences not only inside the classroom but out. My college experience has been full of moments which have turned out to be lifelong lessons that I will be able to use in the work place, in my pursuit of a graduate degree and the rest of my life's journey.


I have obtained a feeling of fulfillment from my college experience; also I have become one step away from reaching my goal. During my years at college I gained most of the necessary tools to make me an excellent candidate for the pharmacy field. And most of all I have gained a sense of tolerance towards every ethnic group, religious views and political ideas.


My experience in college as a college student has been great. I enjoy the learning environment, as well as the knowledge that I acquired from Barry University. It is very rewarding to speak and interract with others on professional and educated level.


Attending college has helped me to understand my own capabilities as a student and a learner. It has destroyed cultural boundaries, as I am able to communicate with every person I see, whether it'd be an African American or a Middle Eastern. It has helped me to become more independent, competent, and responsible in my every day life. Overall, it has shaped me into a more understanding, open minded, individual. It has opened my eyes and to a better understanding of the world. I have learned to see that the differences that seperate us in culture are the differences that make us interesting and beautiful as people.


The advice I would give myself, if I could go back in time to my senior year, about the transition I would be encountering upon entering college life would be an amazing gift. My first words uttered would be the best and most important. You must learn as much as possible, be a sponge, never stop learning. When I speak of learning , I speak of it in all realms of your life; learn in the classroom, learn in life, learn in the value of experience and observation. You can open your life to new horizons by considering other ideas before making a choice . One simple idea or thought, along with your approach or attitude may change your whole life. The path or road you choose may depend on how you process the advice that was given to you. It is better to travel that double road as one and use the wisdom and experience to keep challenging yourself. It is often said , "Your parents become wiser the older you get." Mountains of wisdom are hidden in other people's experiences. It would be a wonderful advantage for you to spend this short time now to build for your future.


Knowing what i know now i would go back and tell anyone who was in my shoes and anyone who is a high school senior now, is that your last year is fun and enjoyable but just like in college you have to know when its really time to buckle down and put studies first. I would also tell myself that preparing for test such as ACT and the SAT. There are countless study prep courses that i should have taken to better myself. But mostly importantly I would tell my younger self that the time of having high school teachers guide you through every step of the way is over and that you must learn to stand on your own two feet as a senior in high school.


I would tell myself to work harder in my schoolwork for scholorship opportunities, take my SAT much more seriously, and take ACT as an additonal resource. At the moment I am strugling with paying for my books, so I'd tell me to reconsider going to a Private University. If I had not gone to a private college I would probably have enough for my books. Being that I have to take the bus for two hours straight, I would also suggest that I go to a college near by.


If i could go back in time, i would tell myself to take Dual Enrollment classes, to study hard, and to apply for as many scholarships as possible. I would tell myself to be more organized & outgoing, and to have fun. I was so focused in school i didn't go out with my friends. The most important things i would tell myself, in my senior year of high school,would be to strive for excellence & and never give up.


If I could go back and talk to myself as a senior in high school, I would comfort myself and say that it is our differences as individuals that makes the college experience memorable. I would tell myself that it was okay that I wanted to take a break between coming out of high school and going to college, and that it though it felt alienating at the time, when I chose to go back to school, I would find many other people that did the very same thing. I would assure myself that the new life experiences that I had gone through within the time I spent between high school and college, such as working full time and learning how to live on my own were letigitimately rich experiences themselves. But most of all, I would tell myself that there is not one correct path, but many, and as an artist by trade, you must learn that your life will divert in ways that other people's may not, and it is within this large spectrum of differences that makes creating art so rewarding.


Damiana you should learn to organize your time the best you can because in college everything will be much more caotic, you will have a job,attend class,do homework and find some time to have fun or else you'll go crazy!Don't leave things for the last minute because procrastination just leads to stress and often the result of your work won't be as good as it would have been if you would have planned ahead.Don't be afraid of asking questions to teachers,classmates or counselors.Be prepared for a whole different scenario,that will shape you up and make you the adult you'll become.


If I could go back in time I would tell myself to stay focused and start off with a bang. I would aso tell myself to not trust everyone that you meet and use your common sense, especially when you move somewhere like Miami. Also pick your friends wisely, not everyone is who they say they are. Last but not least, got to eery class, you are paying to be there so take advantage of it. Als try to have a little fun, but not too much! :-)


The advice I would give to myself would be to make sure that I had enough financial assistance to help aid my future scholastic endeavors. In addition, I would further advise to become prepared for the grueling pain of not having contact with family members should the institution be further away from home. I would further advise that II should take all the high challenging courses that the high school offers and to study day and night for the SAT and/or ACT to help further the chances of recieving funding for school. Lastly , I would advise that I should become more involved with the community by community service.


College life can be pretty rough on a young student like myself. Entering college I did not know exactly what to expect but I wish I had known. That being said, if I could go back in time and converse with myself as a high school senior, I would attempt to give the best advice that a nineteen year old could give. First and foremost, I would tell myself no to rush. Recently before entering Barry University, I felt incredibly rushed with college business such as applications, essays, etc. Many of my friends were already being accepted to their favorite colleges and universities which put a significant amount of pressure on me. I also felt incredible pressure from my parents to hurry up and decide what I wanted to do in my life. No one should force you to make your own decisions. You need to live for you and only you. Do not try to live for someone else. Ever. I would've liked to prevent myself from making those mistakes again. But now that I think about it, the mistakes that I made as a high school senior made me the strong person that I am now.


The one thing I would stress is time, and taking advantage of all the work, extra credit and anything that will allow you to increase your GPA. another key entity i would stress is being knowledgeable and having a plan for what school you want to go to, the major you want to pursue, and creating a financial plan with your parents to pay for school. The last thing a student wants added to them in college is stress over finances. College should be an expirence that is trully taken in, rather than stressed about.


Assuming i could go back in time and talk to myself as a young, adolescent high school senior knowing the things that I know now about college and the heavily anticipated transition i've went through I would warn myself of how important it is to finish strong. I would also bring to my attention the need for as many scholarships as possible because the cost for school is more than you can imagine. Therefore, I would stress to myself to get involved in any scholarship oppurtunities I can get my hands on and make a valid effort in applying for each one of them. The expedite transition i've experienced from high school to college was very unexpected and I have many regrets for not being as prepared as I could have been going into a higher education. That's exactly why I would thoroughly advise myself to study hard and work harder because looking back on all the decisions I made before going into college, I know my life could of have been a lot easier with just a few better choices and decisions that i took for granted back in school.


Oh the things I would tell myself! I know I only have but so much time to break down everything so it would come out fast and probably with minimal explanation. Some warnings I might give are, stay away from your previous relationships. They are a waste of time, and you could have been filling out these scholarships! Oh and take up the offer at Barry, but when you get there audition for EVERYTHING and make sure you ask for a scholarship. They have them they just don't want to say it out loud! Plan your trips home way earlier than you think, it's cheaper and you'll be able to go home for thanksgiving, but only fly JetBlue. Help your little sister with applying to high schools, although you talked to her before she didn't listen, but she'll be all ears now. Last, go shopping you don't wear uniform anymore so get with the program! You do well in school and everyone is proud of you, but if you could change these few things, life would be a little easier and a lot more fun not having to worry so much. Bye past me =)


Dialogue Deborah: I have what it takes to speed through undergrad shcool. While most students do the traditional four years, I'll do it in three. Self: Oh, Deborah its nothing like you think. You have to buckle down and make it happen because no one will be there to hold your hand or sppon feed you. Deborah: That's tough. So you mean have to hit the books a little harder? Self: More resposiblities come weighing over your head because you will be an adult. Deborah: Just as I heard in the times of old, "If nothing else is guaranteed, death and bills are." Self: You said it. Deborah: Well let me get on it , and not procrastinanate.


If I could go back in time I would tell myself to paticipate more in school activities. Also i would tell myself to apply to more scholarships and colleges. I would hopefully get myself to be outgoing. I am not really the out going type I keep to myself. I would tell myself that Barry would be a good choice because everyone here is so nice and helpful. I have met so many nice people here. My life has really changed around here.


The advice that I would give myself is to start early into going into college. I would have made a better plan about having kids.


You can never be too prepared for school. Life is full of surprises and different paths that you can take. One decision can affect you for the rest of your life, so make the best decision to your ability. School is not cheap, and financial aid is not available when you need it. Never give up, and know that everything happens for a reason. Education is important, and let no one tell you different. If you want to accomplish a goal, don?t ever hold back!


First off I would tell myself to give it my all during my senior year. Get high scores on tests, finish all my work on time and learn time management. I would tell myself to apply for colleges and scholarships as soon as the first day of my senior year. Even though people change their minds in college about what to do with their lives, think about what you enjoy doing and what career path you see yourself in the future. Do not try to make others happy before making yourself happy with the choices you make concerning your life after college. Always talk to an advisor about choosing the right classes that will help you transfer or graduate from school. Stay focused in your goals and do not let distractions make you fall behind.


I graduated from Classical high school in Springfield, Massachussetts in 1979. As a senior I would enjoy my last year of high school and be prepared to work hard, be organized, have a plan for idependence; freedom is your opportunity to show your maturity. Flexibility is everything when you are in a new environment. Be prepared to change your entire career path. Diversity is very important. Save as much money as possible because you will need it. Starting college is my job for the next four years or more. College is my opportunity to become successful in whatever field of study I decide to pursue. Be prepared to network in college because you will have an opportunity to make lifelong friendships and business connections. I am given an opportunity to pursue a higher education that will make me financially and socially independent. Have fun but always be serious about your education. Most importantly, stay physically fit, eat properly, get your proper rest and don't let anything interfere with your volunteering and networking.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, knowing what I know now about college life and making the transition , I would tell myself to relax and enjoy myself a little more. When I started college I was very uptight and anxious about the transition, which caused me to be closed and to myself. When entering college, a person should stay positive and be open to all the new possibilities and opportunities that come their way. Worrying about everything and not opening up causes the person to miss out on those oppportunities, like I did. Eventually I got over it, but by then I had missed out on some wonderful opportunities. All I did was study, study, study and had no time to myself, to enjoy myself. That actually caused more stress on me. If I could go back, I would tell myself to enjoy college, open up to people, take every opportunity you're offered, and have a good time.


Knowing what I know now about college life and making the transition, if I had the opportunity to go back in time to talk to myself as a high school senior, I would have some valuable advice to pass on. First, I would encourage myself to stay focused, get good grades and to apply for as many scholarships as possible. Being financially ready for college and getting good grades is a big transition. You never really understand the value of education until you start paying a price for it. It is easy to take education for granted when you attend public school and no one really has a talk with you about college and all it entails. Secondly, if you start to prepare yourself now, the transition would be a lot smoother. College is not really that much different from high school if you keep your schoolwork first and prioritize by keeping a schedule/planner from now. Last, I would tell myself that college is going to make you into a strong, smart, and driven individual who has goals that are attainable because of everything that you learned in college, and from the lasting relationships made.