Barry University Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


To be honest the security at Barry is rather poor. The library is closed at midnight every day and that becomes rather unsafe. The only 24/7 building is Thompson, but it gets noisy. Also, the food is not that delicious. There are professors who are rather subjective. No institution is perfect. Every school has its flaws.


The most frustrating part of Barry University would be the lack of school spirit. Students walk around with little knowledge about the schools activities and sports. Most of the students are focused on the party life and their studies. Activities seem to be of little interest to the individuals, who attend this university. However, the availability of opportunities are well documented and useful for each person. There is diversity amongst the activities ranging from the Caribbean Student Association to unique fraternities and sororities. Numerous people complain, but if you are unemployed and looking for involvement, Barry is the right place.


When it comes to exams its alot of pressure on me


The most frustrating thing about Barry University is time management. As an enrolled Barry student, there is always so many interesting activities avaible on campus that can catch your immediate attention. However, it is a must to set a mandatory time period for your studies because it is the student's responsibility to do so. Each student is referred to as an adult and is expected to act in a responsible manner. If one fails to comprehend and tend to his or her mandatory school related tasks, then the individual will pay for the consequences of his or her actions.


well to me personally i think the school i s a great school i do my my work and that's it no complaint about life moves on


The cost of tuition! I really like my school, but every year it gets more expensive. I am afraid that i wont be able to attend there anymore, if the prices of books and tiution keep rising.


Finacial Aide


This is my first semester at Barry University. I have not experienced any frustration yet.


The most frustrating thing about Barry is the financial aid department. Most workstudy jobs that interest students are either not optional or not available. The aid provided is not nearly enough to cover the charges. It seems that they provide the students who can afford to pay for they're education with the bulk of aid.


The mos frustrating thing about my school is the lack of food choice and the quality of food.


Lack of communtion with the students.


Location it is very far from my home.




Having a lot of tests to study for and writing research papers all at the same time (towards the end of the semester).


I don't like the fact that majority of their computers are slow, and the over pricing of their food.




That the departments do not work together. Also that Residential life seems to be in need of more staff members.