Barry University Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I wish I knew that I would have to take a lot of loans for my education.


That financial aids is not good. They always have a problem with the fanancil aids.


I don't wish to no anything more than I already know. This is a great college that I would suggest to any and everybody who wants to be successful in life.


I wish I had known that my financial aid will not pay for my entire book and tuition.


I was not sure whether or not I wanted to go to college. While many of my classmates chose to go to school after graduation that following summer, I chose to find full time work instead. After taking a two year break from school, I enrolled into a community college with the intention of transfering to a 4 year school. When I came to MassArt, I finally realized that education is a path you must find for yourself, that there are many people in the world that divert and choose not to follow the traditional path.


Before I came to this school, I wish I had known that it is pretty difficult to pay off the tuition and fees such as room and board.


I wish I would have known my skill level requirements so I could have aimed higher to meet the mark of qualifying for thre English nonremedial course. In high school I took AP English Language and AP English Literature and did exceptionally well in both. Not to mention, I also won the Senior English Award and was told my writing is beautiful. Now I come to college they tell me I do not write at the college level. Now I am wasting time and money taking a remedial English course that is noncreditted towards my degree track.


I am transfering to Barry University this Spring. For now I just wish I knew where to get more scholarship money either from school or from outside sources.


Prior to attending this school, I wish I knew that it was going to be so costly and hard to get financial help to pay for my education at Barry.


I wish I would have know if I could afford it or not. This is a great campus and I relly like the new people I meet everyday. But, I am in a stump because the school year is almost over and I still owe over $1,000.


I wish I had learned about the crime rate that surround my school and its food is really like.


I wish I would have know that the school no longer had journalism as a major. Even though I am now a communications major, which I am happy and content with, my original passion and major was journalism. I had heard many great things about their journalism program before I applied to the school. When I then tried to switch journalism to be my minor I was told it was no longer offered as a major or minor and it really saddened me.


I wish I had know that Florida Public transportation is really bad. And, that tuition increases every year by about $1000.00! For the most part I enjoyed attending Barry University.


Nothing, I am completly satisfied with Barry University.


That living on campus your freshman year is important to become part of a social group and have lots of parties to go to.


I would've wanted to know that credits are not easily transferred from other schools and/or to other schools.


I wish I knew how culturally diverse this University is. I feel ignorant to other students' backgrounds sometimes but try my hardest to learn. I also wish I knew about the additional extra curricular activites Barry has that most schools dont like the Opulent Image Modeling Agency.


I wish I would have known the lack of respect and caring that the staff has for students. And the lack of communication between departments at this University. It seems as if the staff doesn't know how to use a phone or email.


That I could have bargained for more financial aid.


all was great