Barton College Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The wost thing about my school is there is only one 24-hour computer lab. This is bad because if all the computers are taken and I need to use a computer I cannot get on one and the building is locked at 11 0'clock.


I think the worst thing at this school is that a lot of people that go here are local, or home for them is 2 to 3 hours away. The majority of students go away on the weekends, leaving the rest of us with nothing at school. There is not much going on during the weekends except sporting events and parties.


I wish our school had a football team. My high school did not have a football team and I wish that my college did. Also, I wish the college had an agriculture program. I grew up on a farm and I work with animals and I would have liked to continue learning.


The dorms are not the best especially for the price each student pay per yr.


The worst thing I can think of at Barton College is that if you choose not to live on campus, it will be hard for you to stay in touch with the campus activities such as club fairs, intramural sports, and other campus activities. Barton is a great school and is always experimenting with new ways to make its' students happy. This question is hard to relate to Barton College.


The worst thing about Barton College is it's buildings. Most of the buildings are out-dated and need to some repair work done to them. The dorm rooms are in desperate need of restorations. One of the class buildings needs some repair work done to stop the leaking roof too.


The work load because maot professor think that their class is most important


Because of its size, there is a lot of unnecessary drama amongst certain people. There is a particular sorority that many people don't like because they are the ones who mainly start and cause the drama and fights and immaturity to happen.