Barton College Top Questions

What kind of person should attend Barton College?


The kind of person to attend this school should be hard-working yet laid-back. They should be willing to work at what they want. they should want to get involved on campus. While doing all of this they will still be able to focus on other things.


A person that is focused on doing well in college should attend this school. The professors are always available outside of class for questions and concerns. The professors also encourage the students, so it is not hard to be motivated to do your work. This college is also a great school for people who want to learn sign language. We actually have a major in sign language, which helps with the diversity of the school atmosphere.


A person that is ready to take school seriously and knows what direction they want to go should attend this school. Also someone that is focused and not distracted easily.


Someone who enjoys concentrating on schoolwork instead of having much of a social life because Barton is a "suit case" college, where everyone goes home on the weekends.


The type of person that should attend this school in my opinion is that it has no limits. Im a loud italian boy fron New Jersey. Most students are southern baptist and im catholic ! I love the diversity and thats what makes Barton unique.