Bay Path University Top Questions

Describe the students at Bay Path University.


The students at Bay Path love to have fun in and out of class. The class sizes are very small and it makes it easy to build a bond with your professors. Getting along with your professors is important because it allows you to understand what is being taught better when you know that your professor can explain things in a way that you will understand. The students are always kind and helpful. They will always find something to do in this small campus.


The students are definitely something. As an all women's college there are plenty of varying characters. It is very hard to describe, it is something that people would have to see to believe.


Most of my classmates are outgoing, kind and friendly.


My classmates are extremely passionate young women that are friendly and open-minded to cultural differences, career paths, sexual orientation and diverse backgrounds.




They are just classmate after class is over we do not see or talk to each other. Everyone get back to their own life.


That's difficult to be sure. I had my classmates, as in the ones in my graduating class, which were very diverse and some a bit stuck up, and then I had the classmates that I had class with. I was liberal studies so I took all different kinds of courses and wound up in classes with students from each graduating year. Most were very friendly, I wound up being close with a number of them, regardless of graduation year.