Bay Path University Top Questions

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This school is an all women's school as far as undergraduate admissions goes, however there are male graduates accepted into the graduate programs there. This school is very accepting of all ethnicities, personalities, and interests and the students and professors alike are of a positive and helpful nature.


Empowering women to obtain leadership and to be empowered.


it is a very small but close community of women from all different backgrounds supporting each other .


One-on-one attention. Small campus.


What's unique about my school is that it is a small community oriented school. Everybody knows you one way or another. Staff are very close to their students.


What's unique about Bay Path College is the fact that we are an all girl's school. There aren't many left throughout the country. Also, I believe it helps in the classroom a lot, because you concentrate a lot more and don't have any distractions. I also feel like since it's an all girl's school, it brings us all closer together, and it helps people to show their real personalilty, and don't have to worry about being judged by boys.


Bay Path College is an all girls school that realy cares about its students. The facalty will work hard to make shure that you are doing well and have no problems and if there is a problem with something they will fix it. Since it is a small campus the class sizes are also small the teacher's will work with you to make shure that you do not fall behind. These are all things that you can not get in a big college, and they make Bay Path a perfect place to go to school.


What's unique about my school would be it's great community. Bay Path is a small campus so it's not so overwhelming for students. The teachers are very intuned with their students and care deeply about our success.


Bay Path is a small, friendly and community based college. The class size is very small and each student has great relations with their professors. If there is ever a problem, students know that they can talk to anyone about it; the school will help them work through it to help that student adjust and hopefully fix the problem. There are a variety of clubs, many that enjoy helping the surrounding community; volunteer and community service based.