Bay Path University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


Location, the public bus does not provide services in that area.


I think it would be individuality, academics, and faculty. We are always being told by faculty to be bold women but they get upset when we have any thing that they think objectifies women. They are very feminist and it is not fun to be around that all the time. Also the academics are not that good. They are very enforcing when it comes to assignments. The faculty is pretty good sometimes. Then they become very strict and choose favorites and do not act fair with everyone at the school.


When it comes to my school, there are two things that i don't like about Bay Path. I don't like that it is highly expensive to me and i struggle on a monthly basis to pay for school, and i wish that the school could offer more hands on work like nursing as well as me being a biology major, and i wish there were more majors/minors for me to do as well.


The surrounding area. Longmeadow is a very rich, old town and most of the people living in the area are older. You have to either go into Springfield or Enfield to do anything outside of student run events.


Very busy- classes tend to be hel in off site locations


Absolutly nothing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The campus is dead on the weekends. Not enough interaction with other colleges in the area.