Bay Path University Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


The advice I would give my senior high school self would be to persevere. You will be faced with challenges and new latitudes, but embrace them instead of surrendering to failure. Take the time to cultivate the opportunities that college will provide for you. They will shape the person you will become. Do not make that homesick phone call to your mom where she will persuade you to return home. Finish your degree, travel the world, and make sure to work in a field that excites you. If you give up, life will pause your educational journey. Without your degree you will battle for every job, every promotion, and you will find yourself embarrassed when others ask where you obtained your degree. Believe in yourself when others around persecute you. You can prevail.


I would tell myself to get out of my own way and have more confidence. In the past, I would often overthink my work and get stuck when I felt that my answers or my work weren't perfect, when in reality they were excellent. Because of my self-doubt I would allow myself to give up on too many things and never gave myself enough of a chance to see my own potential. Now I have learned that the goal shouldn't be perfection, but instead it should be improvement. Education isn't always about finding the perfect answer, it is about growing your knowledge and developing yourself as a person. Making mistakes isn't failing, its about discovering what you can learn from those mistakes and applying that learning to your future. Mistakes are also opportunities to learn to think about things differently, to evolve and expand your learning abilities to the new experiences of college and adulthood. So I would tell myself to take a breath, start writing something, anything, and build on that. You are amazing and you are only going to get better by actually trying. Nothing great ever came without work and sacrifice.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself to make sure to get involved. I did not feel home sick as much because I joined a couple clubs. These clubs helped me to make new friends and connections that will last me a life time. I've only been at school for one semester, but I know if I had not joined these clubs I would have gotten home sick. Also, I would tell myself to be the leader of your life. I found out that in college you need to start making decisions for yourself because nobody else is going to. If you take charge of your education and life at college, you will succeed and be happy about what you have acccomplished. The biggest advice I have learned in my first semester of college is to get involved, find your place in the community, and lead yourself to success.


College life is an experience that does everything except mirror the highschool scene. The students who attend college have their own business and problems to focus on, their own academics to tend to, and do not seem to become entangled in the affairs of others, which is a recognizeable behavior in high school students. I would tell my high school self to remain focused on my studies, my extracurricular activities, and my personal relationships with the people that actually affect my life because the petty instances that often set back high school students will be a thing of the past in college. The negativity and discouraging situations with peers that are presented in high school seem to fade when you make the transition to college, and instead of sweating over where to sit in the cafeteria, rest assured that in college you can establish yourself among a variety of personalities, and feel welcomed in whichever environment you place yourself in. Bringing a positive and open minded persona to college is something you should not neglect to pack up with your material possessions, as demonstrating the ability to integrate into various, unfamiliar circumstances in college is going to be very advantageous!


I would tell myself to keep going, even when it seems that you can't make it, you can. Keep fighting for what is important to me, working hard and completing something is much more rewarding than quitting!


Education first!


I would tell myself to focus more on school and building relationships with advisors, staff, and professors, and less on fitting in with my peers. I also would advise my past self to apply for more scholarships! Every "tiny" $100 or $250 award really adds up!


The advice I would give my high school self is to only listen to yourself. People are going to give you their opinion, and it may be very convincing, but you need to listen to your heart and what you think is best. You are not being disrespectful by not choosing to do what they say, but instead you are living your life the way you want to. You may get some weird looks along the way, but their thoughts are theirs. All that mattters are yours own thoughts, and if you mess up or trip along your journey, so what? Mistakes happen throughout life, but at least you can say that they were your mistakes instead of saying your could have changed the outcome by making your own choice. You have a voice...use it to stand up for yourself and your thoughts, beliefs, decisions, and ideas!


Don't apply to just one college. Keep your options open. Apply for more scholarships, and don't worry. The transition really won't be a bother for you. Get a job, get a car, and you'll be just fine!


I would tell myself to listen to my parents and to go to the school that would have benefited me better than my current school. I would have gone to Suffolk University instead of Bay Path. I would have been much more happier and have more opportunities then the ones that I have at Bay Path. Bay Path does not offer many opportunities and is a feminist school. They go above and beyond with the feminism and if I knew this before, I would never have come to this school.


Look at you, Ariel. You have no responsibilities, no worries, and endless opportunities. I know you see closed doors ahead, but it is your eyes and mind that are closed. So a few doors are locked right now, you can find the keys. Maybe you can find alternate entrances. If you start focusing on college now, you can avoid the struggle of juggling courses while working and taking care of a family. With nothing but yourself holding you back, you are free to attend almost any college you choose-as long as you let yourself go! Stop looking at the whole journey and take one step. One step is easy, right? Go on, take a step! Look at you, Ariel. You are now one step closer to college, so keep moving and you'll bust those doors wide open.


Assuming i could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior now that i have experienced college, I would give myself a reality check on what life is going to be like and what needs to be done so my past self can fix our future and make it better. I would go back to the very beginning of my senior year at high school and force my past self (since i am very stubborn) to take pre-calculus because it won't make sense in the future. After i know that i will have a glimpse of hope that i will understand pre-calculus in college, I'm going to sit down with myself, and lay down everything that has happened to me over the year and a half and give suggestions to prevent it from happening to my past self. I would say to do more research for college, dont settle just because it has a physician assistant program. Bay Path is a great school, but if i want to go there, i need to apply for all the scholarships possible and save to avoid stress on us in the long run.


I f i were to go back in time to my senior year or early the advice I'd give myself are procrastination does not work in college and save up as much as you can for the expenses. If i knew and did these two things before I'd feel much better about things.


I would go back to the day I quit and tell myself "be strong life is going to get real hard you just held your daughter for the last time, the man you are going to love with all your heart will die young, and your going to have two boys with major health or mental issues , stay in school for them. Just hang in there and cry all you need to but keep moving along with your education but loose your kids or yourself while getting through it all.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a highschool senior I would tell myself that my choice to go to Bay Path College is the correct choice. I would tell myself that I should not worry about the work load because I can handle it. I would tell myself that I am proud that I did so well in highschool, because if I had not I would not be able to learn as easily in college. I would tell myself that I will find amazing professors that I will grow to love and not to worry about finding new friends. I would tell myself that no matter what I may think is important now, it will not be later on and so I should not worry about the little things and instead be happy. I would tell myself to dream big and continue seeking knowledge because it is what is best.


to not mess around during high school and get focused as soon as you get into college and manage your time wisely


I have learned that although many think college is all about fun, and there is plenty of time to have fun, the focus really needs to be on academics. WIthout good grades, you won't be able to stay in the college. You have to study a lot, and when you are told to read a section in your textbook, definitely make sure to read it. It's important, that will help you participate in class, and also help with your grade. Take all your classes seriously, even if you think they are really easy, because in the end, your grade may not show that the class was really easy.


College is way different than high school. My college experience really made me grow as a person. I met many people from different parts of the world and they taught me many new things that were astonishing. I could say that college has opened the world to me. Also the profesors stretch your ability to think, they make you think outside the box. I have learned many insightful things that I wouldn't have ever known if I wasn' t here, in college. I feel like I know where I am supposed to be in life, eventhough I don't know where I will end up in the future , I know I am in the right path. It was a really good decision to attend college.


I have learned alot about life, I never expected to learn. College is about the things you learn in the classroom and out. Its a priority here at Bay Path for students to learn everything from there focus of study to effective communication. The class size is about the size of an avrage high school or smaller and the class size continues to shrink as you progress. Along with individal attention, the facuilty really make this college speical. Every student gets the time to sit and talk with the professor, not an aid. While they arnt always on campus they give out multiple phone numbers and emails, they really want to take the time to make sure you understand everything. At the begining of the school year my mother found multiple tumors and was wating to hear results by the time classes had started I was a nervous wreck, Bay Path really helped me learn to cope and how to handle my anxiey. She is a level 4 and will be recive chemo therapy for the reast of her life. This is just one of the many ways Bay Path has tought me invalluable life lessons.


Considering the fact that I am a 46 year old grandmother that never graduated high school because I quit in my junior year to raise my son, my first piece of advice would be to wait to have children so that I could stay in school and graduate. The next piece of advice I would give myself would be to attend college right after high school because if you wait it's hard to go back to school.


The biggest advice I would give myself would be to look for an off-campus job. One that would give me something to do if I chose not to participate in the activites going on on campus. It would also give me a little income to put towards school so I wouldn't have to take out so much in loans. I also wouldn't stress about finals, the teacher's aren't trying to fail me. They want to see me succeed in the field I've chosen.


If I could go back in time and give myself advice about going into college I would tell myself that college is amazing, and I wish I knew books were so expensive and how I should of saved up more money for the books. Another thing I would tell myself is that it's not all about parties and friends, but having to sit down and spend hours on studying and papers. If I could go back in time I would love to tell myself that the transition from high school to college is not hard at all, but instead I just get very home sick. One last piece of advice that I would tell myself is that going into college with a boyfriend is not easy because you worry more about them then you do your school work and studying, then again having one in college is not that bad either just don't stress out on worrying about them and just focus on your school work and think about how you get to see him and spend time with him on vacations and breaks. Basically in other words just focus on school and studying.


The advice I would give myself would be to look thoroughly at the different types of school. To be sure to know what you want. I would tell myself that I come from a small town so I should have tried the experience of a bigger university then going straight for a small school just to be comfortable. I would tell myself if I didn't like the bigger school I could always transfer but to try something different because I might like it. To make sure I know what I want because it is a lot of work to try and transfer because you don't know which credits will go through, and it will be hard to leave the friends you have already made. I would tell myself to not worry about people/friends in high school because it is very likely that you will make new friends who will likely become best friends for the rest of your life. I would tell myself to try and experience things out of my comfort level because you don't know what you might fall in love with.


To my former self: "Do you really know what you expect from college? Do you really know what you expect from yourself? Some advice for college: Stay busy! I cannot say it enough. Stay focused on your classes, and don't just blow things off. If you're in college, paying for every bit of your continued education, you obviously care about what you are doing. So take your classes seriously, taking that extra time to do things as best you can. And keep busy! Find that group of friends you can spend your extra time with. Find a job while at school. Find a tree or a mountain to climb. Find a book to read, or to write. And keep with it. You will be surprised by how much you've grown and succeeded with all your hard work and dedication, and you will find out how overwhelmingly satisfied you will be with yourself. Do this, and craft it to your talents and passions. And what you expect from life will be more than ready to expect you." All the best, Your future self, in disguise as your mentor


If i could have sat my high school self down and had a chat about college, i would have told myself to put a lot more thought into the distance between the college and home. i would have reminded myself that it would be hard to be so far away from home, that i would not be able to go home every weekend and see the ones i love. i'd have had myself spend more time with the people i would maybe never see agien and less time sleeping my days away. i'd make myself start getting things together way ahead of time so that when i had to move in to the dorm i would have everything that i would need and not have to go shopping last minute for things and be hurting when i ran out of things i really needed. i would have had myself pack extra food because college food is not that good and i dont always feel like eating it. but most of all i would tell myself that i really would have the time of my life in college and not to worrie because college really isn't that bad.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior I have some vague advice and some specific advice. First I would tell myself to not worry about the money and enjoy my time over the summer with the friends I would soon be leaving. Then I would tell myself to be prepared for the drama that occurs at a girl's school, and to not lie to myself about how bad it can get. Lastly I would advise myself to not be so worried or stressed because college has worked wonders on me and I wouldn't trade this past semester for anything.


I would say to myself to enjoy as much of the college life as I could. I have been very involved with athletics since I started my freshman year of college and am now facing a challenge. My mother recently got laid off from work and I may have to give up sports in order to get a fourth job to afford to finish school. I would have told my self not to take extra curriculars for granted and also would have told myself to work more and save money.


I would tell myself that living on campus is very positive but you have to be at the right school. Bay Path is only right for certain people so it's important to find out if it's right for you. Going to a women's college is very different so make sure you know what you're doing.


Going back to talk to myself as a high school senior i don't think there is much advice i would give myself. The only thing i would absoutely tell myself is to take every yr. of high school seriously don't screw around because once you get to college the work load is extremely different. Learn how to balance everything from school work, to sports, to a job. Never take on too many task because in the long run it will catch up with you. Take chances and risk college is all about finding yourself so be an individual and not a follower. Never depend on your friends in high school because you will make new ones,it's okay to keep your old ones but finding new friends makes the college experience that much enjoyable. Have fun and be yourself!


If I had the chance to tell myself back when I was a high school senior knowing what I know now about college life and making the transition I would have made sure I applied for more scholarships. I would have told myself to ask more questions to the faculty and others who had already experienced college about financial benafits. If I was able to have the proper guidance I would have been in a better financial situation at this moment. I would have also told myself to save money. I would have also told my self to enjoy my high school experience because being a college student now is hard work. Knowing that my mother is a single parent and experiencing the financial hardship has allowed me to become an even stronger individual. I would have made sure I qualified for a number of scholarships that would have helped me support myself in college. If I was able to prepare myself better in high school and had the proper guidance I would have been able to focus more on my school work while attending college instead of the situation I'm in now having to work for financial reasons.


Just stay true to yourself and work hard and that is the key to success.


If I could go back in time to talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself to take the next year off. My dad had colon cancer, and I know now that I should have taken the time off to be with him, before he passed away in February. Other than that, I would have told myself not to be so stubborn when it came to seeing the tutors that are available, to join more clubs that are offered, and allow myself to have more fun.


Choosing the "right" college can be extremely stressful for a potential student/parent. The college search can be overwhelming, challenging, never-ending; but most importantly, exciting! The most important question the student should be asking him/herself, or the parent should be asking: Can I see myself living here? Succeeding here? Does the campus provide the fitting environment that the student needs in order to focus on studies? Because living at school includes both studies and home-life, it's essential that the student feels "at home" on campus, like they belong. How can one recognize if the campus feels like home? It should feel comfortable to be walking around, the dorms feel secure, the college offers extra-curricular activities that interest the student and help encourage involvement. Once the right college is chosen, remember: College is meant to have the most fun of your life, but make sure you balance those studies your parents pay for! :)


Don't rule out an all womens college, they are more serious academically and worth it in the long run!


Choose a college that fits you, that you feel comfortable in. Talk with you parents about why you like this school and what about it that makes it the school for you. Don't choose a school because your boyfriend or girlfriend is going to the same one unless that school is the best fit. You need to broaden your horizons and so do they. Parents ask you child what about the school they like, take them there to see the school if possible. Ask students at the college about the campus, professors, night life. Trust that your student can make the right choice for themselves given them your input about the college, do your own research about the financial end of things. Love the expierence that you will share together you will both grow.


If it seems too good to be true, sometimes it's because it's meant to be. I applied to my school online for free and got a phone call from them a week later. They had already accepted me and I hadn't even applied anywhere else yet. They then offered me a $40,000 scholarship, $10,000 a year each year for four years just because of my GPA. Students, don't underestimate your intelligence. Also don't turn down huge offers like this because they might not come back around.


Going to Bay Path was a big financial stretch for my family, and they could easily have "banished me" to Worcester State but I am here to tell you that it is worth every penny. I have chosen a career with great job security and a bright future, so I would definitely say it is worth it to go for the Right school, whether it's the cheapest or not. Once you get to the college of your dreams, don't forget why you're there. I look back on my first two years, and I was terrified. I wish, in hindsight, I'd been more involved; instead I sat in my dorm all day missing my home. I'm extremely involved now, with three different clubs and being Vice President of the Honors Program. I was even selected for a national Student Leadership Conference. When you get involved with your academic institution, the possibilities for amazing experiences are endless. Pick a school where it is COOL to do well. Some schools are fun but may not focus on the right things. Most of all, stay true to yourself. Best of Luck!!


Take your time, plan well, and research does pay off.


The advice that I would give to anyone looking to find the right colloge and to make the most of the college experience would be to look for a college that coincides with your personality. Choose a school that has activities you like to participate in, and is in an environment that suites your attitude. Always check out the campus, and talk to current students about what the experience has been like for them. It is also very beneficial to visit many different campuses, so that you can really get the feel of whether or not the school is a good choice for you. Take things like class size, class style - whether it be lecture halls or smaller classrooms, available technology, and extra curricular activities into consideration. To make the most of the college experience get involved in as many things as you are interested in, and do not be afraid to meet new people. Make the most of the experience by trying new things, and keeping busy.


Even if you have a school in mind and you get accepted early decision, do not only look at one school. Look at multiple schools to make sure you really choose the one that is best for you. Make a list of what you want before you look at schools. Remember, you are going to college to obtain an education, have fun but don't choose a school purely on the social life. Research, everything.


When looking for the right college, make sure to start early. I'd say start early junior year of high school. This way you have more time to look at a great variety of secondary schools. You must also visit these schools, take a look at the campus, the city or surrounding community and just the overall feel of the college when you get there. Everyone is looking for something in a college and I think that you can feel the difference when you walk onto the campus that fits you best. But, make sure you know what you are looking for, whether it be a small or large school, and that it has the undergraduate major you are looking for. Though, financial aid can have a great impact on where a student goes, I know that my school gave me a great scholarship, though it's still expensive, but I looked no further when I knew I would be helped that much.


When attempting to find the right college for you my biggest piece of advice is to visit as many campuses as possible. The more you can see with your own eyes the more you will know. You need to see colleges during both spring and winter seasons. Learn how different campus life is with the change of seasons. Students must do their research. Is it small classes or large lectures, which do you want and what do they have? These are things to find out. Above all setup an appointment to shadow a freshman student for the day. Most colleges will allow this and there is no better way to gauge college life to live the life of a freshman for one day. All of this you must do in your junior year of high school. Good Luck!


Visit the college campus before you make a decision. The school may look pretty in the catalog and may sound great on paper, but visit it and talk to the students that go there.


Just follow your heart dont base your decision on the school who gives you the most money


Parents and students who are looking to find the right college in order to make the most out of the collefe experience should go to a school they are completley satisfied with, and have no doubts about going to. Students should decide whether or not they want small class sizes or large lecture halls, whether they want a school big on sports, a dry campus or a party campus, and locations and environment around the campus that suits their interest. If you are looking for a lot of action in your college expereince a small country-setting, dry campus may not be for you, but at the same time it could be perfect for someone. It is important to make sure there are things that interest you on or around the campus so that you are never looking for things to do. Another thing to consider is whether or not you want co-ed classes and dorms or not. There are many factors that need to be taken into consideration when choosing a college to make sure everything fits your personality.


Make sure it feels right. Visit the campus, sit in on a class, do an overnight if you can. Any college can charm you on paper, but what matters the most is the vibe you get when you're walking around on campus. Don't let financial worries stop you from going to the college you want to go to. Always remember that you can play schools off each other to try to get your first choice to increase your financial aid package. And don't always rule out single-gender schools just because they're single-gender. I never thought I'd go to a girls school, but it turned out to be the best place for me.


Make a list of your hopes and dreams and your wishes of what you what in a school and look at the school and how well or unwellthey meet your needs. Do not forget to work hard but also don't forget to study.


To find the right college, you should first look into their educational programs that you think you may be interested in. It's also important to visit the campus, and ask yourself: Can I see myself as a happy and successful student here? Make sure to find out about finacial aid packages that may be available to you. Think about how far away from home you want to be. Look into housing options if you plan to live on or near the campus. Also look into the class sizes...would you be more comfortable in a big lecture hall, or in a more intimate setting, such as a classroom that only fits 25 students? Many universities have lots of lecture halls on campus, but some smaller colleges don't have any. You will enoy your college years the best if you research and find a school that you will be happy at - not just academically, but socially and emotionally as well. Join a few clubs on campus your freshman year, but don't overdo it, because you can always join more clubs later. Always remember, college isn't only about studying hard, it's about having fun, too!


First find a collage that is at walking distance from where you live. Visit the collage you pick, don't go for just one collage. Look into several collages before you make a choice. Find a study buddy that can help you when you are struggling beside tutoring.


The one thing I can say is don't let little social things drag you down and make sure you make friends all over campus. It makes the experience that much more fun! I was, and still am, close with faculty from the campus including maintenance men (that comes in handy too!), security, food service and professors. I have recently graduated and I have friends that are going into their Sophomore, Junior and Senior years, as well as friends who are going into their second year of their master's programs or into their careers! They are the people that helped me realize who I am, who I am becomming and helped me through some of my toughest years, and brightened up my darkest days. They helped make my four years at college the "best years of my life."