Bay Path University Top Questions

What should every freshman at Bay Path University know before they start?


The advice I would give my senior high school self would be to persevere. You will be faced with challenges and new latitudes, but embrace them instead of surrendering to failure. Take the time to cultivate the opportunities that college will provide for you. They will shape the person you will become. Do not make that homesick phone call to your mom where she will persuade you to return home. Finish your degree, travel the world, and make sure to work in a field that excites you. If you give up, life will pause your educational journey. Without your degree you will battle for every job, every promotion, and you will find yourself embarrassed when others ask where you obtained your degree. Believe in yourself when others around persecute you. You can prevail.


I would tell myself to get out of my own way and have more confidence. In the past, I would often overthink my work and get stuck when I felt that my answers or my work weren't perfect, when in reality they were excellent. Because of my self-doubt I would allow myself to give up on too many things and never gave myself enough of a chance to see my own potential. Now I have learned that the goal shouldn't be perfection, but instead it should be improvement. Education isn't always about finding the perfect answer, it is about growing your knowledge and developing yourself as a person. Making mistakes isn't failing, its about discovering what you can learn from those mistakes and applying that learning to your future. Mistakes are also opportunities to learn to think about things differently, to evolve and expand your learning abilities to the new experiences of college and adulthood. So I would tell myself to take a breath, start writing something, anything, and build on that. You are amazing and you are only going to get better by actually trying. Nothing great ever came without work and sacrifice.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself to make sure to get involved. I did not feel home sick as much because I joined a couple clubs. These clubs helped me to make new friends and connections that will last me a life time. I've only been at school for one semester, but I know if I had not joined these clubs I would have gotten home sick. Also, I would tell myself to be the leader of your life. I found out that in college you need to start making decisions for yourself because nobody else is going to. If you take charge of your education and life at college, you will succeed and be happy about what you have acccomplished. The biggest advice I have learned in my first semester of college is to get involved, find your place in the community, and lead yourself to success.


College life is an experience that does everything except mirror the highschool scene. The students who attend college have their own business and problems to focus on, their own academics to tend to, and do not seem to become entangled in the affairs of others, which is a recognizeable behavior in high school students. I would tell my high school self to remain focused on my studies, my extracurricular activities, and my personal relationships with the people that actually affect my life because the petty instances that often set back high school students will be a thing of the past in college. The negativity and discouraging situations with peers that are presented in high school seem to fade when you make the transition to college, and instead of sweating over where to sit in the cafeteria, rest assured that in college you can establish yourself among a variety of personalities, and feel welcomed in whichever environment you place yourself in. Bringing a positive and open minded persona to college is something you should not neglect to pack up with your material possessions, as demonstrating the ability to integrate into various, unfamiliar circumstances in college is going to be very advantageous!


I would tell myself to keep going, even when it seems that you can't make it, you can. Keep fighting for what is important to me, working hard and completing something is much more rewarding than quitting!


Education first!


I would tell myself to focus more on school and building relationships with advisors, staff, and professors, and less on fitting in with my peers. I also would advise my past self to apply for more scholarships! Every "tiny" $100 or $250 award really adds up!


The advice I would give my high school self is to only listen to yourself. People are going to give you their opinion, and it may be very convincing, but you need to listen to your heart and what you think is best. You are not being disrespectful by not choosing to do what they say, but instead you are living your life the way you want to. You may get some weird looks along the way, but their thoughts are theirs. All that mattters are yours own thoughts, and if you mess up or trip along your journey, so what? Mistakes happen throughout life, but at least you can say that they were your mistakes instead of saying your could have changed the outcome by making your own choice. You have a voice...use it to stand up for yourself and your thoughts, beliefs, decisions, and ideas!


Don't apply to just one college. Keep your options open. Apply for more scholarships, and don't worry. The transition really won't be a bother for you. Get a job, get a car, and you'll be just fine!


I would tell myself to listen to my parents and to go to the school that would have benefited me better than my current school. I would have gone to Suffolk University instead of Bay Path. I would have been much more happier and have more opportunities then the ones that I have at Bay Path. Bay Path does not offer many opportunities and is a feminist school. They go above and beyond with the feminism and if I knew this before, I would never have come to this school.