Bay Path University Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


I find it difficult to find anything frustrating about my school because I am attending online at a pace that is ideal for me and so far all of my teachers have been very timely with their communication and grading.


The most frustrating thing about Bay Path is that it is very small and doesn't offer a variety of courses.


The most frustrating thing about Bay Path College is that not all teachers use the online programs for grades. When they post grades that are acessible for students to see, it makes it a lot easier to know where you stand in a class, rather than waiting for a teacher to answer an email about a grade.


Communicating with Financial Aid. It's really easy to go and talk with someone, but when it comes down to getting a work study job, or their telling you if your account is on hold, or their telling you anything for that matter, it's really bad. Communications from the financial aid office is definitely not something to hope for.


The most frustrating thing about my school is the amount of drama that occurs between the students. This is because it is mainly a womans college and as such makes drama a more likely problem than at other colleges.


It's far away from school, and the food isn't terribly good.


As with any large institution, there are always communication issues, like walking into the dining hall for breakfast and finding out there's a Business Seminar and having to eat cold pastries downstairs. And of course there is the oddball professor but the administration is very keen on listening to the students' concerns.


I find it frustrating that it is an all woman's college. I feel that it is easy to feel comfortable in that atmosphere without getting as frustrated or nervous; students are not trying to look good for someone they like or show off. However, I think having men on campus the learning style changes, things wouldn't be as liberal and feminist. Also, having males in the classroom would be beneficial because women and men have different ways of thinking, it would broaden and improve the intellect of all the students.




The food service. The school just switched this year, and we don't like the new service.