Bay Path University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing about Bay Path University is the opportunity to attend a one day a week program that is strictly for women. This program is designed for adult women. Although the women are from all different walks of life and situations we all have the program in common. This allows for us to support one another and succeed.


All of the classes that i have taken everyone seems very nice and willing to help out. Wish i had gone here sooner!


What I consider the best thing about my school is that I get a lot of help from the faculty and staff. I have felt like I really belong at this school.


The best thing about the school is how caring the professors they are. They will do anything for their students.


It is a small college so you do get to know your professors well and they do help aid you so you will better understand the subject they teach.


Campus activites is the best. They really try to bring vendors to the school that the students like and there is always a large turnout for all events. Especially if there are guys.


The best thing about Bay Path is the home like feeling that it retains. when on the campus you feel completly safe, they have twenty-four-seven security, and you tend to know everyone at least by face if not by name after a month or so. With the friend's that you can make and all of the different clubs and sports that you can join, there is always something to do.


The professors really care about seeing the students succeed. They do not want to see any student fail.


The professors are very involved in thier students success. My professors got me into a Harvard/MIT summer program and anotehr internship at Bay State Medical Center. Teh campus is very diverse and accepting.


The best thing about my school is that they see how smart you are and they strive to do whatever they can to encourage your confidence in that. My school is an advocate for womens rights and for creating strong independant women.


I really love the classes. There are just the right number of students in the class and the teachers are very engaging. Classes get great discussions going in them, and you really learn a lot.


The professors, because they really care and are the only reason I still attend this college.