Baylor University Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.




Baylor is an amazing school with great people.


Baylor University is full of spirit, gusto, and religion; which can be extremely overwhelming.


My school challenges me academically, strengthens my faith, and offers me multiple opportunities post-graduation.


My school is a great, God-fearing campus and the teachers and staff are wonderful.


Baylor is extremely spirited with great classes and professors.


Baylor University is a school-spirited, expensive, and academically challenging institute that presents students with opportunities to succeed and discover who they really are.


Baylor University is a school in which many oppurtunities are available for a pre-med undergraduate student. However, Baylor also has many other programs that are great for almost any major that is desired. We have a wonderful athletic department where the NFL Robert Griffin the third aspired to great things. We also hold values and morals dearly as the Christian faith is strong in the origin and upkeep of this fine school. This school is one that pours out extremely successful people from all walks of life. Baylor has a lot to offer from every aspect.


Baylor University is like finding your home away from home.


Baylor excells in academics and humanitarianism


Baylor is a top-notch nursing/teaching school.


Baylor is a competitive, encouraging, and committed learning environment that also encourages students to be involved and active in events outside of the classroom.


Go Bears!


Baylor changed my life; it makes me miss going to school during the summer.


Baylor is full of school spirit.


Baylor University is the largest Baptist university in the world!


The Loiuse Herrington School of Nursing (Baylor-Dallas) is top notch in research, teaching, and applying hands-on experiences for optimum learning.


Baylor's a cozy, sports fanatic, multicultured, diverse, growing opportunity.


Baylor receives students but creates leaders.


Too awesome to be a bear


Baylor delivers great education, wonderful networking opportunities, and a wonderful social community.


The best school in Texas.


Overratted, but still worth the diploma.


Without enough recognition and as an understatement, Baylor University is the underdog of all higher education schools and should be considered a comforting gem. My school opens their arms graciously to a number of students every year who have genuine potential to encompass the warm-hearted, charitable, out-going, and bright people that define Baylor.


It is a quirky insitution for people who are serious about their education and who also want to grow as upstanding, horable individuals while having fun.


It is a good school with a beautiful campus, but the workload is high.


Baylor is a place full of the kind of people you've been waiting to meet.


Baylor is a safe institution where students can engage in a challenging, scholarly, and relevent atmosphere for the purpose of following passion with the desire to further a career beyond the years of higher education.


Baylor University has been a complete blessing. The students, faculty, and staff are a blessing and genuinely care about your academic, spiritual, and social growth.


Baylor is a place where professors care about students and students can develop their minds as well as their faith while making life-long friendships that make them a part of a great family, the Baylor Line.


Baylor University is a great school to get such a wonderful education with a great group of people all with a focus of a Christian background.


It is an academically serious institution filled with happy people.


Baylor University is a family holding each other accountable through love, so we may all learn and succeed to the best of our abililty.


Baylor University is a conservative school where people of all backgrounds and interests come together to learn and have fun as a community.


A prestigious school that focuses on academic excellence and emphasizes the importance of individual spiritual development in a friendly, Christian environment.


Baylor University is a highly academic, achievement oriented school, that will encourage students to do well. As a student I enjoy the challenge and support from my friends and professors at Baylor. There is a welcoming environment that brings out the best of us and I personally enjoy staying at Baylor and being a Baylor Bear.


Baylor University is the most hopeful, inspiring, relaxing, charismatic, hot, spiritual, exciting, and helpful secondary institution in the world.


Baylor University, a nationally-ranked private Baptist university in Waco, Texas, is an institution of excellence not only academically, but also socially, physically, ethically, and spiritually.


Very active


Baylor University is one of the most fascinating four year institutions I have ever encountered, including incredibly competitive programs designed to challenge students as well as providing a welcoming atmosphere that helps students grow into outstanding citizens.


Baylor University is a school for those who want to succeed in not only in the progression of their academics, but in the progression of their life as a whole, from the tenderness of their heart towards people, to the importance of having a passion to pursue in their life, and ending it all in a passionate pursuit of Christ together as a body.


A small school feel with all the perks of a Big XII campus!


Baylor university is a special place. I think that baylor has this feeling of acceptance form day one. Everyone here is very well dressed, as well as very friendly. There are very few people that i do not like. i think that baylor is an academically challenging school, causing people to study a lot.


A Good place to be when you put in the work to be there.


My school is very helpful, friendly, and the faculty truly care about the future of their students.


Baylor is a very friendly campus that prides itself on small class sizes and teachers that take an interest in their students.


It is a christian focused university.


Pro Texana, Pro Iglesia


Baylor University is a place that lifetime friendships, carreers, spiritual life, and diversity are discovered, embraced, and shared.


Baylor University in one sentence is busy.