Baylor University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Baylor University is most known for its rigourous academics and more recently, the Baylor Bears Football team.


Baylor is best known for having a great pre-med program and atheletic program. I would say 60% of the students are pre-health. Baylor is strongly into research if you are a pre-health student. Having a Baylor degree will carry you far in life. Baylor is known for its' academic rigor and graduate success. Baylor is located in Waco, lovingly nicknamed "Wacko Waco" by students. Waco is not a bad town per se, but it has sketchy parts. No matter what your major is Baylor takes care of you, but after you graduate, you take care of her.


Baylor has always been known for being one of the largest Baptist schools in the world. It's professors, staff, and employees are all dedicated to teaching and serving the students with a Christ-like mindset. More recently, Baylor has become more prominent in the sporting world. Recent achievements include the Heisman trophy and Big XII football champions. Also, in 2011 Baylor recorded the most combined wins in football, mens basketball, women's basketball, and baseball in NCAA history.


My school is best known for it's medical and sciences programs. The professors that teach these programs are really good instructors and know how to get you to the places you want to go. The medical program is extremely good and will be fortunate to those who pursue a career in the medical field.


Baylor University has a unique traditions that make it outstanding. Its the largest Baptist private college in the world. Moreover, its christian environment is genuine and is invitational to all different kinds of religions. People who attend Baylor come from different states and it is very exciting to


This school is outstanding academically. The social atmosphere is amazing. They are some of the friendliest people you will ever meet. The atmosphere is something that you cannot find anywhere else.


Baylor is best known for its traditions and values as a Christian- Baptist university and its school spirit. Baylor is a welcoming school that completely accepts everyone for who they are.


Most recently, Baylor became very well known by sports fans for our Heisman winner Robert Griffin III and our lady bear NCAA women's basketball national champions. Sic 'em bears! However, though these are fun and exciting qualities of Baylor's past year, the university is best known for the strong character among the students and faculty. While people who are not actively involved in the school may see all of this, it is well represented to the rest of the country through our athletes such as those mentioned earlier.


Baylor University is best known for its conservative standpoint and Protestant/Baptist beliefs. It is also well known for its outstanding undergraduate medical program. The university's graduation rate is pretty high and it has a strong connection with its alumi.


School Spirit, education, and sports


My school is best known for being the world's largest Baptist university. Though it is open to those of different religions and opinions, it does require students to take courses that focus on Christianity. This is beneficial to all students. If they are religious, it is always good to have professors that share such beliefs and won't try to force their students to accept things that go against them. At the same time, Baylor is very good about teaching the sciences fully and accurately; it strives to show Christianity has a place in a scientifically-inclined world.


My school is best known for a wealthy Christain background and a high acceptance rate into medical school.


A school for faith and research.


Baylor Is known for its top notch premedical program with a great science program. The business and law schools are also among the best in the nation. Also Baylor is recognized as the largest baptist christian university in the world. Situated in the quite town of Waco, Baylor is a beautiful campus with a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere.


Baylor University is known for it's religious background, beautiful campus, and the great medical program that we have. Students that attend or plan to attend our University must go through a couple of religion classes and a meeting called Chapel during their Freshman year. These classes and Chapel are required for a student to graduate at Baylor. Baylor's pre-med program is considered top-notch, and a majority of the students that choose to go here are pre-med.


Religion, Medical Majors, Law Majors. Womens Basketball.


Our school is best known for being a smaller school with the big school feel. So you get the smaller class sizes, but have Big12 sports and activities that a bigger school would have.


Baylor is best known for being a christian university and has held on to its christian heritage for over 100 years.


Having live bears as apart of the campus


Since Baylor is a Christian university, it focuses on service and outreach in the community.


Baylor is best known for being one the largest faith based institutions in the nation, while still maintaining an excellent academic reputation.


Baylor is best known for its rich history and religious affilliation.


The coursework at Baylor is rigorous so we are known for putting your knowledge to the test and really seeing if you pay attention and learn inside and outside of the classroom. We have lots of traditions that we are proud of and love to celebrate!


Baylor is known for its academics, medical programs, basketball, football, church, and FUN!


We are best known for our basketball team and for our Christian theology. Although religion classes and chapel are required, professors make an effort to not only give us the religious perspective, but other more secular perspectives on various issues as well.


Every 1 in 2 incoming students are Pre-Med.


People are friendly everywhere. They make you feel wanted and welcome. Teachers have the best interest for each student. Teachers are actually required to have office hours in which all students can go when they need tutoring.Baylor is also known for the Christian environment. Although we live in the Waco community, Baylor is inside the "Baylor bubble". We're surrounded by churches,life groups, and many Christian people. Baylor also requires all students to take two classes, including religion and scriptures. During freshmen year, students are also required to take chapel, but this doesn't count as credit.


Baylor is known for its life mission impact on its students, emphasizing life purpose over career, with their faith filled environment.


we are best known for church under the bridge and baylor basketball!


Baylor University is probably most known for their academics. They encourage students to excell academically and to excell after attending school. The most popular majors at Baylor are biology, pre-nursing, pre-med, and business. These departments are highly qualified and students coming out of these majors are continually successful.


Baylor is known for having rich snobby people, pretty intelligent people, or extremely religious ones. It can be any of the three or all combined.


My school is known best for having a great career center and very intense pre-professional programs. Even though the coursework can be a little difficult, Baylor University really prepares you for graduate school. The competition is pretty intense, but that is what you're going to face in the real world. Baylor has a large and reliable alumni network, and there is a lot of school pride at Baylor. My university is pretty diverse and most people are very friendly. Most of the professors are very intelligent and they are definitely experts in their respective fields.


Baylor University is known for being the biggest Baptism private university in the world. Baylor is also known as a prestige?s university that excels in its science programs as well as in its pre-medical programs. As well as being a private Baptism University, it?s a school that is committed to making their students leaders that will not only excel in their profession but will also follow their faith in the process. Among other things Baylor is a nationally ranked liberal arts institution that gives its students a more personalized relationship with their professors by offering smaller classes.


My school is best known for it's football. The entire university, community, city and state become absolute fanatics for the football program. Game day Saturdays turn our already crazy campus into a complete zoo. Besides that I'd have to say it's medical research.


Baylor is best known for its medical facilities. Baylor Medical hospital is known all over the United States and many people are flown in from other states to be seen by the best doctors in the country.


Baylor University is best known for being the biggest private baptist university.


Baylor University is best know for its athletics. We accell in Track and Field, Basketball, Baseball and Softball and Soccer. We are increasing out Football program and are getting better with each passing year.


The are best known for their medical field.


a losing football team, being OVERLY expensive, basketball... superstar track alumni


Strong academic emphasis. Strong sense of community and leadership opportunities.


Christian background and academics. Not football


medical school


Baylor is best known for being the oldest Baptist university in the nation (established in 1845). Also, Baylor is well known for having the largest national collegiate homecoming parade in the United States.


We are known for our med programs and engineering. We are also a school of spirit. Many people assosciate us with Baptists, because we have required religious classes and chapel to attend.


I think Baylor is known for the friendly people that go there and great community atmosphere.


It's conservative approached masked by a facade of liberal spiritualness. along with a dream team full of professor known as the top of their field and the latest science and athletic equipment.


Baylor is best known for being a large, Baptist university with a friendly campus and a ton of different majors to choose from. Baylor also has a lot of sports teams and sports are very important on campus. Baylor has sororities and fraternites and "Sing" is a well-known event that takes place on campus every year. Baylor students are known for being academically minded and volunteering often. Professors are mainly conservative due to the Baptist background of the school.


The "Baylor Bubble;" the majority of the students are rich, snotty students that come from money and don't care about the rest of the world. We also have a good Business School.


I don't really know what it is best known for but for me the best thing about it is that the math department is so good. I will be able take graduate level classes as an undergraduate student.


Baylor is best known for it's christian atmosphere. Classes follow christian teaching.