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I would say the thing that sets Baylor apart from the other schools I considered is the fact that it is so deeply founded in Baptist tradition. Not only is Baylor a Christian university, but it also still requires it's students to participate in weekly chapel services and to take both Christian Scriptures and Christian Heritage which is something that most Christian colleges no longer do.


Baylor University offers a smaller, and tigh-knit community in comparison to the other choices I had. The religious aspect of Baylor being Baptist offers spiritual help or guidance as well. Baylor University remains prestine at all times due to the environment that is surrounded. It is not what you call a party school in comparison to various other schools around the nation. My school's tuition is very costly, therefore many students take their studies and education very seriously at Baylor University.


My objective was to find a school with a good business program and an NCAA equestrian team. I applied to 10 schools and was accepted to all of them but could only secure a spot on the equestrian team with 3 of those schools. One of them, Baylor, has a great business school ands they offered me a small academic scholarship which helped me in my decision as Baylor was the most expensive school of the 3 finalists. Now that have one year under my belt, I have to admit that I love being at Baylor.

Eryn Taylor

Because I'm a Music Major (trumpet player) , I also had the opportunity to play in the marching Mom convinced me to do this!!! I have had a blast playing for all of Baylor's football games and Basketball games. Just got sent to Indiana to play at the Women's Basketball Final 4 Games, all paid by Baylor and had the time of my life!!! Even if you don't think you can pay the tuition, just TRY! I'll never forget my Mom for encourageing me to do this!!!!


The tight knit campus! Everything is close together and easy to navigate.


Chriatian university


The people and the environment at Baylor is just friendly and warm. I only visited once and it only took that one visit, to make me fall in love with the campus. The people are sweet and want you to succeed. I met my two closet friends during "Welcome Week" at Baylor; we have been inseparable ever since. I feel like Baylor is a place where you go to meet people who will be in your life for a long time and want to see you succeed. Baylor cares so much about its students and there well-being.


Baylor University is not just a school and not just a place where you go to classes but it's home. Where your fellow students and professors become family. Baylor is where you live and learn with family. That's all you need to know :)


It's amazing! I love that it has a lot of things I wanted in a school to help me become a well rounded individual.


Students and faculty are alot easier to approach, and always have nice things to say at Baylor. The campus is very green and has lots of open space. The music program is fantastic and the choirs are excellent. Also, there are many perks that come with being a Baylor student that you woudn't get in public schools such as free help with your laptop, wifi, tickets to the games, and lots of outdoor meals on-campus.


Because Baylor is a Christian university, one would expect to see a reflection of that in some way. I must say, however, I was extremely impressed and excited to see just how strong the presence of the Christian faith is among the student and faculty throughout the campus. This aspect of a loving and warm environment where everyone is willing to help each other and share their faith is something very few schools can say they have. Also, because of this environment, the faculty is very willing to work with students and help them succeed.


Baylor really focuses on faculty and students interacting together in a setting that is spiritual and educational. We embrace the spiritual aspect of patient care, while learning about the physical and emotional needs of patients. This is a well-rounded university and I am extremely happy that I chose to attend this nursing program!


The atmosphere at Baylor is so welcoming and inviting. Most of the people are Christians, but those who aren't don't feel any exclusion or pressure from those who are. I am a Christian, and it was so easy to find good influences and people to help you in your Christian walk. I feel like most schools don't have that.


Baylor has a couple of bears housed on campus (their mascot). The women's basketball team went undefeated and won the nationals this past year! The campus is beautiful and has many places to sit outside and study.


They are a Christian university and the faculty is really involved in the students' lives. The faculty is what made me choose Baylor. They truly care about their students and want them to succeed.


Baylor University is an unique university as it makes each student feel welcomed and included on campus, not just another face in a class. Many students have personal relationships with professors and stay in touch with them for years to come. I have found this rare among college campuses. Each student has the opportunity to make life long relationships with not only students but faculty as well, this is what makes Baylor University uniques compared to other schools.


There is such a feeling of community. Everyone feels as if they are a part of something much bigger than themselves. There is always someone who cares and is concerned. The faculty treat each student as an individual person and not just a number, despite the large class sizes.


I like how Christian oriented Baylor is. It is obviously a christian school however it is not something that is forced upon you. Also, although it is a large campus it has a very tight knit feeling to it, you always see someone you know and its easy to fit in.


The professors are more accessible.


Baylor offers very unique qualities to its' students. For example, Baylor University has two live bears on campus to represent the mascot; the Baylor Bears. Their names are Lady and Joy and the students can walk to their habitat at any time and interact with them. Beyond the bears however, Baylor provides the students with a wide range of degree choices with muliple sources to ensure the success of the studens. The Baylor family is a tight-knit, diverse and exciting community. It is very easy for a student to find their place here in the Baylor Line.


I chose Baylor because I was able to relate more to what this campus stands for out of all the other schools I visited as a senior in high school. Something I am fortunate to have at Baylor University is a strong pre-health field offering many opportunities to its pre-health students. Baylor University also has several ways for students to get involved with organizations and community service. Overall, Baylor is well rounded in many aspects a student desires in a university.


What is unique about Baylor is our holidays. In the fall, we have one Friday off to have our Fall Break which is nice. But in the Spring, we have Diadeloso. Diadeloso is a Thursday holiday called "Day of the Bear" where Baylor has concerts, sport tournaments and random games on campus. Usually a big name artist comes out in the evening to perform. It truly is the best day of the year!


Compared to others schools I applied to, Baylor was unique in its size. I applied to several very big schools and several exclusively small schools. Baylor seems to have perfected the balance between. In both population and traditions, Baylor was the perfect combination of big and small. I got to experience the benifit of Big 12 conference football while taking classes with as few as 14 students. The size was something totally unique in comparison to other schools I applied to.


Baylor is the largest Baptist university in the country and they strive to have diversity everywhere; whether it’s religious diversity or ethnic diversity. Baylor has a care for her students. A student is not just a number at Baylor; they have a name. The class ratio is a lot smaller than the average ratio and this allows for professors to get to know their students on a personal level. Professors genuinely care for their students; they aren’t interested whether you pass their class but rather, they are more interested in making sure you learn the material.


It is a friendly school and you feel like family.


I find Baylor University unique in the fact that it has a strong sense of community and is strong in its faith. Another aspect that is unique to Baylor is their Baylor Business Fellows Program. Business Fellows is basically the honors of business at Baylor. It is a great program that allows people who are wanting to major in business but have a pre-professional program, like pre-med, that does not coincide well with business courses, to make it possible and to graduate on time. Faculty and students have called it the best program offered to students at Baylor.


Compared to other schools I considered Baylor is a Baptist school and everyone at Baylor is proud to be a part of the Baylor Bear traditions.


It is very conservative and leaves little room for students to experience different views. Though, the science classes here are definitely at the top of the line.


I feel that Baylor Universtiy offers a close knit community in the city of Waco, Texas. The universtiy offers many challenging classes all with phenomenal teachers. The campus itself is stunning and has a very welcoming feel to it. There are so many ways to get involved so easily on campus and in the community. Also, Baylor's science program and building is fantastic. I know that through Baylor's sciences I will succeed greatly throughout my journies in school and later on in life.


Baylor University is distincitive from other schools in that it combines the religious experience with academic pursuits in a way that is hard to describe accurately. The teachers don't force their religion on their students; what they really do is aid students who want to know more about the Baptist denomination and the spirtual ties the denomination has. What is also unique about Baylor compared to the other schools that I considered is the small class sizes. Having a small class really helps me because the professors can teach students without much hassle, which makes learning more productive.


At baylor university, the people attending are all people of God. Everyone who is attending, has a reason why they are at Baylor University. They have a purpose. With that being said, what is unique about Baylor is that majority of the students are deeply in love with God, and are very religious and are seeking to find the true purpose of their life through God.


Small school


I would say that the one thing that is unique about Baylor is that it is so unified. When you go to school here you feel apart of a big family. Everyone cares about one another, everyones friendly to one another even if they don't know each other. It's a really mellow feel to go to Baylor and you feel at home while you attend school.


Basically to sum things up, if you want to graduate with a very respectable college degree from one of the best colleges in the country, and build relationships and friendships in college and have the time of your life, come to Baylor.


My school is a private, Christian school. The professors are so helpful and are all required to have office hours, making them avaliable.


For me it is a very helpful enviornment for nursing. It was easy for me to transfer into their nursing school from Texas A&M seamlessly. The school is not too big and not too small. I love it here.


I came to Baylor University because it seemed like the best choice for Pre-Med in Texas. Although not completely ecstatic about my decision at first, I now love this school and believe I made the best decision. The atmosphere is so friendly, the campus is beautiful, class sizes range from small to large, professors are always available, and there are awesome FREE resources to help students be successful. There are so many organizations and community service opportunities. Baylor is definitely building a reputation for its outstanding academics and growing athletic programs.


We have the smallest school in the big 12 and the only proclaimed baptist university. We house our bruin mascots on campus in the bear pit across from my freshman dorm and right near the student center. Our engineering program has been ranked top 25 in america for a while and made number 9 in August 2009 .


This was a family school consider to other schools i applied too. Also it was slightly smaller and more in my opinion had a beautiful campus compared to others.


Compared to the other college's I looked at the biggest difference I saw on my Baylor visit was how friendly the professors were. They had time to visit with me and encourage me in that stressful time of figuring out where to go for college. Since I've been here I haven't yet had a teacher I couldn't go to for just about any issue; whether it be homework help, issues with my major or even life advice.


Baylor requires all of its studetns to attend two semesters of Chapel and gain at least six hours of relgion classes. The fact the the school cares so in depth about the spiritual aspect of a student is amazin. Most other schools are worried about enrolling the best students and having the best sports teams, but not Baylor (unfortunently our football team is an example of that). Baylor's main emphesis is on serving God. Being intelectual and learning is a part of that, but unlike other schools, Baylor approches that through a spiritual angle.


Baylor University is a strong faith-based Christian university which makes for a close knit community with the same goals and pursuits.


It is a baptist school with a major focus on religion. Every student attending Baylor University is required to take two semesters of Chapel and two semesters of a religion course. Some see this as a disadvatage to Baylor, but i think this is a gift to the student, especially those that aren't Christian or don't know much about Christianity. I took Christian scriptures last semester and learned a great deal, and am now very interested in it as well and have considered following through on that and minoring in religion.


Everyone is so nice and it's very diverse with people from all walks of life.


Baylor University is a completely dry campus and informs your parents if you are caught drinking. Also, the residence halls are not coed and require keycard access for entry. Baylor is academically centered and tries hard to work individually with its students even though it is a Division I school.


Baylor University is like a small town. It is an amazing school because everyone is friends with everyone else and I feel like we are a tight-knit community. The people, the classes, and the professors are all much more close and personal than at other institutions. Another unique aspect of Baylor is its history. As the oldest college in the state, founded by the Republic of Texas, there is so much rich history and tradition alive and well in Baylor today that, as a student, I am so proud of!


Baylor works hard to make sure that no body falls through the cracks and is forgotten which is possible at big universities. The Baylor staff is very friendly and always willing to help and point in the right direction. There are many ways to plug into campus and make friends. There is an organization here for everyone.


The most unique thing about Baylor University is that they strive to make a positive learning environment for all students, no matter who you are or where you come from. As a student you are the top priority and that is the way it should be. Another uniqueness about my school is that they offer several community service opportunities that allow Baylor students a chance to give back to the community and make a difference in our world.


We are a Baptist school. We also have events on campus all the time.


The unique thing about my school is that it is the world's largest baptist university. ALso the professors, workers, and students are all so caring here. For example if you need help with anything, if the particular person can't help you they will find someone.