Baylor University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


Baylor has really risen in ranks in terms of football the past few seasons and so I always love to brag about that, especially since we were back to back Big XII champs this season! I would also say that Baylor has some of the nicest students I have ever met, and that even though it is a reasonably large school the classes still feel incredibly personal and I feel like my professors truly know me.


All of the nice people on campus from the students to professors.


I like to "brag" about how involved and caring the community is at my school. Community is something very valued at this school. I like to think about it as one big family, everyone cares about you and you're in a big group of people who share the same values as you, which is what I describe to my friends. I also talk about all the different groups on campus and how easily you can find a place to fit in that also has something to do with your career choice. It's great for networking.


I brag about the opportunities I have been given in the American Student Dental Association as well as the few friends I have made here. I have also bragged about a few of the professors I have had, but I have found that I have had more bad than good professors over my past four semesters here. I also have bragged about the sporting events, even though I'm not really that into sports much honestly, but we have been doing great in sports for awhile now so I can go and brag to people about it.


The teachers are wonderful and so understanding if you need to make up work. They are God-fearing teachers and pray daily for blessings to be bestowed on all students.


Our beautiful new stadium that we will play in for the upcoming semester. The wonderful people that I have met here that have inspired me. I brag about our recent football seasons and how Baylor has been dominating practically every college sport. I tell friends how great it is to obtain a Baylor degree because that will set me for life. Baylor's pre-health program is great and I am so glad that I get to experience it. The churches down here are full of wonderful genuine people who truly love the Lord and live a Christ-like life.


Baylor University was and still is my home. Returning to campus and walking across the grassy fields brings back incredible memories of traditions and faith-centered learning. As far as traditions, Baylor has the largest collegiate parade in America as part of the oldest Homecoming celebration in America. It also hosts the second largest off-broadway musical production called All University SING!, which is put on by student organizations. My professors are not only incredibly smart and gift teachers but also mature Christians full of wisdom.


It is known for having a good program for those interested in medicine.


I love to share that Baylor is a unique school with nationally recognized academics and yet is still a plce where you can grow in your faith and become closer with God. The Christian atmosphere is loving and accepting, creating a community feel unlike any other school I have visited. You do not have to be Christian to attend, however. Religion is never forced upon. Rather, it is simply presented to you as an option for exploration.


Baylor has a really good pre-med program that helps students who are interested in medical school or health profession. The opportunities are numerous and the professors are intelligent in what they teach.


I am always talking about the school spirit and just how big Baylor is on tradition. They want to make sure that you learn how Baylor came to be and just what makes Baylor, Baylor. The spirit is so strong; even in down moments the student body comes together to make sure we don't give up. I brag about how good we have gotten in sports and how proud I am to call myself a Baylor Bear!


I actually prefer not to brag. I wouldn't want anyone to think I want them to be jealous. But a lot of my topics concern how beautiful the campus is and how great the university excels in academics/sports. I always offer people to come visit me so I can give them a tour of the campus.


I brag about how we had the year of the bear and how Baylor is amazing academically.


I talk about student's and faculty's personalities. Everyone wants to help you and lend a hand if you need it. For example, you will never have any trouble moving in or out of your dorm because CL's and students are eager to hold the door, or grab that extra suitcase. I once was having trouble bringing in grocieries to my dorm while it was raining, and a CL who saw me from the top of the stairs ran down into the rain to help me. You don't see that sort of common courtesy everywhere.


We have a great campus and this year we had an amazing football team. Baylor feels like a home away from home. Baylor also does a great job with making you feel included right away.


Baylor is an absolutely perfect size. I see someone I know every time I walk across campus. And sometimes, you really just need a familar face or a hello from a friend. I don't feel lost in the crowd here. Plus, it's nice that I can get from one edge to the other in a fifteen minute walk. But even though it isn't huge, I still have the same opportunities I would at a big school, like tons of major options, renowned faculty members and academic programs, and an impressive athletic program.


I love to brag about Baylor's strong sense of community for both current students and alumni. My professors constantly tell us that we will be overwhelmed with how many connections and opportunities to network we will have by the time we freshmen enter our senior year. To an unsure student looking for success in the field of study that they have a passion for, this is an enormously helpful dream come true. I also adore the contagious tradition that Baylor University instills in their students, faculty, and even the surrounding community.


How great our basketball teams were this year, the fact that we had Heisman winner RGIII, and how nice everyone at school is to each other.


I brag about everything! I love it so much here for so many reasons including: awesome greek life, wonderful people, a welcoming atmosphere, longer breaks and more holidays than other colleges, great financial aid, great facilities, beautiful campus, and the list goes on and on. I couldn't imagine going anywhere else!


The energy surrounding the Baylor campus does not compare to any other school! Everyone you meet is so kind hearted and are always there to help in any way possible. It's not just the school! The city of Waco as a whole is so open and generous to everyone. One thing that definietly gives Baylor the upper hand and braging rights is that the 2011 Heisman Trophy winner is from a student here (Rober Griffin III)! We have several amazing sports teams and great faculty and student too!


The small class sizes are really good. However the lack of social options is very discouraging, as is the lack of diversity. It's almost sickening to see students that are all cookie cutter.


I brag about our school's Interdisiplinary Core, our nearby Museums, and our history as Texas' oldest University.


I brag to my friends that Baylor is beautiful and academically challenging.


The Baylor family has overwhelming spirit and pride for their school. Even before their academic career begins, incoming freshmen learn the complete history of Baylor, cheers and chants, and beloved Baylor traditions still observed to this day. The sense of pride is present everywhere. Whether it's the statue of "The Immortal Ten" or of Judge Baylor in Founder's Mall, anyone would be able to feel a connection with Bears of the past. Football games are by far my favorite pasttime. Win or lose, we stay humble and remember how proud we are of our home team.


I brag about the small class sizes and the ease in meeting with my professors.


I brag about how our computer lab has numerous, cool big screened Mac computers.


The scenery of the campus is so beautiful that all the beautiful girls are camoflauged.


When it comes to baylor, I honestly believe I can't put my finger on any single thing to put my finger on. But don't get me wrong, it isn't because there is nothing to brag about, it's because there is too MUCH to brag about. Whether it's the greek life on campus, the amazing teachers, the friendly people, the friendly rivalries, the basketball team, or the new game in the stadium. Baylor is a diverse school, one that any Baylor student should be proud of.


Baylor offers many special events through the campus. Just last month, the university set up an outdoor skating rink on our main lawn for students to take a break while studying. The event wasn't just for fun though; Baylor had a toy run at the same time to benefit Toys for Tots. We also had the pleasure of having Matt Wertz and Phil Wickham perform for our anual Christmas on 5th Street, which is open to the entire Waco Community. During our Chapel, we have the chance to hear so many amazing guest speakers and performers.


smaller class sizes and closer relationship with the professors


The academics are incredible. Some people think that Baylor is just another private university that doesn't challenge it's students, but believe me every class is devised to put students to the test. From my experience every course, especially the sciences, confront students with a chance to succeed through hard work. Although it might seem overwhelmingly difficult, the academics are what I am here for and what I strive to learn.


The positive environment that Baylor fosters. Everyone you are surrounded with cares deeply about who you are, how you are doing, and what you are about. It is incredibly encouraging to be around people of the same mind and heart!


Baylor probably has the most friendly environment because you can approach anyone, say hi, and they won't think you're some strange fellow.


The student rec center and our basketball team


How beautiful campus is.


That we have 2 bears on campus!


The thing I brag most about my school is its academic achievements and beautiful campus. I am a biology pre-med major and Baylor University has a great pre-med program. However, the pre-med program is not the only thing Baylor is known for from its academics. Baylor also has a beautiful looking campus. Almost all the buildings are decorated vintage style and are embellished with elegant gardens. I am pleased to say I attend Baylor University for these and many other reasons.


I brag about how intense the Pre-Med program is at Baylor, and how when I get through it, I will be very prepared for medical school. I brag about how pretty of a landscape Baylor is. It's a small city, but there's enough scenery to make the place beautiful at night. It's not completely the country, but it's definitely not the city either, so it's right in the middle. I also brag about how friendly the people at Baylor are, and how diverse the campus seems to be throughout Baylor University.


When I brag about Baylor, I always refer to the sense of community. Even though it is a fairly large university, the sense of community is embodied everywhere. Whether you are in a residence hall, a dining hall, the classroom, or a club, the sense of community is overwhelming. People here are genuine and caring. To me, that is the most important thing in a University.


Professors go out of their way to build lasting relationships with their students, in fact many serve as mentors and spiritual leaders to their students.


Baylor is well known for it's rigorous academic programs and it's ability to keep students well rounded and healthy. The campus is beautiful from the inside out. The kindness and dedication of the faculty truly helps students succeed. No student is turned away when asking for help. Baylor's campus, faculty and staff is nothing short of uplifting at all times.


How friendly the community of students are and how helpful my teachers are. I know I can always find the help I need. Th faculty a Baylor are helpful and always willing to meet at student to give them the extra attention they may need. The student body is loving and welcoming. Never once did I feel like an outsider as a freshmen this year.


I brag about the friendliness and kindness of the students and about how eager the professors are to help their students out with anything they need. I tell about the christitanity of the school and how we are open to practice our faith with others. I talk about how the classes are challenging but yet fair, and the many organizations and activities that we can engage ourselves into participating in. Most of all, I brag about the rewarding friendships and loving people that I am surrounded by everyday.


How great the performing groups are.


We have Dr. Pepper Hour, and an unusually large number of good-looking students.


The focus on christian faith and the ability to pursue true relationships with other people.


The campus atmosphere is awesome, and the people on this campus are some of the friendliest I have ever met.


We have less crowded classes


When I brag I talk about our athletic facilities which include an I believe 15 ft rock wall. I brag about our greek life and how much they are involved in campus life outisde of parties and whatnot. I brag about the food in the dining halls and how much fun we have when we go to "late Night" at Penland dining hall. We also have alot of random free things like t-shirts, or different events with free food and activities. But most of all I brag about the wonderful people I've met since I've been here.


The world's perception of Baylor University. Unfortunately for me, I have dealt with some hard situations while attending Baylor University. Some so upsetting that I contemplated leaving. However, I realized that once I graduate Baylor University, people will see my degree and know that I have received an education and am a very intelligent person. Although Baylor does not necessairly foster a strong social environment, the classes does prepare students for the real world and the career path. Something almost all employees are cognizant of.

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