Baylor University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


Baylor is a loving, welcoming environment. The faculty and staff value students as individuals and family members, not as clients. The campus is beautiful and warm. It truly does feel like home to me.


I admire the lengths Baylor goes to to offer safe, healthy alternatives to have fun as opposed to parties. It provides free concerts, fre admission into sporting events and celebrates different holidays throughout the year. It decorates the entire campus for Christmas, including a live nativity. I like that the University understands that we do not have a ton of money and tries to accomodate our needs through easily accessible affordable entertainment.


The opportunities they provide for students. The tutoring and help for those that need help in class. Also pst graduating jobs.


The best thing about my school is its reputation and the drive we all have to uphold that reputation. Every person who sets foot on the campus strives to keep it beautiful for future generations. Every student understands the value of the education they are receiving. We are taught to be appreciative of our education and how to use it to its fullest.


The environment at Baylor University encourages academic success as well as social interaction with a diverse variety of organizations. It is very easy to be successful here.


Community. The best thing about Baylor University is the community. It is like another presence here; a sixth sense, if you will. The community of people lives through each person and shows its colors everywhere around the campus. I would argue that Baylor has the best community of any college in the state because of each student's and teacher's friendliness and helpfulness. Of course, there are many other great thing about my school, but the community lives through the atmosphere and through the spirit of the campus and people.


I think the atmosphere at Baylor is great. It is a very friendly school and is small enough so that you can personally know most of the professors.


The best thing about Baylor University is the people and the warm, caring, and loving atmosphere. Everyone at Baylor University is welcoming and provides you with a sense of belonging and family. There are many different organizations and studen activities that unite students at Baylor University and I love the opportunity to interact with different people and cultures.


The education here is very good. The professors are very friendly and help you understand the material. The campus is beautiful and baylor hosts a lot of social events for students to interact. Perhaps the best part is that the campus is Christian based which is something very important for me. There is a deep sense of brotherhood/sisterhood at this campus.


It is diverse to be a Baptist university and people are free to express their religion and beliefs. Because of this, most professors believe that they are there to help the students and do so through their own personal faith.


The overall community on campus. That means from either student to student relationships to faculty to student relationships. When you walk around campus, you will feel welcome.


The best thing about Baylor is the ability to get to know so many people. It starts off with Orientation, Line Camp, and Welcome Week. The emphasis on friendship between students is felt here at Baylor. The on-campus housing communities, the fraternities and sororities, the organizations, and the churches really focus on building meaningful relationships. People are what matter most, and Baylor recognizes and celebrates that.


The best thing about my school is the campus life. Baylor does everything and anything they can to make sure that new, incoming students meet others right away to form long-lasting friendships in order to survive the adventure that college brings.


The best thing about Baylor University is its size. Baylor is large enough to be a highly regarded academically and in sports, but small enough to provide students with mostly small classes and easy access to professors. Also, it doesn't take too long to walk between classes. Baylor takes pride in its campus, with beautiful buildings and greenery, and accomodating facilities.


I think the best thing about Baylor is its recently-built science building. Having been a neuroscience major, I had to spend a lot of time in the BSB (Baylor Sciences Building). Whether I was going to class or studying, the BSB was an enjoyable place for me to be with its modern classrooms and high-tech laboratories, along with its numerous study coves and convenient coffee/snack cafe.


In my opinion, the best thing about Baylor is that we are a committed Christian institution that is also committed to strong academics. We are progressive and open-minded in our faith, but this is who we are, and it's not going to change anytime soon. Many students of other belief systems come to Baylor because they know that we provide a strong education grounded in strong values -- even if they disagree with the specifics of those values. The best thing about Baylor, for me, is that it has fashioned me to be an educated disciple of Christ.


The best thing about my school is that everyone is so friendly. I came from California, so when I came to Texas, I was a little suspicious when people were being so nice. It's funny now that I look back on it. So now when I see prospective students, I try to be nice to them because I remember how much I appreciated it. I also love how helpful and approachable the professors are. You are pretty much gauranteed to do better just by talking to them. You learn allot more that way.


Baylor is a Christ based school with high academic standards and a low professor to student ratio. Baylor is academically renowned in the USA and world.


The best thing about Baylor University is the infinite number of resources at the students fingertips. Regardless of the class, the type of research that needs to be conducted, or the paper that has to be written, Baylor University has access to it. This large number of resources fosters academic growth and it encourages the students to learn more than just the surface knowledge of a subject. It forces students to spend time doing quality research.


The classes tend to stay small and you get a lot of one-on-one time with the professors


The professors are very helpful for the most part. Many will even go out of their way to develop a personal relationship with you so that they understand you as a person better. That can help them know how to help you individually if you come to them for help.


That for the most part, I am excepted, even though I am an older student.


The campus is beautiful. The professors are very personable and friendly


The quality of the pre-medical department because they want students to succeed and offer great opportunities to increase the likelihood of admission into a medical school.


I love the friendships I've made. My first two years at Baylor were honestly not the greatest - but I've made friendships that will last. I've literally had those moments where it comes down to studying for a test or having a night with best friends that I'll never forget, and I've always made the right choice. I love the people I go to school with, and having them now was worth the not so great first two years here.


The best things about Baylor is the people and great sense of comradrie from joining Greek fraternities and sororities that really do dominate the social scene. And then of course there is the great alumni networks that includes some very influencial people and their kids.


enviroment. this enviroment is great. the campus is booming with activities and has a place for every student. the campus is also very beautiful in many ways other than just view wise.


learning opportunities


The curriculum... it is very challenging.


School spirit, academics, great reputation!




There are so many opportunities to get plugged in. Professors go above and beyond what is required of them. I don't feel like just a number here, professors take time to learn my name, and get to know me on a more personal level.


The Baylor University name carries an amount of honor and prestige that isn't related to most other schools (especially in Texas). Because of this, I (along with my peers) am extremely proud to attend a university that has earned such a revered name.


My professors and the relationships I form with them, my classes that prepare me for my future, and the friends that have changed my life.


The spirit and community of the students here is the best thing about Baylor University. Everyone is extremely welcoming and friendly. There is a strong faith aspect present in lives of the students here. I continually feel uplifted and motivated at Baylor. The people I have met here have impacted me greatly and helped shape me into the person I am today.


Dr pepper hour


Students at Baylor are challenged to learn, develop, and accomplish. With the hundreds of academic and social organizations on campus and study abroad options, we are given boundless opportunities to learn outside of the classroom and experience a fuller life. Numerous opportunities also exist off campus for involvement in the community. Waco seems at times to revolve around Baylor and we give back as much as possible. With all the amazing things going on on campus, sometimes we may be in the "Baylor Bubble", but I love that we all get to choose what to learn and where to explore.


There should be NO reason why you can't find something to belong to. They have SO many activities, clubs, social events, like you name it, they probably got it. You can even find people who stay in the library all the time, and hang out with them!


I really enjoy that Baylor promotes racial diversity and global awareness. They take the time to inform you and keep you on your toes as far as current events go. They expect you to research information for yourself and keep yourself informed. It helps prepare for class and makes for better discussions outside of class.


The best thing of this school would have to be the academics as well as the facilities that they offer


Baylor provides a friendly environment for all its students. The teachers are always available and helpful and there are a variety of tutoring and academic support groups that provide assitance to assure the success of all students.

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