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What are the most popular student activities/groups?


greek all the way baby football games


Greek life is pretty popular but there are enough organizations to join away from that. Lots of religious organizations. Dia Del Oso is a big day for the students. Sports are king for on campus activities, especially football.


Whatever you'd like.


Whatever you'd like.


Hands down the most popular student organizations are fraternities and sororities. They put on multiple events per year that a lot of students attend. Partying can be found at Baylor, although it's not as prevalent as it would be at a public school. If partying is something you enjoy doing it can be found but can just as easily be avoided. There are multiple traditions at Baylor, including Dia del Oso (a day of celebration in the spring), Homecoming, Freshman Mass Meeting, and many others. They are good ways to meet people and learn about the history of Baylor. Most of the activities that take place occur on campus or very close to campus. Waco itself isn't a great city but there are a ton of restaurants, a cheap movie theater, and some cool landmarks. All in all the way to be most active socially is by joining a fraternity or sorority.


The most popular student activities are intramurals. Just about everyone participates in some intramural league at one point or another in there time here at Baylor.


How did I spend my weekend? I spent last Saturday night on the couch watching an Austin Powers marathon. Don't get me wrong, I am not lame...the night also included friends and a lot of beer. And I spent Friday night at a bar with $3 dollar specials on any tequila drink. As far as weekend activities, Waco doesn't have anything like Austin's sixth street but it does have a few pretty awesome bars, pubs, country dance halls, and clubs. (Though I would warn you this is Waco and some places can be suuuuuper ghetto, so make sure you know where you're going) There are always parties every weekend, including frat parties. One of the best places in Waco is Eskimo Hut...a drive through daiquiri place that serves alcoholic drinks in gas station to go cups. If you're not into drinking...Waco has three movie theaters, a couple bowling allies, and a really cool bridge that you're supposed to throw tortillas off of. If you like coffee and acoustic guitar you have to try out common grounds. Baylor campus always has something going on...athletic events, intramurals, a riding association, pick up basketball games in the SLC, a rock climbing wall, a swing dance club, frats, sororities, science clubs, language clubs, math clubs (pretty much a club for anything you're interested in), guest speakers, theater productions and lots of freshmen events.


Dorm doors are often left open. There are a few activities around Waco, but for underclassmen the Baylor campus isn't a wild, crazy and fun place to be. Lots of hanging out with friends, but not so much partying. 10th street is known for parties, off campus a couple of blocks. Athletic events, especially football games, are definitely gaining popularity as the teams do better and better.


The school is very cliqueish. It is like an extension of high school for a ton of sheltered kids. By far the vast majority of groups are "Life Groups." You can probably find groups to meet your other interests like any other school, but at a school where the only influence is the Christian influence, life group reigns supreme. Life group is like youth group, just an extension of church. It is not a party school at all unless you are a business major in a frat.


Greek life and athletics are probably the most popular activities for students on campus. I am personally involved in greek life, and am a member of a sorority. I have found Greek life to be a great way to be involved in all aspects of campus life, including social, service, and leadership. Many students also are involved in athletics and Baylor of course has many excellent athletic teams. Many people find their closest friends through these sort of activities.


The most popular student organizations have to be Greek Life. Almost one third of all of Baylor's students are in a greek lettered organization. I am involved in a predominantly African American sorority in the National Pan-Hellenic Council, and I wouldn't trade the relationships I have formed with my sisters for anything. I can say that joining my sorority has been the most fulfilling aspect of my college career, and I would definetely encourage others to research Greek Life and join a sorority that fits them. Students are heavily involved in athletics as well, whether its intermurals or attending games. Both mens and womens basketball has been highly ranked the past few years, and students always back the bears! On a typical Saturday night there is always going to be a party somewhere but there are other activities on and off campus which don't involvue underage drinking. Common Grounds is an extremely popular coffee house which often has live bands, local Baylor talent, or outdoor movies playing. If you attend Baylor, going to Common Grounds is a must. Other unique places in Waco that Baylor students frequent is Katie's Custard, Spice Village, and the Dr. Pepper Museum


Greek Life is pretty big at Baylor, there are many frats and sororities to join if you are into that. There are also plenty of academic associations to get involved with, which is what I prefer, such as American Medical Student Association, Neuroscience Society, etc. There are also small groups for anything you can think of, such as religious small groups to gaming small groups (my roommate plays WoW and Dungeons and Dragons, he joined a small group for D and D). Playing sports is my favorite thing to do, so I love the intramurals here. There are leagues for Residence Halls as well as for Private Groups (Frats, Culture Groups, etc.) Baylor does a really good job at organizing Intramurals for just about anything possible, from Flag Football to Raquetball to Walleyball (yes, walleyball, as well was Volleyball).


Baylor is pretty big into Greek life. Even if your not in one of the typical fraternaties/sororities, you have a pretty good chance of ending up in a service fraternity or minority sorority/fraternity. It's just the way most students get involved. That said, we have a pretty big Honors College, and there are a lot of organizations for your area of study. Dorm life - for girls at least - isn't huge. Most of the time, the girls are out elsewhere being social. I honestly didn't know probably 3/4 of the girls on my floor, and if someone's door is open, it's barely cracked in case one of their friends really needs to see them. Athletic events can be pretty big, especially if we happen to be doing well at the moment. Football starts off big and then sort of flags off as we realize that this isn't our year, again. We'll have some things that come through Baylor like speakers and plays and the like, but most of the time it's not a huge deal. Probably our biggest events are the Pigskin Review and All-University Sing (a huge singing, dancing, theatrical production put on by our Greeks--it's one of the biggest deals of the year). Something worth checking out is the Guerilla Troupe comedy shows. It's an improv show and it's actually really funny. Dating is a huge deal at Baylor. When you first get there, it's like a mad dash to find the person you'll be engaged to by the spring of your Junior year (or your tuition money back!) There are a lot of great people there, though, and chanced are good that if you're female, you'll find your life partner if that's what you're looking for. Not everyone is super into dating, though. If you're awake at 2am on a Tuesday, you're probably studying for a huge test you have on Wednesday or hanging out with a significant other, though not in your dorm room since the visiting hours end at ten on weekdays. Every year, we have two pretty big events--Homecoming and Diadeloso. Homecoming include the Pigskin Review, which is the best 8 acts from Sing, the Bonfire, and the tradition of the "Eternal Flame," which actually may be discontinued due to injuries. The premise is that freshman guard a flame and the upperclassmen try to put it out. People can get pretty into it, and this year some people ended up hospitalized. The other big event is Diadeloso, which is a day off from classes in the spring a little bit before finals. Students set up booths by the Science Building or just hang out together. It's a pretty big day for partying, too. Partying at Baylor isn't too big. Unlike a lot of universities, you have the find the parties, the parties don't find you. Thursday is usually a night where students go to a club or have a small get together or just stay in. Fridays and Saturdays usually have the bigger parties, mostly thrown by fraternities, who don't have official frat houses, but use a house where some of their guys live. They can be pretty fun, and it's not a huge deal if you don't drink. There are some that do and some that don't. If you don't want to be around drinking at all, that's fine, too. There are plenty of groups that get together on weekends and have movie nights, go bowling, etc. Off campus, there are plenty of places to eat, there's a lake nearby you can visit, a zoo, a beautiful park, and attractions in Dallas and Austin. It's nice that Waco is close to those big places if you need a little more night life.


A lot of freshman try to get involved in FLO (freshman leadership organization) or FCC (freshman class councel). Both of these groups provide really cool opportunities for those that are involved. Personally I attended all the sporting events for my freshman activities. No matter how poorly the Baylor football team is doing, it is still very fun to go to tailgate and then head into the game together. I highly recommend running the Baylor Line at least once. It's just something you should do. If for nothing else, it provides wonderful seats for the game. I almost always stood on the railing and although my legs were pretty sore, it made the game that much more fun.


Greek life is real big. I think dorm life is good for freshmen because it provides a great opportunity for students to meet other students. We have a whole lot of tradition.


I'm quite active on the campus. Alpha Phi Omega, a co-ed service fraternity, requires 35 hours of community service a semester, but offer may opportunities, on and off campus. Gamma Beta Phi, a service-based honor society, require 8 hours a semester, which is practically nothing. Magellan Society, a multicultural service organization, doesn't require any set number of hours, but has many social and service activities that focus on the world as a whole. The Canterbury House, the right-off campus Episcopal Student Center, has Eucharist every Wednesday, and bible study on Sundays. Off campus, my friends and I find ourselves at different restaurants or the Suspension Bridge, where we hang around and throw tortillas on to one of the old columns. We may also make a day at Lake Waco or Lake Victoria, or take road trips to Austin or Dallas.


Parties are fun, but there is a lot of drinking. There's nothing else to do in this hell-hole of a town but drink away your sorrows about your chem test that you made a 22 on because the class average was a 25.


Off campus: eat. Plenty of restaurants, and even the occasional movie. On campus: I'm involved in Alpha Delta Pi, so there's always mixers, crushes, dances, etc. with that. We also do community service together and a lot of sisterhood-bonding activities, which are a ton of fun! But the greek scene on whole isn't a huge deal on campus. Since we're not allowed houses and all of the sororities share one building, I feel like it's a lot more civil and less competetive. Also, less than half of the student body rushes. It's not a huge deal to most people whether or not you're greek, although to some it is. It's just pretty much another club of people who have things in common, enjoy each others' company and plan social events. I know of plenty of people that live in houses of 4 girls, each from a different sorority. Or another in particular, two from one, one from another, and one independent (non-greek) . A person's greek house isn't their defining factor. Baylor: SO many traditions! Dr. Pepper hour with free floats every week, SING, Steppin' Out, Homecoming, Thanksgiving Dinner, Christmas on 5th Street, other campus-wide Greek events, the Guarding of the Flame... the list goes on and on! It's awesome. It's a very old university steeped in awesome, age-old traditions.


Baylor has a less-than-stellar record in Big XII sports, football being a particularly painful example. However, football and basketball games are always popular and well-attended, even given the somewhat dismal athletic facilities. Other sports, such as tennis, golf, and track, Baylor regularly excels at. Baylor offers a failry wide range of campus-sponsored activities to keep students involved, and the Greek organizations almost always have something going on. Greek life is huge at Baylor, and participation is strongly encouraged. If you don't want to join a particular club, be sure you have friends in a few, so you can be invited to their activities. The different social groups are widely varied at Baylor. If you want to party every weekend (weekend starts on Thursday), then plenty of people will be willing to party. If you want to join a Bible study, you'll find people to study with (there will probably be some people from your weekend's festivities in the Bible study with you). Baylor's pretty varied.


Lots of Greek- but there are lots of things to do if you're not. Those in fraternities and sororities tend to be the ones that like to party. They also have "crushes" all the time- casual take-a-date fraternity or sorority events during the week. Everyone goes to the football games. Basketball is great too. Most people meet their best friends in the dorm. As a freshman you are required to have a mealplan, so people hang out in the dining halls a lot. Off campus- great zoo, Cameron Park rocks, there are some cool restaurants, and the movies are cheap!


There is so fraternities and sororities to choose from if that is for you. Waco isn't exactly the most exciting place, but hey, you learn to be creative.


FOOTBALL is an amazing experience even when we're not winning!! I wouldnt leave your dorm room unlocked... someone WILL steal your things... probably your room-mate. Dating... well if you are an ignorant girl looking for a drunk frat guy... this is the place for you! There are some pretty cool traditional things that go on... but thats really only for Freshman, and the rest of the student body has better things to do. Frats and sororities are popular, just like anywhere. I think its stupid to pay for friends... how sad is it that you have to join a club and do dumb things to yourself during RUSH to find friends on a campus for more than 20,000 people... seems like a social issue to me.... maybe they need counseling... or a hug!


Greek is pretty big on campus. There are also a lot of non-Panhellenic fraternities and sororities so that it seems almost everyone gets involved in at least one. Girls dorms, at least, aren't the most happening places. People stick to themselves for the most part and don't interact much with their hall. Athletic events are pretty popular, but they aren't packed that often unless our team is doing well at the moment. Dating is also a pretty big deal at Baylor, there are a lot of couples and there's a joke that if you don't get married before you leave college, you get your money back. Partying isn't a huge scene at Baylor. It's unlike other colleges in that you have to find the parties, the partying doesn't find you. Most of the parties are within Greek circles. If you're not partying on the weekend, you can be going on a road trip to Austin or Dallas, which have good concerts often, you can hear a live band at Common Grounds, the popular coffee place right off-campus, or go to one of the few clubs in town, which usually are most happening on Thursdays unless they've been rented out by a fraternity on a weekend night.


i was involved with greek life and enjoyed every aspect. you can definitely find your niche if you are not in a greek organization, but it does make the social process easier. typically freshmen and sophomores dont drink but beginning junior year, the social scene is at parties and bars. waco has all the typical entertainment venues: bowling, the movies, restaurants, parks, etc but students pretty much hang out with each other on the weekends.


I met most of my closest friends in the dorm. We roomed together til the end of my senior year, and I plan on staying in touch with most of them. We played games, watched movies, and went out to dinner. Most nights we would just stay up talking with whoever happened to show up at our house that night.


The most popular organizations on campus are American Medical Student Association, Habitat 4 Humanity, fraternties and sororities. At the beginning of the year students would leave their dormroom doors open, but towards the end of the year not so much. Athletic events are somewhat popular. Our football team isn't the best so the games aren't very popular, but they are still fun to go to. Basketball games tend to have a larger crowd, since we are better in that sport. If I'm awake at 2am on a Tuesday, then I'm probably studying for a very important test, but it's very rare that I'm awake at that time. People party just about every weekend. Things to do on a Saturday night that doesn't involve drinking: go bowling at the SUB, go watch a movie, hang out with your friends and play video games.


There is nothing to do on campus at Baylor. The only time is during February when there is SING. That is when all the fraternities and sororities have musical acts. They are amazing! Many students get drunk on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights and then go to church on Sunday. You can easily avoid the party scene, but realize you will spend most of your time at the movie theater. Do not come to Baylor and expect a typical college experience. Baylor will not offer you fun or exciting activities to do. You will be bored out of your mind! Rush really did help me meet friends, but it is still a very difficult social scene. The student body has no school pride, and why should they? Nobody likes Baylor.


There's always something going on. Always. You can do as much or as little as you choose. Common Grounds is a great coffee/study place, the SUB is often host to football game parties, there's always a guest speaker or performance in the art/theatre department, etc. There is no reason to ever be bored. I don't really know how else to say it.


There are plenty of things to do at Baylor as far as activities and clubs go, the only problem is that they aren't ever publicized. Every time I hear about some social event or organization I could sign up for, it's either too late, or I find out about it the day it occurs. The only time I'm able to go to a Baylor-endorsed activity is the day I find out about it!


Baylor offers its fair share of students organizations, including groups that support and promote a certain religion, hobby, sport, academic subject, etc. Fraternities and sororities are pretty popular too. Of course there are the typical Greek life stereotypes, but every school has that. For me, the price of joining a sorority is what turned me away. I don't know how it is at other schools, but I'd prefer not to spend $1000 a semester for a few socials and some t-shirts. Our sports teams are admittedly not very good, but the Baylor Line for football and Bear Pit for basketball are fun "school spirit" traditions for students. I'm really not into the whole tradition thing, but you HAVE to rush the field before a home football game with the Baylor Line as a freshman at least once! As far as meeting people, I met all my closest friends through my freshman dorm roommate. We both went potluck for the dorm and ended up becoming best friends, though that seems to be the exception more than the rule. But even if you don't get along with your roommate, you'll meet a ton of people in your classes. Fun things to do in Waco include NOT staying in Waco. There are a couple clubs and bars in town, but most people will drive to Dallas, Austin, or College Station on the weekends (All are within an hour and a half from Waco). Or for the hardcore road-tripper, you can make it to the Oklahoma border in about two and half hours and try your luck at the 18 and up Winstar Casino!


Greek and Christian driven


Over half of the students are not involved in Greek life, but the majority of events are associated with Greek organizations. Since Baylor is a Christian university, sororities and fraternities are a little more tame than at state schools. There are also organizations related to majors or service organizations, such as Habitat for Humanity.Involvement in organizations and classes are the main ways students meet their friends, but dating is Baylor is almost non-existent (or so it would seem to some). On of the great things about Baylor is its traditions, from Dr. Pepper hour, to the Homecoming parade and bonfire, to All-University Sing and Pigskin.


Greek life is big at Baylor, especially for girls. Joining a fraternity or sorority is definitely the best way to get plugged into the social pipeline. However, it may also narrow your scope of social groups. The dorm life is exciting. In my experience, most every guy on my hall would have his door cracked for others to come in and hang out at any time. The only down side is if you are trying to get some sleep, it often stays loud until one or two at night on weeknights. However, if the noise is interfering with study time, the libraries are always open late, and the study rooms in the dorms are always available. In my experience, the dating scene is difficult when you come here knowing absolutely nobody and aren't in a fraternity of some sort. However, there are an astounding amount of good looking girls to take your pick from. There are a lot a parties available to go to, but they are often limited to who you know in a frat or sorority. Many parties involve drinking, but if that isn't for you then there are a lot of "dry" frats and Christian ones who find other ways to have fun.


Being Greek at Baylor is great! Sororities here are not superficial groups who just want to get drunk and be popular. They truly care about you and are an amazing support system. College is hard sometimes but having that kind of backing when you need it the most has no substitue. Def. GO GREEK because you will have the best time of your life and make the best friends.


Baylor has tons of traditions from homecoming to dia to Dr. Pepper hour. There are usually events happening on campus at any given time. Late at night - there isn't much to do except for hang out with friends. IHOP is always open! I went to several plays and enjoyed the quality of that. I also joined a sorority and was pleased with that for the most part.


I think that at Baylor sororities and fraternities are very important. A good majority of the people at Baylor are involved in them, and if not they attend the functions put on by them. Sororities/fraternities fund so many activities each year ranging from formal dances to bed races and chili cookouts.


due to being an athlete, my free time is usually spent practicing or doing some sort of extra for the team. If I am not doing athletics its my school work.


The dorm doors are usually closed, but it's not uncomon for freshmen to go door-to-door with cookies like happy new neighbors in old movies. Atheletic events are only attended because they're free to students, but the basketball teams are nationally ranked, as well as tennis, equestrian, and maybe some others. The guest speakers are amazing, we have free concerts to names like Swtichfoot, Clay Walker, and Bethany Dillon. I met my closest friends from the Baylor Riding Association and the five of us are inseperable. I can't stress enough how important it is to get involved in some group, and you'll meet your best friends for life. If I am awake at 2am on a Tuesday I am at a friend's house studying because we all know I didn't start studying until 11pm, and if I'm at my house, I'll just fall asleep. Any night I'm not doing homework or working, I'm either hitting up the dance halls with friends or we're playing boardgames and watching movies.


Fraternities and sororities seem like a huge deal on campus because they are always holding different events, but if its not your thing, there are TONS of other ways to get involved. the majority of the campus is not involved in Greek life. While a lot of peopel complan about having to live on-campus freshman year, the girls from my hall are some of my closest firiends. It's a really good experience. Get involved! Think of any activity you enjoy, i bet there's a group for it. It's the best way to meet peopel and find a balance between studying and having fun.


When I think of social life at Baylor, the first thing that comes to mind is Greek life. Before you get too lost in your imagination, let me explain that Greek life at Baylor is very unique. Yes there are parties, yes there is drinking, but there are many members of Greek life that aren't huge partiers or drinkers, in fact, some hardly ever drink or don't drink at all. The other unique thing about Baylor Greek life is its involvement in community. Sororities are philanthropy driven and contribute a great deal to the community and their specified philantrhopies. Also, there are no houses at Baylor which makes for a different kind of living experience, one that I prefer.


students love supporting our sports teams greek life is very popular at BU


Even though the Baylor football team has not done that well in the past few years, the students, facutly, and community support the bears by attendting the games. The other sports are well supported too. Baylor offers many speakers to speak around Baylor, and the theater department is also supported. By living in the dorms on the Baylor campus you will be given the real college experience. I have meet so many people by living in the dorms my freshman year and they are still my friends to this day. I meet the closest friends in chapel and the other friends my freshman year in the dorms, and I also have meet some close friends in some of my classes. There are several traditions that Baylor hosts every year (Homecoming and the parade, DIADELOSO, Welcome Week, Dr. Pepper Hour, All University Sing, and of course Chapel). Student usually try to party every weekend, but off course the Baylor Police have been craking down on drinking and under-age drinking. They have been some awesome and crazy parties that fellow students have thrown, and you can usually find a party by how many cars are parked on the side of the road in the Baylor area (off campus housing). Although Baylor keeps a close eye on fraternities and sororities they do play an important part in Baylor. Last weekend I went to a "Baylor Party", this is what the locals calls parties that Baylor student throw and they are usually good and have tons of drinks (all kinds). There is also activities around campus and off where drinking is not involved and peer pressure is not a factor at parties, you can come to a party and hang out and be w/ friends not have to worry about being pressured to drink. There are several things to do off campus, Waco has two malls, several night clubs (college night) and bars, has two movie theaters, restrauants, fast food. Waco also is in the middle between Dallas and Austin if the Waco scene does not do it for you.


Dorm life is very sheltering of incoming freshmen. Every dorm is always locked to non-residents; males and females are segregated by buildings, and dorm life is very very uneventful. They try to build community with ridiculous projects, but most are realy really lame. There are not many clubs, athletic or otherwise, compared to other schools of this size. That is because the campus demographic is not very diverse. It is hard to find specific interests if they are too obscure. Frats and sororities could not be more ivy-league esque in their attitude and pompousness. The dating scene is horrendous...


Football sucks, but basketball and pretty much all the other sports are awesome. Sororities are a great way to meet awesome girls. Baylor boys are oblivious when it comes to girls. You have to help them out a lot. Thursday is college night pretty much everywhere.


Too much to write.


Greek life is pretty strong at Baylor. There are both social and service organizations. Parties are always happening, but they are not publicized so you have to know who to ask.


greek life is awesome. you meet a ton ton ton of people! theta is the best..of course. theres a lot of parites. for those who dont party, lots just hang out watch movies go out to eat go to concerts go to common grounds. you wont be weird if you dont party..youll be accepter either way.


Intramurals are big on campus and are a great way to get to know a variety of people. The football games and the basketball games are always packed! Definately a fun activity to go and enjoy. There are numerous guest speakers, most of which you will find are promoted by word of mouth from your professors. Recently we have had a few famous ones and some truly inspirational theologians and insightful researchers. Late nights are pretty fun. I-Hop is open 24hours and is a tasty 3am treat. College dorm life is typical...drunk people, loud neighbors, curfew violations, community bathrooms, people running naked up and down the halls... you get used to it! Unfortunately for us ladies, the student population is approximately 60% girls - so it makes finding a guy a bit harder. But we definately have some really cute, chivalrous guys around! Sorority life is a huge time commitment, but it is also a lot of fun. We meet a minimum of 4 hours a week and this is my first semester in it. Be prepared to deal with a lot of BS, but also remember that greek life is a great way to get to know people, get scholarships, and branch out into the community.


One of the organizations I'm involved with is Bears For Life. It is the Pro-Life organization on campus and we work to help create a culture of life at Baylor and educate our fellow students about issues like abortion. I love the people there-it's small, but the people there are dedicated, passionate, and are making a difference. I found my closest friends at my church group-we meet every week in something called a Lifegroup and just grow together in our faith by living out Christian community. The students in my hall won't open their doors too much(my roommates are like bats and live in a cave :P), but next year I'll be a Community leader(think of a RA that does more stuff) and I want to help create an environment where we can really build a community of guys that want to run and grow together.


frats are always popular if you have the money and the time. if you do, then you are set for life. friends and connections forever! i'm not apart of that. i met my friends in my major.... like most people. common grounds, the local coffee shop, is a good place to meet fun artsy people. everyone goes to athletic events. some come to the theatre performances.... mainly cause everyone has to take theatre appreciation. i'm not sure what people do pn the weekends. if theatre kids don't have rehearsal, performance, or projects....we are in a hot tub or throwing a party... drinking involved. most groups aren't like that.... but that's how we are.