Baylor University Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at your school?


Some stereotypes about Baylor students are that everyone at Baylor is a Christian and are ignorant of the science, and are intolerant to other religions. Also, many people believe that everyone at Baylor is a rich kid from a rich family, and isn't there for academics, but instead just because their parents are rich.


All Baylor students are wealthy, white, "fake" Christians


Baylor is full of white, rich, uber-Christian snobs who drink Dr. Pepper like it's water.


That everyone is rich and snotty. That all the girls are only here to find their husbands.


Stuck up, rich, rude


That we are all too happy (we must be hiding some dark secret )and that everybody is either pre-med or buisness major.


Preppy and loaded.


A stereotype about Baylor is that all Baylor girls are super rich and are ditzy girls running around with Daddy's credit card.


We're all rich, white kids that walk around with name-brand gear looking skinny and fabulous.


The general stereotype is that the university is ultra-conservative. The school itself is, as it has a right to be- it's a private institution. The kids are rich, and the Greek organizations are hyper-exclusive.


Some assume Baylor is extremely and completely Baptist. Others think the Christians there are mostly fake. The girls are rich, blond daddy's girls in sororities, looking for husbands. It's easy to get in; it's not a serious academic place to go.


Baylor is supposed to be this big Christian college, but still welcoming to all people. It's not a party school, and the people should be a little nicer and more hospitable than the average student because we're Christians. Here you have the "Baylor family" and it should feel like home.


rich and preppy


Most people think that Baylor is an extremely grounded and non'party' school, but they are wrong. There is just as much drugs, sex and alcohol at Baylor, as there is at any average public school. The Baylor girls also have a bad rep for being dumb, and only going to school to get their MRS degree... a ring by spring.... i would like to think that it isnt true... but the longer i am around the campus, the more i see that this stereotype has some solid validity.


stuck-up, rich, white


rich, snots, preppy, fake Christians


Baylor has a bubble, which is relatively unaware of what goes on in Waco or the rest of the world. Baylor girls, particularly sorority girls are only here for an engagement ring.


That we are rich stuck up college students who get mommy and daddy to buy everything for us or get us out of trouble. Also, Baylor is just a bunch of conservative Baptists.


Most people think that Baylor students are upstanding women and men. Most Baylor girls simply want to get married to a Baylor man. Baylor tries to put up the front of an inclusive community where everybody gets along. Everybody goes to church together on Sundays and laughs and frolicks in the gardens in front of Pat Neff. Since everybody at Baylor is supposed to be a good Christian, Baylor would never condonde partying or anything inappropriate.


One of the major stereotypes are that students are rich and naive.


The Baylor Bubble...where nothing bad happens to you and you are very sheltered until you graduate and hit the real world.


Well, I'm sure many students from other schools would make comments on how stuck up and filthy rich we are, and for the most part, they're right. I don't include myself with these people, and I'm certainly not talking about every individual at Baylor, but there is a large number of people at this school, both students and teachers, who behave as if they own the world.


Most people think all Baylor students are snobby, filthy rich, drive brand new cars, have a CEO for a dad, and don't pay for anything on their own.


1) The Baylor Bubble-- Baylor being completely disconnected from the outside community 2) Baylor students are rich brats 3) Baylor concentrated on indoctrination instead of education


Rich, White, Christian, Conservative,


Everyone is rich, white, and looking for a husband/wife.


The two main stereotypes are: one, most of the students are wealthy white snobs; two, it is a Baptist school, so people often tend to think most students here are (or at least act like) your typical Sunday school angel.


That we live in a very shelterd enviornment and are bible beaters whose idea of a good time is sunday school.


They're all in fraterities or sororities.


They are rich, stuck up, want to get their own way, tend to run over bikers/walkers because no one wants to yield.


Rich kids


That everyone that goes here must be rich.


stuck up and snotty girls with fraternity boys who wear boat shoes all of the time


Baylor is definitely stereotyped to be rich, white, and prissy with hard classes and a bad athletic program.


Good two shoed smart christians.


rich, white kids. girls come to Baylor for "MRS" degrees.


Stereotypes about Baylor usually portray students as rich and snobby.


that it's a "preppy" school for rich kids


The biggest stereotype for students attending Baylor is that we are all rich, stuck-up college students! That to attend Baylor you have to be smart and have money.


sterotype: rich- most students have finanacial aid, I would not be attending Baylor without scholarships stuck up- sure you`ll have the "I`m better than you" snobs anywhere, but most students are down to earth and friendly spoiled, close-minded Baptists-While Baylor is a Baptist University, I have encountered people of many different religions- not everyone is a baptist


Bible-pushers. Self-righteous and extremely religious. Rich. Segregated. Fundamentalists.


Closed-minded Christians, rich daddy's girls, polo frat guy types. Everyone looks the same. Everyone drives big trucks.


"Ring by Spring" everyone finds the guy they're going to marry by spring. Everyone. That all the girls wear leggings, running shorts, and long sleeve shirts with a pearl necklace and pearl earrings. Well, most of them do. But not all of them. Not every girl is in a sorority. Only about half are. And not all sorority girls are sluts. Only about half are.


There is the constant perception that simply because Baylor students are attending a private school that they're stuck-up, intolerant, and many other things.


There is sometimes the perception that Baylor's atmosphere is stiflingly old-fashioned, and is frankly not interested in new ideas. There is further the perception that Baylro is a place where rich families send their kids.


Rich, Fake, Hardcore Christian


no parties. really rich. too conservative/raging baptists.




The Baylor Princess, the rich/spoiled kids, perfect christians


Everyone is rich.