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What is the stereotype of students at Baylor University? Is this stereotype accurate?


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The common stereotype of Baylor is good students with good national ratings.


Most people believe that students who have the opportunity to attend Baylor University come from extremely wealthy families and are therefore somewhat stuck up or snobby. While this may not be entirely untrue, there are far more genuine, caring people at Baylor than I have seen at any other university I have visited. With that being said, one of the stereotypes that holds true is that fraternities and sororities play a large part in the social experience. For instance, it is pretty rare to attend a party or event that is not organized by a fraternity or sorority. In some cases events are put on by other student organizations, but this seems to be a much rarer case. However, this stereotype should not cause future students to worry because Baylor is an extremely diverse campus and most people can find their niche within the first few weeks of the semester.


One stereotype about Baylor students is that they are entirely too Christian or orthodox. While this may be true in particular cases, the Baylor student body consists of students from diverse backgrounds and religious traditions. The students, at large, are accommodating and tolerant, yet their passion for Christ is exuberant.


Because we are a Baptist University, other schools might think we are all crazy Baptists or strictly "goodie two shoes". That is definitely a stereotype. Most of us aren't even Baptist. Christianity is a big part of our school and you will find many christian students, but the student body overall is pretty diverse. You can find students from many different beliefs, nationalities, and religions. Yes there are Jocks(and Heisman winners!!), Frats and Sorority girls, nerdy students, geniuses, and the occasional could probably find all of the above in moody library on any given night, though they might be there for different reasons. Of course being a Baptist school, there are a zillion weekly bible studies you could become a part of, but head to south padre island for spring break and you'll most likely find some Baylor students on the beach having a good time.


The general stereotype of my school is that everybody is very Christian. Baylor University is a Baptist school, and, while they claim to have great diversity, pretty much everybody here is a Christian. In my experience, this stereotype has been a way. It is expected that you will go to church on Sundays, but it is also expected that you will be hungover while there. From what I have seen, people are rather judgmental and intolerant of other religious affiliations. During my time at Baylor, I have met one Muslim, three atheists, and a handful of Catholics. Diversity is not well known here. Professors tend to incorporate the Christian faith into their lectures as well. If you are a Christian (especially a Baptist Christian), then you will feel right at home. There are an abundance of churches to choose from in the Waco communities, and your views will generally be accepted by most people that you encounter. However, if that is not your faith, you may have a harder time fitting in on this campus.


The typical Baylor stereotype is that all Baylor students are privileged, upper-class, white students that live a fake Christian lifestyle. Though of course there are these students at Baylor, there is a diverse student body made up of people from all walks of life.


The common stereotype of Baylor is Rich, Stuck up, Bible Thumper students and good national ratings.


Baylor is a Baptist University so it is understandable that many students who attend Baylor would be from a religious background. However, there are other denominations represented at this school. More importantly, students and teachers do not throw their religion around but it is a comfort to know that their are so many here on campus who are willing to discuss about any questions about your faith.


There are several stereotypes about Baylor. One is that all of the students are wealthy and snobby. This is very unaccurate, considering the amount of students that are here on scholarship and could not afford Baylor if it wasn't for that.