Baylor University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend Baylor University?


Baylor is a Baptist university. The religion aspect is not too strong, however. If you are a person who cannot stand being around religious people or would not want to attend mandatory religion classes, then Baylor is not for you. If you are a party animal looking for a college with a very active party tradition, then Baylor is not for you either. Waco, Texas is not exactly a cosmopolitan center so if you are looking for a big city environment, you probably should look at other universities.


If one is not ready to accept the challenge of being pushed beyond the state of simply being a prosaic mold, then he or she should not attend Baylor University. Generation Y is commonly associated with opting for the easiest route as opposed to working for results. In contrast, at Baylor University, we attempt to dismiss that stigma by practicing hard work and dedication so that corporations, clients, and customers alike can trust in and rely on our brand. Our courses challenge us to be innovative and inventive, while encouraging us to trudge through the ordinary and reveal the unseen.


A person who does not like people and does not lik religion at all.


If you are not an upper middle class, white, conservative, heterosexual, Christian, you are going to feel anxiety and have difficulty feeling accepted at this school. It is not impossible to make friends, but Baylor has it's subculture.


People who may feel unconfortable expressing the Christian faith. Also if you look for a school racially diveresed, this may not be the school for you.


I have a hard time saying someone shouldn't attend Baylor because I truly believe you find whatever you're looking for wherever you go. However, Baylor does come from a Conservative Christian background, which some people cannot stand. I'm the daughter of a Minister, so I also come from a Conservative Christian background, but I feel Baylor has greatly expanded my way of thinking. Some students find the required 2 semesters of Chapel off-putting, but it's not really that bad. However, if you can't stand a Christian viewpoint, don't go to Baylor.


People that like the colors maroon, burnt orange, or purple should not even be allowed on campus. You would have to be a complete fool not to come to Baylor.


Someone that has a problem with religion and politics being spoken about freely. Especially if you have a problem with extreme conservative viewpoints..


People who should not attend Baylor University are those who do not take secondary education seriously, or people who do not study. The university is very accommodating to everyone's needs and religious practices and provides many resources for students, but it is also a very academically-focused and competitive school. Those who do not plan on taking it seriously will not be successful at this school.


A person who is not ready to try very hard to make good grades. Baylor is a very difficult school and shouldnt be taken lightly. People who are looking for just another school should not attend. Baylor is very special, From the religous background to the interaction of students and faculty. Baylor is a one of a kind experiance.