Baylor University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Baylor is a Baptist university. The religion aspect is not too strong, however. If you are a person who cannot stand being around religious people or would not want to attend mandatory religion classes, then Baylor is not for you. If you are a party animal looking for a college with a very active party tradition, then Baylor is not for you either. Waco, Texas is not exactly a cosmopolitan center so if you are looking for a big city environment, you probably should look at other universities.


If one is not ready to accept the challenge of being pushed beyond the state of simply being a prosaic mold, then he or she should not attend Baylor University. Generation Y is commonly associated with opting for the easiest route as opposed to working for results. In contrast, at Baylor University, we attempt to dismiss that stigma by practicing hard work and dedication so that corporations, clients, and customers alike can trust in and rely on our brand. Our courses challenge us to be innovative and inventive, while encouraging us to trudge through the ordinary and reveal the unseen.


A person who does not like people and does not lik religion at all.


If you are not an upper middle class, white, conservative, heterosexual, Christian, you are going to feel anxiety and have difficulty feeling accepted at this school. It is not impossible to make friends, but Baylor has it's subculture.


People who may feel unconfortable expressing the Christian faith. Also if you look for a school racially diveresed, this may not be the school for you.


I have a hard time saying someone shouldn't attend Baylor because I truly believe you find whatever you're looking for wherever you go. However, Baylor does come from a Conservative Christian background, which some people cannot stand. I'm the daughter of a Minister, so I also come from a Conservative Christian background, but I feel Baylor has greatly expanded my way of thinking. Some students find the required 2 semesters of Chapel off-putting, but it's not really that bad. However, if you can't stand a Christian viewpoint, don't go to Baylor.


People that like the colors maroon, burnt orange, or purple should not even be allowed on campus. You would have to be a complete fool not to come to Baylor.


Someone that has a problem with religion and politics being spoken about freely. Especially if you have a problem with extreme conservative viewpoints..


People who should not attend Baylor University are those who do not take secondary education seriously, or people who do not study. The university is very accommodating to everyone's needs and religious practices and provides many resources for students, but it is also a very academically-focused and competitive school. Those who do not plan on taking it seriously will not be successful at this school.


A person who is not ready to try very hard to make good grades. Baylor is a very difficult school and shouldnt be taken lightly. People who are looking for just another school should not attend. Baylor is very special, From the religous background to the interaction of students and faculty. Baylor is a one of a kind experiance.


Any student who thinks that they can not attend classes or sleep through them and pass should not come to Baylor. This is a university, not a high school.


If a person is looking for a quiet small environment then Baylor isn't the school for them


Any Atheists would feel frankly uncomfortable at this school. the majority of the students and faculty at the are semi, if not exuberently, religious. Other than that, everything else is pretty easy to adjust to.


There is no person who should not attend this school. Baylor is welcoming to every student and is rich in diversity. Baylor's academia, sports programs, extracuricular activities, and beautiful campus are ideal for any student willing to grow and learn about his or her self and the world.


I would say that it's hard to fit in if you are extremely outside the social norm. It is also not a place for people who aren't serious about their education. While it's not necessary to be Christian to find a place, it can make things diffiecult at times. If you decide to stay on campus, findng the right dorm is also very important because each one has a distinct personality. Once you find a place though, it is a great place to live and go to school.


If you don't want to be surrounded by a community of faculty and staff that are willing and ready to help, this school is not for you. Baylor is full of community and family where you have amazing oppurtunites to build long lasting friendships.


Somebody who is focused on the future and wants to succeed. Come confident and study up on social etiquette. Being social with classmates and faculty is a key part of enjoying your time here. Be prepared to be surrounded by mostly conservative Christians, but most will not discriminate against you if you have different views as long as you are not rude about them.


A person who dislikes religion entirely or is extremely put off by it would not neet to attend Baylor. The Baptist influence is everywhere and if you don't embrace it, you will probably feel suffocated. The overall atmosphere at Baylor is conservative even if the individual departments are not; to be a Baylor student, a person should not be offended by the conservative policies and expectations of the university. Baylor has an attendance policy - anyone planning to go to college without attending class will fail at Baylor and should look elsewhere for a quality education.


Individuals who are not serious about their schoolwork and are very liberal should not attend Baylor.


A person who does not want to join a fraternity/sorority or be involved within a christian group should probably look elsewhere for school. If school is the most important aspect of college for you then Baylor is the right choice. If you want a good social life I would look elsewhere.


The only kind of person that I can think of that should NOT attend Baylor would be an athiest. It is not that they wouldn't be accepted because they would. However, Baylor requires each student to take two semesters of chapel and two semesters of religion classes.


Whoever is looking for having fun and party at school.


If you don't want to go to a Christian school, then Baylor isn't for you. Not that everyone at Baylor is a Christian, but realize that things like chapel and religion classes are required.


Baylor is full of diverse people and ideas. People that can not handle diversity and do not have a high tolerance for other peoples ideas and beliefs will not have the best time here at Baylor University. Baylor is prided and being different and diverse and so are the students.


Everyone is welcome to Baylor, even those who have no intrest in Christianity, they may even be surprised that they can look to God and learn something, if not then that is thier decision. Those who are intrested in agriculture I would not recommend Baylor, because we do not have the prgrams offered to those who wish to pursue this career field.


One who does not know the true value and the opportunities opened through education should not waste his time nor money at Baylor University.


Anyone who is looking for an 'easy ride' through college. You need to be a serious student.


Roosevelt once compared humans to sheep, saying that they "follow the drove". Students who are not willing to challenge themselves or who are looking for a party school offering an "easy ride" should not attend Baylor University. It is a wonderful school with an incredible faculty. The professors, rather working before you, choose to work beside you. They force you to grapple with a myriad of questions. They inspire you to pursue your goals. A student who is not willing to surrender his or her childhood beliefs and accept to reigns of adult life, should not attend Baylor University.


A person who does not follow Christan values


A person that is very open minded and acceptable to new ways of thinking.


A person who isn't prepared to give back to the community and really try to make Baylor a better environment for students and faculty.


People who want to experience diverse cultures and religions will not be satisfied here.


Someone that is lazy, non motivated, and just wants to party should not attend this school


Those from low-income families. There are a lot of children from rich families at this school, and sometimes it is hard to relate to them.


I do not believe it is right to decide whichever person should not be allowed to attend Baylor. That is unethical. The only person that shouldn't attend Baylor would be someone who doesn't want to be there. When a person is forced to be at a place they don't want to be, they tend to be unproductive. Your not going to want to make progress at a place you feel is not for you. Baylor students all have strong Baylor pride. Also, everyone is welcome.


Someone who is not rich or stuck up, someone open to a lot of change as this school is based on tradition, someone who doesn't want to be involved in greek life will miss out on social life at Baylor


Someone who is looking for a school that is religion-free--makes no statements about gays/lesbians, politics, etc. Baylor faculty are mostly Christian, you have to take religion courses and you have to attend chapel.


I think there is a place for everyone at baylor.


An athiest liberal.


I believe all could benefit from what Baylor has to offer.


Anyone can attend Baylor. I have had friends with differing view points as the school and they have been very successful. As a propesctive member, you should come and visit and see if it is hoem for you.


Baylor is a school that is designed to challenge you. It is academically competative and demands that you do your best. A student who should not attend this school would be a student who does not wish to put in the time and effort to his or her studies. The school offers many opportunities for students to excel in their studies, but it is up to the student to take advantage of these opportnities. Many of the programs are designed to weed out the students and only take on the serious students.


If someone doesn't like the Christian faith, Baylor is not the school for that person. Baylor is a very welcoming community so just about everybody would enjoy the experience, but Christianity is a center point for the school. Being a Baptist school their are many opportunities to grow as a Christian. Some of these opportunities are requiremnts and if you were completely opposed to the faith it would be unenjoyable.


If you are a person who has issues with time management then Baylor University is not for you. The work is not difficult in terms of academics but there is so much of it to do at one time. Procrastinators need not apply. I wish I learned those skills in high school. I always coasted through school and I am not paying the price for it. Procrastinators will become 5th year students.


this school is filled with different races, community and people who care. if you are a person who isn't looking for meeting new people or making connections with your proffessors, having school spirit or being different and wanting to make a difference then maybe you should reconsider and try it out. this place will change your live, it makes you want to be a better person, connect with your inner spirituality and building a community with not only those yougo to classes with but the people you share a residence hall with.


Baylor University is a challenging school. It also enforces a strict 75% class attendace policy for all classes, no exceptions. Baylor University is not a school meant for students who wish to merely "float" through college. The professors are passionate about the subjects on which they lecture and always willing to provide supplemental help or initiate casual conversation outside of the classroom. Baylor is a great school for students who wished to be deeply involved in extracurriculars, offering numerous clubs and intramurals. A Baylor student should be ambitious and eager to learn.


A person who enjoys partying all the time and not doing their work. A lazy person uninterested about their future or being successful should not attend Baylor.


Students who are unwilling to be apart of something greater than themselves shouldnot attend this school. They woud be very unhappy because the Baylor community is tight knit and strives to reach out. The professors encourage students to go out and do thing above and beyond what they could imagine. If a student is not willing to dare to be different they would be unhappy at this school.


A person who is not open to Christianity or intolerant of differnet cultures. A person who is uncomfortable among large and diverse student bodies. A person who is not driven to excell and does not like challenges. A person who is not willing to make sacrifices for the sake of their education. A person who is an extreme liberationists and feels inferior to conservative types.


Someone who only wants to party and does not plan on going to almost every class would not do well at this school.