Baylor University Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


The most frustrating thing about Baylor would have to be the requirements of Chapel your freshman year of enrollment. While I do value spirituality, I feel it is a bit hypocritical to force people to be religious. On top of the mandatory Scriptures Class, Chapel appears as just another supplemental filler to my weekly schedule. While a few Chapels are entertaining and enjoyable the majority are lackadaisical, and offer no true meaning to my relationship with God.


The amount and extent of rules that are given to undergraduates. Considering we are legally adults and living on your own, I believe they shouldn't put so many rules on the undergraduates because college is about exploring and making mistakes and learning from those mistakes. With all the limits they put on, the students feel trapped in a place thats supposed to be open and help them discover who they are.


I don't really think there is anything really fustrating about my school. The workload is a lot but that should be expected, as we are not in high school anymore. If anything, I feel that the only fustrating thing is that even though the campus feels small, it actually really large, meaning large amounts of walking.


Some of my professors are not very helpful and very vague in their teaching and their requirements. When we ask questions to clarify, we still receive vague answers.


Personaly, financial aid. For some reason i am always struggling to get a hold of them but when i do they are incredibly nice and helpful.


No 24 hour dining halls and only small area of 24 hour study areas.


The most frustrating thing about my school is that the people are hard to get along with. Now, I have nothing against sororities, but I do not fit in with them. I have always been the type to focus on school and to do academic related things, so sorority things do not interest me. Unfortunately at Baylor, sororities rule the school. Normally I would be fine about this, but some racist comments have been made towards me about having interracial parents. It's a shame that my background counts more than who I am.


The fact that I applied to that school and yet, due to a new program they had introduced -- the Baylor@MCC program -- I was no longer considered a student of theirs. No one seemed to care that my family was in near financial ruin because of that, despite my reaching out to them.


The most frustrating thing is the cost. Being a private school Baylor is extremely expensive. Even with scholarships and financial aid the bill is still pretty high. Though it is expensive it was always a part of my dream to attend this school and so I have and will work hard to maintain my dream.


The most frustrating thing are some of the professors here are hard to understand. They want to teach but they're just not able to. I had one teacher last semester that would literally leave the class for a smoke break every class period. It's just frustrating because I am paying so much money to get a "good" education here but in regards to the teachers that would really help my major, they are the ones that lack the teaching ability. Baylor's not the best place for engineering.


Athletes and Honor students get priorty when choosing classes. For everyone else, it is hard to find spots in the upper classes you need because Honor students or athletes take up all the spots first.


I believe the most frustrating aspect is the price of schooling an education at Baylor.


Being able to afford Baylor. It is a great school, but most people here are here on scholarship and sometimes that isn't enough. Fighting with financial aid can be very stressful and I believe that is the last thing a full-time student should have to worry about. We're not all made of money and we do comprehend the cost, but it is a bit overwhleming at times.


The campus is located in Waco, TX which is a small city with not so much entertainment to offer.


The most frustrating thing about Baylor University is not knowing what professors expect from you the first time you take a college class. I found myself struggling first semester because I was unaware of what professors expected me to know for my first round of tests. After adjusting to the standards my professors had placed upon me, I was no longer frustrated.


While education is high quality, the tuition is just as high. High tuition and minimal financial aid discourages minorities from applying. Once admitted, maintaining and securing more financial aid is incredibly difficult.


The most frustrating thing at Baylor University would be the long walks to classes. There is a shuttle provided for students, however, it is not always helpful when in a rush. Moreover, when weather is bad, the walks are miserable. Though the walks to classes are frustrating, it isn’t so bad and throughout the school year they become less wearing.


I am a little worried about jobs after I graduate.


The most frustrating thing about Baylor University is all the construction that is constantly in progress on the buildings and roads on campus as well as the safety of the campus. There have been many, many reports of muggings of the Baylor students on campus, some even being held at gun point.


There isn't anything frustrating thing about my school. Everyone is welcoming and helpful here. It is a wonderful place for getting adjusted to living on your own and living the "college life". All of the professors and advisers are more than willing and able.


All of the random things we get charged for, tuition wise.


Hypocritical at times.


Being a christian university you have to take religion classes and two semesters of chapel which can cut into your time but this is only a very minor inconveniance and if you schedule your classes right you will find the chapel experience great ,where you can catch some respitefrom the days work. Some peple complain a lot about this but honestly it is not too much of a problem and you can be done with it after 2 semesters.


Cost mainly, so keep your grades up! Financially speaking, they help you greatly, but you have to work to keep it.


Parking! Everyone at Baylor always jokes about how parking at Baylor is a sport. I hear that many other schools have this problem.


There are not any major things that frustrate me at Baylor. One very unimportant detail that I wish could be changed is the fact that Baylor does not offer any Pepsi products on campus; only Dr. Pepper products are served. This is understandable, however, since Baylor University was funded a great deal by Dr. Pepper. Another thing that I am not looking forward to is taking two religion courses. This is also understandable though since Baylor is a baptist university. However, it does offer a basic knowledge of religion which is useful in life.


The parking and clinical grading system sucks.


The food. Do not be tricked by the welcome week meals. Its totally different later on.


The most obnoxious thing about Baylor University is the overwhelming lack of parking spaces. If you are student planning on bringing your car with you when you attend Baylor, it would be in your best interest to plan ahead for the parking diliemina. There aren't enough parking garages to satisfy the numerous drivers (both faculty and students). It would sometimes take me 30 minutes to find a parking spot, and sometimes that spot isn't anywhere close to my classes. Nevertheless, finding a parking spot isn't too bad of a problem if you wake up early enough.


How minorities are viewed on the campus as being athletes to attend school here.


The most frustrating thing about Baylor University is that everyone seems to be the same. All the guys wear the same thing, as do the girls. People are always joking about "Generic Baylor Girls" and "Generic Baylor Guys." College is a time to discover who you really are, not to follow and fit in like you tried to the first 18 years of your life. It's frustrating that people are not mature enough to understand that, and continue to follow the crowd.


The most frustrating thing about Baylor is the lack of diversity. The social status gap is very wide. Most kids have enough money to waste on things that aren't neccessary. At Baylor you either have no money or your parents are loaded. There is also a lack of racial diversity, being that most races keep to their own. There's Asian student groups, Black student groups, Hispanic groups, and Caucasian groups. At a Baptist University you would think there would be a group all students for God together.


Poor school spirit among students


Well once you are in the Nursing program you are required to take a certain amount of hours in a semester and sometimes it can be overwhelming.


The most frustrating thing about school is trying to attend a school that offers so much, but doesn't put the information out there for it's students to find out. It's very frustrating to find out about different oppotunities offered by the University after you already passed the need for them. Baylor offers things, such as emergency loans, that most of it's students are unaware about unless someone who has found out the information tell you about it. The hidden opportunites are single-handedly the most frustrating aspect of this school.


The Texas heat!! It is so hot here in the first and last months of school!!


Lack of parking.


The most frustrating thing about BU is that the school is extremly expensive and not only that but most of the people that go here are well off and seem to not worry about their finances as much as the minority do. It seems to promote a style that some people just can't afford to take part in.


The most frustrating thing about my school was how much money it cost to go there. I paid for a quality education, and I feel like I only received a mediocre education in comparison to what could have been given to me for the money my parents and I paid.


Having to attend Chapel twice a week. Monday's are lectures and Wednesday's are worship. However, they are interesting. We've had the Robbie Seay Band, Michael Franzese, and many more wonderful speakers and singers.


noise level in dorms and the terrible parking and driving skills of student


The most frustrating thing is that when it rains there is a lot of standing water.


The most frustrating thing about this school is that everything is overpriced: tuition, books, etc, but you have to purchase all of these things.


The most frustrating thing about Baylor is the restrictions within dorms and through the internet. Residence halls have anywhere from a 7 pm to 12 pm curfew for the opposite sex to leave. Also the university has its own internet students must go through which limits what sites students can visit. Students must also have the university's spyware; anything that the student came in with must be removed.


I love Baylor, but some of the requirements to graduate seem a bit extreme. Every student must pass a Christian Scriptures and Christian Heritage class. I understand this is a Christian University but students of all religious beliefs attend the school and I do not believe that forcing them to learn about the Christian beliefs to such an extent is necessary.


Baylor seems to attract a certain type of person, different from what I am used to. Although I love the education I'm receiving, the faculty, staff, and campus, I am often frustrated by the lack of diversity. Baylor also tends to spend money outwardly on ridiculous things such as new flowers every month or watering every patch of grass, even in the winter. Parking is also a frustration, as the demand does not meet the supply.


The lack of financial assistance.




The most frustrating thing about Baylor University is that the science courses are very difficult however this is also a good thing because it provides us with a strong science base and presents us with a challenge. I do not like for courses to be too easy, I prefer classes that stimulate my mind and thinking so this is a frustrating yet good thing. it shows that you have to work hard in order to achieve a high academic GPA.


most of the activities offered are just Greek life.