Baylor University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


I consider my school to have a great community and student body amongst each other. The Baptist or christian heritage that Baylor University provides is something that other schools should look to. Baylor Universities student's are very helpful, and have great morals due to the baptist values starting from 1845 when the school was founded. The student body focuses and prides itself on academic excellence. Students at Baylor are very friendly and they will go out of their way to help another friend or peer in troubled times.


The best aspect of Baylor University is the Christian background. Baylor is a Christian university and the professors embedd Christian values in every class. Their freedom to integrate Christinaity has made my college experience so much more meanigful and enjoyable in the short time I have been enrolled. I cannot wait to continue the next 4 years in such a loving environment.


The best thing about Baylor University is the faith-based community. I have found that it really helps out and it is easier when trying to make friends, because you automatically have something in common. I like the fact that it is so small and private, because there aren't as many people and it makes it easier to make friends and get closer to people. Plus, the professors are more helpful and can sometimes help you one-on-one because there aren't as many students present at Baylor as there are at other Universities.


The campus life, everyone who attends Baylor has a very upbeat attitude and the professors are very encourging and helpful with whatever you need help with. There are tutors here who are willing to help for no fee and the Writing Center and Math Lab are very helpful when help is needed.


The best thing about Baylor is its numerous opportunities to get involved in the community and on campus. They also cover school activities such as games and other activities that happen throughout the year in your tution.


The best part about attending Baylor is the camaraderie that extends from every member of this community--no matter what your financial status, religion, or background, Baylor creates a family away from home here on their campus. As an out of state student, I feel loved and goal-oriented. I am supported by my coworkers, classmates, roommates, and professors to be the best I can be.


Baptist university and good enviroment


The nursing school provides hands-on experience. Our nursing professor is very knowledgeable and our class is close knit, willing to help each other to learn to be the best nurses we can be.


The best thing is the feeling of community and family. The feeling makes it easier to learn and make Baylor your home.


The best thing I consider about my school is the open possibility to believe differently. Since Baylor is a very traditional Baptist University, it can, at times, be daunting for other students that adhere to other beliefs. This intimidation, however, is quelled when students learn to see from others' perspective.


Baylor is a very spirited school. The upperclassmen, faculty and staff all make sure to help explain the traditions and history of the school to the incoming students. Sporting events and fine arts performances are well advertised and supported by most of the students. Game days are very fun as the school makes arrangments for students to be involved in related activities for free. School spirit is an important aspect among student, staff and alumni at the school, as well as the city around the university.


the social and educational diversity


The best thing about Baylor University is how they blend a rigirous academic workload with a Christian background. They do not compromise either to make the other one stronger. Rather, they boost both up in an active environment that is welcomed by people of all ethnicities and religions.


The friendliness and helpfulness of all the people on the baylor campus, because they all create a great sense of community and make you feel like you belong.


The best thing about Baylor University would be the community. At Baylor, people are genuine with their words, and care for others. There is a strong appreciation of communion throughout the campus that gives students a sense of belonging. Baylor, being a Baptist university, is also strong in faith, which contributes to its vast, loving community. Through faith, students at Baylor are joined to one another on a deeper level of communion. Therefore, the community at Baylor University seems to be the best thing offered which is almost equal to its marvelous academics.


I transfered from a Northeastern school after being raised in Texas. The hospitality difference between the schools are completely different and I also say the best thing about Baylor is how hospitable the students, faculty and staff are.


The spirit of it. Everyone loves our school and always speaks so highly of it, even while voicing criticism.


The Baylor Interdisciplinary Core program offered provides a well-rounded learning opportunity for honors students. Also, Baylor is the only University, that I am aware of, that has Health Science Studies as a choice for a major. Overall, I consider the best thing about my school, Baylor University, is the unique opportunities provided to the students.


The Baylor campus is absolutely gorgeous. Green grass, towering trees, and a healthy mix of state of the art new buildings and old, historic buildings. It is also relatively small - one can traverse the whole thing in about 15 minutes on foot. This makes it great for getting between classes. One sore spot is the parking situation - most of the more central parking garages fill up early in the morning, if they weren't already full the night before from dorm-residents. You learn the right places to park so that you don't have to worry about it so much.


The best thing about Baylor University is its atmosphere. The campus is absolutely gorgeous. This makes it 100x better to walk around to classes because the campus is so small, parking space is limited. Also, it really brightens my day to be able to walk around in the shade and sun and see all the squirrels and flowers and gardens.


I consider the education Baylor provided to be the best thing about my school, as well as the opportunity to be exposed to unique ideas and perspectives.


I love the fact that Baylor reaches out to the surrounding community. Waco is severely poverty stricken and has many homeless people living on the streets. There are countless needs to be met, and Baylor takes full advantage of its ability to help. One of the biggest responses to the needs in the community is an event held once each semester called Steppin' Out. It allows students to volunteer to serve the greater-Waco community, whether it be with an organization or as a single volunteer. Baylor continues to make service to others a top priority.


The best thing about Baylor is their focus on integrity. Integrity is what sets a Baylor student apart from students at other institutions. At Baylor, everything a student does is to be centered on integrity. Baylor doesn’t pride itself on materialistic objects, but it prides itself on making sure its students are of the utmost quality. Having integrity sets a person apart by milestones and Baylor strives to develop this quality in every student. Not only does having integrity set a student apart academically, but it sets the student apart in every aspect of life.


I like the fact that its private


The best thing about my school is how the private school spirit outweighs all other schools.


The best thing about Baylor University is the opportunity all students have to be exposed to and to participate in Christian-based activities while pursuing higher education goals.


Baylor University is a place to grow as an individual. It doesn't matter where you come from or who you are everyone has opportunities to succeed. The professors and administrators want all students to achieve their goals and strive for greatness. There are no limits to what a student can accomplish both academically and spiritually. Baylor University is a unique and special place because we graduate in a better place than where we started. We become our own person; we learn to think as an individual.


The best thing about my school would be the enviroment. There are alot of students at Baylor that are excited about learning and their attitude flows around the school to everyone here. Everybody is also friendly at Baylor. You can find professors around capus that are willing to have conversations with you about anything or students in a class that will offer to help tutor you in a class.


The best thing about my school. Where do I begin? There are many things great about my school including the scenery, the people, and the classes. The school is surrounded by a lake which might be the best thing about it because you can look out at the lake from your dorm or apartment. Also, the people are diverse and willing to help you in any way. They are also friendly and outgoing making it easy to make friends. Finally, the classes are engaging with interesting topics as well as knowledgable professors who work in the chosen fields.


The fact that we have bears on campus because they represent so much about this university. Plus, it is a unique feature.


Baylor really challenges me everyday. My classes are tough, but stimulate my thinking and make me really get involved in my work. I really love that about Baylor.


The size of the school and the Christian context for learning are the best parts!


Tight community.


It is very traditional and has buildings that mimic gothic churches from Europe but what most attracts students, myself included, to this school is the fact that many of the students and staff already here are very friendly. They're also very open to other people and tend to be very honest in accordance with the religious doctrines that this school is founded on. The best thing about this school is that it is small and allows for real relationships between people to flourish.


I believe the best thing about Baylor University is that you get a college education with a Christian faith education. Also, at Baylor you are more than a student at a university, you're a member of a community.


The best thing about Baylor University is that feeling that comes over you once you take one step on campus. It's a feeling of comfort and support. I was worried to go to school here because it seemed like I was never going to find any kind of friends or faculty that would support me and accept me for me. I was quickly proven wrong when I met some of the most important people of my life as of right now. When and if you come to Baylor, just remember to be yourself because that's all you need.


The school spirit because even though our football team sucks, you will always find thousands of students wearing the gold and green.


The best thing at my school is the Christian aspect. I can from a very liberal high school that did not incorporate God into anything and now I pray with my classmates before every class and before any sporting event. This makes this university a great one.


The quality of education, the people who attend Baylor, love baylor, and that makes it great when everyone loves to be at this school, We may not like the work load but everyone here knows that a degree from Baylor will make all the stress worth it when we graduate. Also the facilities offered at this school are top quality, the gym, library, student union building, the land scaping and so much more are all amaizing places to hang out and/or study.


The way Baylor University makes sure that every student knows the tradition of their school. They provide a week of learning the chants, traditions, and stories behind why Baylor University is what it is now. Baylor University makes every student part of its tradition and part of its growing goals for the future.


I love everything about my school. There isn't one thing that I enjoyed more than the other. The cafeterias were great and Penland made me feel like I was at home again. The dorms were well kept and the hall directors were easy to reach and talk to if there was ever an issue with another girl in the hall. I always felt safe on campus and never felt afraid to walk on campus at night unlike some students at other schools.


Baylor offers me a chance to return to my Texas roots and study at a nationally recognized school with a Christian focus. The size of the classes and dedication of the staff were also a factor in my decision to attend Baylor.


The best thing about my school is that it is founded on the Christian faith. Although not everyone that attends the school is a Christian, a large amount are, and it provides a more supportive atmosphere for a Christian to develope their relationship with God if they truly seek it.


Baylor is has a great environment. It is a Christian school that really knows what they are doing. I was not very religious when I enrolled, but now I am on fire for God. The staff is excellent and knows how to help the students through registration, information, and any gen eral questions. Professors really know what they are doing, and the students are nice and friendly; it is easy to fit in. The fact that Baylo is a dry-campus is great and it helps eliminate many distractions and temptations.


The environment aoround campus and in classrooms is amazing. It is a beautiful campus; there are huge trees, abundant flowers, and even "pet" squirrels that roam the lawns. Everyone smiles at one other, even if that person does not know the other. Classes are small and designed to push and help students along the way. When Supplemental Instructions are not enough, students are able to visit with the professor who is more than willing to have outrageously long office hours in order to further assist those who need it.


Baylor challenges you academically as well as spiritually. Everyday you are pushed to think outside the box. There are many opportunities to do research with grad students to get experience. Since the course work is challenging, freshman and sophomore level classes have Supplemental Instruction to insure that students succeed and develop good study skills. There are resources available to students so that they can be successful so long as they apply themselves. No where else but Baylor!


The best thing about this campus is probably class size. Most of the classes I am taking now are small but some can be big, just not as big as I hear other schools are. Its nice to have a small classroom so that you can feel more involved and known rather than being just a kid that has to listen to the teacher.


The best thing about Baylor University thus far has been its environment, both geographic and humane. The people as well as the natural greenery everywhere creates an inviting place to be at. I love to go out into the quad. or a patch of grass to study or take notes; the scenery is gorgeous and calming. The squirels around campus are quite humorous also which are a great way to get distracted on a study break!


One of the many great traits of Baylor University is the atmosphere. When you are at Baylor, you get this close-knit family atmosphere. The professors here at Baylor really care about their students and the professors enjoy getting to know you better as a person. What I admire about the professors is how passionate they are about seeing their students excel. Baylor is a school that will push to do your best. Which, is not a bad thing because on most occasions everyone needs a little motivation to create great work.


The school is like a small community of its own. There are many things to do while you're not in class or studying.