Becker College Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Becker College had two different campuses (one in Worcester and the other in Leicester) which makes it practical for student from rural communities and students from urban areas to be comfortable in both their residence and class locations.


Becker College is a fun place to live and learn and have a good college experience.


Becker College is organized in a way which supports the best interest of the students by preparing students for what is expected of them, offering a variety or courses, accessibility to resources such as the tutoring center and the help desk, a caring and safe environment throughout the campus, extracurricular activities including sports and lectures/fundraisers which bring the students together to interact, offers both a Worcester, MA and a Leicester, MA location, and most importantly offers a high standard education.


A college that strives to offer maximum personal assistance to its students: it is a home away from my primary home.


Westwood college is a very ethnically diverse school which gives us the opportunity to understand and learn about different cultures while at the same time offering small class sizes that give one on one interaction with the students.


This is a great school to come to for nursing or vet tech. It is what you make of it, small but friendly.


Becker has its flaws but is an overall good school.


Becker College is a wonderful school, it has 2 campuses and a diverse student and faculty.