Becker College Top Questions

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The most significant aspect of Becker College that aided in my choice to enroll there was the small classroom and small campus. Becker College offers a 30 to 1 teacher student ratio which is paramount to my learning environment. The small classroom offers open discussion, clarification, group discussion, synergy among student; whereas a larger classroom is limited by lecture and brief interactions at the professor’s choosing.


Becker College has two campuses, one in the big city of Worcester and another in the small town of Leicester. The choice of living in a relaxing environment or the bustle of the city is all yours. Shuttle services are offered between the two campuses just about every hour.


Becker is a good college, but like any college it is what you make of it. You may have a bad professor once, but you can still get a good education if you want it. Becker's staff is moreover helpful, considerate, and caring, although I know there are some staff (very few only) who are not helpful and do not seem the type to work with students or other people in general, but they are more than counter balanced by the phenomenal staff and faculty whom surround us everyday at Becker, these are the one's who are shaping our future by providing us with the strong support and education students need to be successful in the workplace.


My school is more unique then other schools I considered because it's a lot smaller than the ones I got accepted into. I got accepted to Rhode Island College, Eastern Connecticut State University, and Uconn at the other campuses besides the main campus in Storrs, CT. All of the those colleges have a lot more people. My college is tiny which allows everyone to usually become friends. You will always find a best friend at my college. The professors are people who came from what they did in life themselves. The school is good.


That is about it, but Becker is a wonderful school that has some very unique and great programs. It was the right choice for me.


My school is very career/future oriented. It is their goal to get you through school with practical information that you will need to know for your major and get you a real job in your field by graduation.


Becker is unique because we have two cmpuses that you can live on.One is in the city and the other is in the country.