Becker College Top Questions

What are the academics like at your school?


Most professors at Becker want the students to be active participants in their classrooms. They encourage discussion and student input at the highest level. They value student opinions and respect their ideas. Professors know students by name, as well as know their major and career goals in many cases. My professors have been a strong support system for me both inside and outside the class. They give practical advice that reflects their care/concern for me not only as a student but as an individual.


One of the main things that I love about the school is that fact that all of my professors know me by name, not just one of the students in the class. All the classes that deal with my major I absolutely LOVE, usually everyone is eager to participate and interact with one another. Becker offers really great programs like Nursing, Veterinary Science, Criminal Justice, Business, Interior Design and my favorite Legal Studies. The program is designed in a way that allows students to grown and understand each aspect of the law. All the professors that teach the law classes are amazing and they are practicing attorneys, which is a big plus.


Professors are very friendly they all remember your name, and the classes are not to big, about 20-30 students per class. My favorite classes were all my design major classes, they were very interesting and i learned a lot from the professors.