Becker College Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


The thing that I brag about my school the most is the fact that the campus that I live on is so quiet and peaceful. I actually enjoy walking around campus on my way to class looking at the trees and fields. I also brag about the small classes that we have at Becker since we are a small school. I dont just feel like a number during my classes, and most of my teachers actually remember my name.


I tell them that the professors are always available in order to help you out with anything you need to succeed in their course. The faculty is very helpful also. The area in which Becker College is in is very fun and has a lot to do. It's a big college city with numerous colleges around. People at our college are very social and friendly. Small classes also allow everyone to interact with eachother and allow the professor and yourself more time alone. Overall, it's a good college.


i love how much everyone is envolved, the kids there are awesome and people really take the time toget to know you! like you who are where you want to go and what your interests are in life. i love how everyone is on a first name basis it makes it more personal and home like! i think its amazing how the school is open to new ideas and encourage you to follow your dreams, and not just brag about it.