Becker College Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


If you like a college community that is small where everybody knows everybody, then you will love Becker College. I recognize almost everybody I see when I walk by them on my way to class or getting lunch at the cafe. Also, the scenery is very nice on the Leicester campus at Becker with a great view of the huge woods right next to the school. Even if the rural living is not for you, the Worcester campus is much more city like where you will feel more at home.


They want anyone who is willing to work hard and wants to get a good education to attend this school. As I said in the previous question my college is all about social and economic diversity, and they are willing to do anything to accommodate their students.


Anyperson would be suitable to attend Becker College because the campus is beautiful and the programs are flexible.


The person that attends this school should be somewhat focused and interested the college experience. this school offers a good learning environment.