Becker College Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I wish I knew that the schools dining options were poor. This being that the food is not always the best. Sometimes it is cold and not appatising. With knowing this I would have recived a different type of meal plan so I can use more Becker bucks at the Hawks nest. This is by far much better than the dining halls.


what exactly I wanted to do. I had changed my major twice for going with Psychology. I feel like i wasted a year of schooling figuring out what is was I truely was interested in.


Scholarship and grant information to minimize debt after graduation, colleges offering construction management bachelor degrees which is what i am currently studying, and colleges with good BMA programs to pursue a masters in business after bachelor's degree.


How dead the campus is on the weekends.


not all classes are offered on both campuses


That they are very poor at helping students through the financial aid process. Rather than help students acquire aid when they open up their office just prior to start of classes, they unregister students and throw them out of their academic majors, unless they pay in full for each semester.