Belhaven University Top Questions

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What is unique about my school is the Christian worldview that it teaches its students. Every class had a Christian worldview element where no matter what the subject matter, the Christian faith and beliefs system was incorporated into it which I thought was very unique and very educational. I am proud to attend a university that is proud of its Christian faith and educates students on the importance of God in our everyday lives.


It is the only private Christian university in the country that is accredited in all five arts and offers a creative writing BFA.


Compared to the other schools I visited and considered, Belhaven is the school whose structure most resembled that of a family.


Wonderful Atmosphere


I really enjoy the adult program offered. It give me the flexiblity to work and be a wife and mother. I attended Belhaven as a traditional student about 12 years ago and really enjoyed my experience.


Belhaven is a Christian school, which the bible is related to a lot of my subjects.