Belhaven University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


I am taking all of my classes online and the only thing that really bothers me about my school is that sometimes the videos for the classes are just the professor reading straight from a textbook. Some of them were excellent, engaging teachers, but others made learning very difficult by not engaging the class. I prefer a teacher to discuss and show that they know the material well, not just read from a textbook. It is hard for me to learn that way and it takes away from the overall class experience.


The location of Belhaven is not ideal, especially coming from someone without a car. There is not much to do in the surrounding areas, nor are there many things within walking distance. The good thing about that is that you are almost forced to get involved on campus and develop relationships.


One of the programs that Belhaven prides itself on is it's "Worldview Curriculum." This combines the art, literature, history, and philosophy of world civilization throughout one time period, so that students study the same time period in every class for four semesters. The program itself is not a horrible thing, however few other colleges accept these courses for credit within their fields. I have found this infinitely frustrating as I am attempting to transfer next semester. I would say that this is one of the worst things about Belhaven.


The lack of racial integration; we are still in the Deep South and it too often shows. No one is unkind, but people tend to hang out with similar people.


the lack of diversity. i dislike the fact that a lot of times the minorities are treated a bit out of place.


The worst thing about Belhaven is the judgemental people. Some of the teachers have their own ideas of the school standards and judge you silently (and sometimes not so silently) on those ideas, and the students aren't always much better. But that's not everyone.


The black people at this school get treated differently then the rest of the students.


I wish the campus had eating facilities but it is a small campus.