Belhaven University Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


The amount of pressure the teachers put on you about term papers. Also some teachers seemed bias based on your religon, race, and sexual orientation.


The most frustrating thing about Belhaven College is on Tuesdays when everybody come from chapel and go straight to the cafeteria to eat lunch. It just be so crowded and the lines be to long. People be rushing and pushing other human beings.




The mealplan is automatically added to tuition fees, when students don't always eat there. It would be easier if they arranged a prepaid ticket system separate from the cost of actual tuition fees.


We have to take Bible classes which I would not mind if we did not have to pay for them. We also have to go to Chapel which cuts into my work time.


How some of the students don't want to learn; there's such a mix.


the most frustrating thinga about belhaven college is the long classes. I am in the adlt aspire program for working adults so we meet only once a week for four hours. these classes can be very long expecially after a long day of work. I know there is no other way for adults program to work so i will have to make due.


The most frustrating thing about my school is the amount of time given to prepare for multiple tests. Not only that, I hate the fact that major exams are scheduled so close together.


I would say that the most frustrating thing about the school that I attend is that there are not as many financial resources as perhaps larger universities would have available to them. The campus has somwhat older facilities and the meals could definitely be better prepared.


This is definitely an art-oriented school. I wish that Belhaven had more to offer in science and psychological research. But most students who attend Belhaven are in some area of the arts, so that is what the school focuses on more. For example, I've only met one student majoring in chemistry there and the computer science major was eliminated altogether. However, some research in science and psychology is being done. A group of students (including myself) in the psychology department just won "Best Undergraduate Research Poster" at the MPA's annual, state-wide conference (2008)...


There are not really any issues that I find particularly frustrating.